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Database Administrator Associate's Degree Requirements

Associate's Degree in Computer Database Administration

"Show me the data!" is a phrase that you just don't hear very often. But then again, we don't need to hear this at all because it is assumed that whatever we do is based upon the prerequisite that it involves data. It might seem scary to consider, but nearly every decision we make, nearly every habit we partake in, is recorded somewhere by someone. Companies develop enormous databases that compile information about their customers, giving them what they need to make decisions and ensure their business continues to thrive. Databases store research, store patterns of culture, store economic information, and store just about anything that is capable of being documented. Even though we may not saw "Show me the data" very often, we still might have to confess that in many ways, our civilization depends on the reliability of these electronic warehouses. As our information becomes more complex, so too do the technological needs of our databases. If you have an interest in computers, programming, management, and information storage, then you have the necessary requirements for enrolling in an Associate's Degree program for database administrator. Find the right college for your training today!

computer database administration training Database technology is a highly technical and highly essential component of business information. Students enrolled in an Associate's Degree program for database administrator are taking advantage of the education in design, development, and execution of databases. Management of databases is also an essential function that requires training, both to manage information and the staff that may be maintaining it. Maintaining and distributing the information stored in databases also requires a sophisticated knowledge of a software and database structures.

Database technology involves a surprising range of technical and management training. Programming, first, is one of the primary areas of study that students must obtain proficiency in to fully understand and work with database technology. Web and application programming, programming languages, software development, and communication are all underneath this programming focus. This leads to proficiency with manipulating the stored information, SQL, and security.

Computer Database Administration Schools


Other topics of study inside of an Associate's Degree in database technology include web development, information storage and management, database essentials, and data storage and requisition. All of these areas fundamentally teach a student with the basics of computer languages and programming, and the more sophisticated applications of these skills in the realm of storing and harvesting information that is stored through them.

Nearly every industry relies on information being stored and applied, which means that once you obtain your computer degree you are a candidate for a wide range of careers in fields that suit your strengths and preferences. Many organizations will seek to hire you as a database administrator, where your responsibilities may range from constructing a new database, monitoring and troubleshooting a current one, updating a database, or executing applications for the information that is stored. You might also find yourself in the role of data analyst, computer network administrator, or computer systems administrator. In all of these roles, when hired by an organization, your principle tasks will revolve around making sure that the technology is doing what it is designed to do at the maximum efficiency that feeds the business.

While many of take areas of business and our lives for granted, we often underestimate the role that data collection, storage, and processing performs. We don't shout "Show me the data" like we might about money or evidence, but data is the current that runs underneath the world of business. The more accurate data and more efficient methods a business has for applying it, the better decisions it can make and higher degree of success it can obtain. Once you obtain your Associate's Degree in database administrator, you are becoming part of the essential team in a business that utilizes the most sophisticated data technology software and techniques for surviving in the world of business.


Database Administration Careers

Database Manager – Be responsible for your companies storage concerns including all backup and recovery protocols. As a database manager you’ll be in-charge of making sure data is maintained and available within multiple departments. You’ll implement backup procedures to ensure the data is always backed up and safe.

Database Administrator – In an administrator role you can design and install as well as troubleshoot database issues. Many admins always work with other departments such as marketing to make sure websites are keep updated.

Network Administrator – Data validation and reporting capabilities of your network will be your primary concern. Often network administrator’s work with programmers to validate data and making sure the corporate networks are secure and always accessible.

Software Implementation Specialist – Every company needs individuals that are part of the IT department who is responsible for implementing and maintaining software at a company. It could be user software as well as database software.


Associate’s Degree in Database Administration Curriculum

Below are just some of the courses you’ll be taking during your degree program.
- SQL Development
- Database applications
- Storing data securely
- MS Access
- Project Planning
- Network fundamentals


Who Should Study Database Administration

If you want to work in a great industry then we can think of an industry that is growing more than the computer industry. It seems every few years a new sector branches out in the computer industry. Over the past few years the cloud market is exploding. Once a sector like this grows the need for qualified professionals also grow. The problem is it takes 2-4 years to properly train someone interested in database work. Most start with an Associate’s degree but then move right into a Bachelor’s degree which is another 2 years of training. We recommend earning your 2 year Associate’s degree then start looking for a job. It is easier to find an entry level job then you can continue with another degree once you are employed. We recommend this strategy as often your first job regardless of what level of degree you have will be an entry level job.


Job Outlook
It is one of the fastest growing careers. Computer related fields have exploded. The average salary is now over $87,000. The top 10% earn over $115,000