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Associates Degree in English Education

Webster's dictionary defines language as, "a systematic means of communicating ideas or feelings by the use of conventionalized signs, sounds, gestures, or marks having understood meanings." While thinking about this definition I realized that for those whose first language is English, everything they ever learned, they learned through the English language. Start your English associate's degree program online today!

english education schools We first learn words and their meanings so we can communicate. From there, a whole world is opened to us and we gain the ability to literally learn anything we desire to know. The brain is a miraculous processor and it provides storage for data, so our capacity to learn is limited only by our desire.With those thoughts in mind, A degree in English seems like a wonderful start for many job choices in life. Of course, it' a solid foundation for those who wish to teach, but it's also beneficial for a whole range of other career paths.

Majoring in English can bring eloquence to the speech of attorneys and writers such as journalists, novelists, creative writers, etc. Those people who wish to go into marketing can benefit from an English degree because learning to express yourself through the English language can make you very powerful at compelling consumers to buy the product you are trying to sell.

This is the same for publicists. Companies in almost every industry need copywriters and those hoping to travel down this career path can also benefit from a background in English. Job opportunities are in abundance for those who have an English degree since the skills learned from this field of study can be beneficial to so many career choices. Some other career opportunities that an English graduate might consider are as follows:


- Advertising

- Account Executive

- Teachers

- Public Accountants

- Communications Specialist

- Business Operator,

- Consultant,

- Court Reporter,

- Customer Service Representatives,

- Social Workers

- Public Relations Representatives

- Edotirs

- Publishers

- Copywriters

- Media Specialist

- Musician

- Newspaper or Magazine jobs

- Paralegal

- Politician

- Librarians

- Television Producer

Actors and Actresses (Alan Alda was one, as well as Tommy Lee Jones, David Hyde Pierce of Frazier, Catherine Keener, Heather Graham, Harrison Ford, Matt Damon, Jodi Foster, Joan Cusack, Chevy Chase, Vin Diesel, David Duchovny, and many others.)

There are many reasons people may choose to major in English. One of these reasons is a love for reading and literature, and a passion to acquire a deeper understanding of it. Some English majors wish to communicate more clearly and creatively through writing. Those pursuing an English associates degree online might also desire to focus their critical thinking skills, be better skilled at processing information, research and write their observances, or teach English on a college level.

Or perhaps they simply understand that the knowledge they'll gain and skills they'll develop in critical thinking, decision making, processing information, reading and comprehension, and writing will prepare them for virtually any career path they choose to follow.