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Computer Science Associate Degree Program

Associate's Degree in Computer Science

Can you think of the things you do today that do not involve computers? The number of activities we perform in the absence of computers is shrinking. Not only do we have computers in our homes, on our laps, and carried around in our pockets on phones, but computers are in our cars, our televisions, our appliances, and in a surprising number of other commodities we employ on a daily basis. Computers are used in nearly every area of life, from business to transportation, from entertainment to scientific research. The world of computer science is the world behind the scenes that is developing newer, faster, and more applicable computer features that make our lives better and change the way the world operates.

computer science schools This industry is continually searching for the best, most motivated minds to take computer science to the next level of significant development. Do you have what it takes to contribute to this exciting field? You might be thinking, "Not yet." But you can transform your proclivities into a prosperous career when you obtain your Associate's Degree in computer science, joining the mysterious and powerful world of computer geeks and professionals who are steadily changing the world.

There are many who say that acquiring a degree in a computer science field is one of the surest ways to find yourself in a career. While there's no guarantees, recent history has shown that computer science is a field that is continuously in high demand, and even despite the recent economic downturn, companies are still committed to finding the field's most talented individuals. Businesses are entirely dependent on their strength of their computer systems from networking to promotion, from accounting to personnel literally everything gets run through a computer. A computer science degree qualifies you as an individual who is smart enough, educated enough, and capable enough to manage this essential component of any business.

Simple software development and maintenance is a common portion of an Associate's Degree program in computer science. Understanding how to create, fix, and maintain the applications a company relies on is a great way to find employment. Software-related jobs include test engineers, developers, managers, architects, program analysts, systems developer, web developer, and support technician. All of these play their role in a company's digital functionality.

Often, instead of working directly for a company and in its IT department, a computer science expert may find employment with a company that specializes in technology. This type of company works with businesses and individuals on a contractual basis, providing services that meet each client's needs. When you're working directly for a company's IT department, you deal with only that company's particular needs this allows you the opportunity to become an expert in this system. When you work with a technology outsourcing firm, you work with a wider range of clients and deal with a wider range of technological requests and issues.

Other jobs that are contingent upon a degree in computer science include a database administrator, a systems administrator or engineer, a network administrator or engineer, a business analyst, a programs manager, or even an information technology specialist.

You can easily recognize both the incredible need for talented computer science experts and the vast array of careers available to such individuals. Once you acquire the training and mastery afforded by an Associate's Degree program in computer science, you become qualified to provide these essential services. Nearly everything involves computers, which means nearly everyone is reliant on talented individuals to understand these concepts and produce the software applications and solutions necessary for continuing in this competitive world. Now is your opportunity to obtain your degree and to make yourself an essential part of this massive industry.


Computer Science Programs

Find an affordable computer science program that fits your career path. This career is perfect for working adults and those with a technical military background. The great thing about an Associate’s Degree in computer science is many of schools you can take your training online on your own time and schedule. When evaluating a school look for one that has teachers that have actually done computer science work out in the field. Many schools will hire former computer science professionals to teach their programs and you’ll learn real-world experiences along with course theory.


Courses Needing for your Associate’s Degree

Intro to Computer Programming – Most computer science programs will always start with an intro to computer programming or science course. Because a AA degree will be approx. 60 credit hours in length some school focus on some programming courses during the first 30 hours of your training that is mixed in with your general education courses.

Assembly Language – During these course you’ll learn programming techniques and hardware architecture.

Advanced mathematics – Get introduced to logical combinational concepts. Learn about mapping and counting principles as well as recursion and proofing techniques.

Object Oriented Data – Learn about the approach to object oriented dada including software construction, coding, testing and balancing binary trees.

Web Design – Work with protocols, html, css and more. Learn how to not only build websites but how to properly secure them on a network. Be taught how to design and debug existing sites as well that are having loading or network issues.

Computer Certification– Some schools during the latter part of your degree program might offer courses that will help train you for your MCSE Microsoft Certified Expert exam or even the Oracle Certified Java Programmer exam. It is a great idea to take advantage of these types of programs as they will add value to your degree when you start looking for employment after graduation.


Popular Computer Science Careers

Computer Programmer
Computer Security -
Systems Analysts
Cyber Agent
Database Administrator
Website Developer
Network Administrator Help Desk Manager


Salary Expectations

Web developers $68,500
Software Developer $75,558
Systems Analyst $86,441
Programmer $76,114