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Associate's Degree in Cosmetology

As humans, we look okay. We're not tragically ugly or irredeemably disgusting. We find one another attractive and have managed to reproduce generation after generation. But why stop there? Why be satisfied with ordinary when we can look truly extraordinary? When we consider how many ways we can amplify our image, we really are doing ourselves a disservice by not taking full advantage of them. And of course, when we look, we feel better about ourselves and more confident. When you obtain your Associate's Degree in cosmetology, you're not simply just discovering ways to start a career in this field of beautification, you're really discovering how you can make all kinds of individuals feel better about themselves. You're in the business of improving lives. Whether it's a girl getting ready for her prom date, a pregnant woman feeling special with a much needed manicure and pedicure, or a client who just needs a fresh start and a makeover, you will have the background to give these individuals exactly what they need to have an extraordinary feeling about them. Start your esthetician program today!

cosmetology schools Unlike many other educational course programs, a cosmetology degree focuses primarily on giving students firsthand experiential training on their craft. Instead of only being stuck in a classroom taking notes, those earning an Associate's Degree in cosmetology have the privilege of learning in environments that reflect the real-world settings they'll be working at in the future. As students are preparing to provide clients with beauty services, they actually get to perform pedicures and manicures, style hair, and offer skin treatments in addition to learning about these processes from an expert. Typical degree programs include training on cutting and styling hair, taking care of nails and skin, make-up application, and business skills and management.

An Associate's Degree in Cosmetology doesn't just stop with showing students the basics of beauty care, but they provide the background and in-depth knowledge of the tools and chemicals used to enhance clients' beauty. Additionally, information is provided related to hygiene, skin care, identifying disorders, sanitation, and even business skills. It is very common for many of those with a cosmetology degree to be self-employed, opening their own salon or even servicing clients in their own home. In addition to obtaining an Associate's Degree, cosmetologists are required in every state to obtain a cosmetology license as well. A degree program often includes training on how to follow the procedures for acquiring this license.

The vast majority of those with an Associate's Degree in cosmology work in spas or salons. The population of salons and spas has dramatically increased over recent years, providing a high degree of available opportunities for employment. And in addition to earning a high salaried position in a spa or salon, cosmetologists also work for tips and for customer loyalty. Generally, the types of positions earned and the number of clients and tips increases with skill and experience. Many cosmetologists don't stay at entry-level positions, but acquire positions at levels of management and even potentially salon ownership. This all begins with a fundamental understanding of how to work with clients and attend to the beauty care service needs,

So as you're taking care of the hair, nails, face, eyebrows, and skin of loyal clients, remember that you're not only taking care of their body, but their confidence that comes with the way they look. You'll have the opportunity to turn us ordinary humans into extraordinarily looking beings. But in addition to all of this, you'll be building your own career and working within the salons and positions that help you establish a stronger and more exciting future.

Beauty Cosmetology Courses

The schools you find on our site are approved to train you in the art of cosmetology so when you graduate with your Associate’s Degree in Cosmetology you are ready for employment. Most cosmetology schools cover the below topics and courses.

- Hair Styling
- Color Therapy
- Chemical Hair Treatment
- Business Management
- Ethics and Safety
- Skincare Techniques
- Record Keeping
- Anatomy and Physiology


Cosmetology Traits and Personality Characteristics

In order to be a good cosmetologist you’ll need to have certain characteristics that most cosmetologists possess.

Artistry –Learn different techniques and new was to style hair. You’ll need to be open to experimenting with your art.

On Feet – One of the things you’ll have to be comfortable with is being on your feet most of the day.

Listener – Being a good listener is a must needed trait. Your customers will want to have conversations with you so you’ll need to have good social skills.

Customer Driven – Most cosmetologists end up being good friends of their clients. Because this is a service industry you’ll need to be focused on your customer.

Knowledgeable – You’ll need to be able to work with all different types of clients and hairstyles.

Salary & Job Outlook

The average cosmetologists nationwide earn $28,750 per year. The top 90% earn $45,840. If you own your own business you’ll rent out spaces to other cosmetologists. Most business owners can earn up to $75,000 per year depending on the size of your business and location.