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Associate's Degree in Makeup Artistry

Do you want a lucrative career in the makeup industry? Working as a makeup artist offers several perks. Not only does the job offer flexible hours but you also have access to a glamorous lifestyle as you make your way up the career ladder. Being a professional makeup artist can never be boring. This is the perfect career for you if you are passionate about makeup and know how to create stunning smoky eyes. However, aside from education and training, you will also need to practice for several hours. Here are a few important steps that will guide you towards becoming a successful makeup artist:Start your Associate's degree in cosmetology today!


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Choosing a Makeup School

While pursuing a Associate's degree is not mandatory for this career path, it will certainly help polish your skills and will give you an edge when you are seeking employment. Obtain education from a reputable educational institution, as it will help you on your quest to becoming a successful makeup artist. While some schools only offer makeup specific programs, others offer broader aesthetic or cosmetology programs.

An Associate's degree in esthetics focuses on makeup artistry, facial equipment, hair removal and waxing, chemical peels, skin analysis, salon business management, and exfoliation techniques. On the other hand, Bachelor’s degree in cosmetology focuses on broader subjects, such as learning how to style hair, perform pedicures and take care of the client’s skin. The content of an esthetic program is more limited to skincare services when compared to cosmetology. Consider your career goals before opting for a specific degree program.

Explore Your Career Options
Once you have completed your education, you have plenty of career paths to choose from. Do you wish to work in the Fashion industry or are you more inclined towards working in theatre? Whether you are interested in TV and fashion or dream of opening your own salon, it is important that you set a few goals for yourself. Celebrity makeup artists earn good money and usually freelance, providing them the flexibility to bag the best jobs. However, not all professional makeup artists have to work in the showbiz industry. You may also choose to work at a beauty salon or specialize in bridal makeup.

Obtain your Cosmetology License

Due to all the confusion surrounding makeup artist licensure, employers prefer hiring candidates who are licensed as either estheticians or cosmetologists. When starting your professional career as a makeup artist, you may opt for additional skin care services that most often require an esthetician or a cosmetologist license. The best course of action for anybody opting for a career as a makeup artist would be to contact their state board of cosmetology to ensure they are meeting all the requirements laid down by their state for makeup artists.

• Complete your approved program in cosmetology
• Apply for a licensure while meeting all of the state’s requirements, such as the minimum education and age requirement
• Take and pass the required state license examination that typically includes both written and practical exams

Build Your Makeup Portfolio

Building an impressive portfolio should be your top priority if you want a successful career as a makeup artist. Rest assured, many websites offer loads of templates to work with, making the job much easier. Ideally, you must have two types of portfolios: an online one and a print one. An online portfolio is necessary as countless people can view it at the same time. To start on your online portfolio, you can invest on your own domain name and use a platform such as WordPress to post pictures. You may also contact a local web designer or pay a college student to help you deign a professional website.

Printed portfolios can be a pricey project but it is certainly an investment you should make as it you can take it with you to client meetings and job interviews. However, put in a lot of time and effort into it, as it needs to look sophisticated and polished. Only post high-quality images that highlight your best work. Additionally, ensure the portfolio features a variety of different makeup styles. While you would generally only need a good quality camera and basic photography skills to get good results, it is probably a good idea for you to invest in a professional photographer if you want to impress expensive clients.

Stay Ahead on the Latest Trends and Styles
Like any other career pertaining to fashion, it is important you remain up-to-date on the latest trends and styles. You can easily do so by following fashion blogs, browsing through glossy fashion magazines and watching the latest award and TV shows. Also, keep an eye on the latest makeup trends followed by celebrities.

Follow widely acclaimed makeup artists on Instagram and Facebook to catch a glimpse of their latest work. It is important you try replicating their techniques and styles if you want to succeed in the field. At the same time, do not be afraid of setting your own trends. Set up social media accounts on several platforms and display your work. You are bound to get a ton of followers who are likely to become if your prospective clients if you continue to post regularly.

Keep Practicing
Practice is the only way you can perfect your makeup artistry skill. You may start by offering free or discounted services to close family and friends so that you can experiment multiple makeup techniques. Additionally, ensure you have good quality makeup products and brushes to work with along with other application tools. Start by investing in a good base kit and then add more products to your collection as your needs grow. This reduces the need to throw away products that have expired before you have a chance to use them.

Follow these important steps if you want to become a successful makeup artist. It is advisable you determine your strongest areas and work on makeup techniques and applications that you have not mastered yet.