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Associate's Degree in Computer Network Administration

Computer Network Administration Degree

Do you consider yourself to be a computer genius? Do technology related issues seem to come easily to you? Do you find that your friends come to you for technology related help? Maybe you should consider putting that gift of technology to good use and acquiring your Associate's degree in network administration. There are many excellent occupations that this degree program make available. In addition, employment in this area is expected to grow rapidly over the next few years. Formal education is necessary for some of the jobs that fall under this network administration degree program. However, you may also have the option of getting an entry level position with just your computer skills experience.

computer netwoking administration school With your degree in network administration you could possibly land a job as a system administrator, a database administrator, or a computer security specialist. You could also shoot for a job as a web developer or web administrator, a telecommunications specialist, or a network architect or engineer. Find the perfect school where you can obtain your network administrator degree from.

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Due to the fact that information technology has become a part of each of our daily lives, there are many important functions that are involved in this degree program. You will be learning how to efficiently transmit information, as well as how to store and analyze this information. Depending upon which occupation you decide to pursue will determine how many different technology related tasks you are expected to perform. Once you land your dream job, you will likely find yourself working within an office setting. Another possibility for a work environment would be a computer laboratory. Either way, your work environment should be a well-lit, comfortable setting. Typically, you will probably be working a normal forty hour week. However, individuals who possess a network administration degree may also find that they are required to be on call outside of normal business hours. Sometimes these calls will revolve around a system failure or other technology related problems. However, in today's society our computer networks make it possible for many network administrators to work remotely. This allows the administrators to perform numerous duties from the comfort of their work environment, which in turn cuts down on the amount of travel required by network administrators.

Finding the Best Network Administrator Education


To begin your educational training to become a network administrator you will first want to obtain your Bachelor's degree in computer programming. Keep in mind, some employers find significant work experience, an associate's degree, or a valid certificate to be acceptable forms of education in substitution of a bachelor's degree. Within your coursework you may decide to major in information science, computer science, or management information systems. It will typically take you four years to complete your Associates degree and you will probably need to complete courses such as: statistics, computer engineering, computer science, mathematics, and computer programming.

It is equally important that you possess skills related to your work. For example, you will need to be able to communicate well with the individuals you work with or work for, you will need to be able to effectively analyze technology aspects, and you should have impeccable problem solving skills. It is also important that you are able to multi-task, work well within a team, and work well independently. Research network administrator school offerings below to get started.