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Associate's Degree in Computer Game Programming

Dungeons. Dragons. Aliens. Demons. Wizards. Jungles. Adventures. For adults, for children, for people of all ages and every walk of life. Computer games are not just simple applications for short distractions. They are an enormous industry that appeals to every individual. Games for war, games for adventure, games for learning, games for fun, games for training, games for humor, games for networking, games for storytelling, games for distraction there are limitless possibilities when it comes to the world of computer gaming. The world enjoys good games for whatever reason they play them, and they rapidly consume those games that give them the thrills they've been looking for.

If you like playing computer games and have imagined yourself developing programs that others can enjoy as well, then you are the perfect person to pursue an Associate's degree in game programming and begin to get your designs out into the world. This booming industry takes our desire for games and entertainment and merges it with the most elite technology to produce truly unique experiences for all kinds of people. Be the next person to provide so many others with their next invigorating computer game experience.

Computer games have often been at the cutting edge of technology and entertainment, and there are a wide variety of skills that are required to become part of this much beloved industry. There is a diverse set of responsibilities that go into the successful production of a computer game, and an Associate's Degree in computer game programming is designed to equip you with a thorough education to get you started in this career.


Computer Gamming Schools


The industry relies on individuals who can engineer the overall design of a game, and these programming managers oversee the game's production and the staff working on it. A game involves many components that players don't often consider, such as the scenery, music, mood, artistry, graphics, story, physics, controls, patches, add-ons, and so on. A computer game programmer learns about graphics-oriented simulations, TCP/IP, analytic geometry, motion patterns, and data structures. This information opens up the opportunity to serve as a programming manager, a game designer, a digital artist, a software engineer, or one of many more possibilities.

Game design involves many more technological advancements than critics often give it credit for, and with your Associate's Degree in computer game programming, you'll also become a part of this incredible world. Computer programmers often focus on developing artificial intelligence engines that allow for more stimulating and interactive gameplay. It additionally develops higher and more sophisticated physics engines that have application in a wide variety of other venues as well. In fact, with a degree in computer game programming, you won't be limited to just developing video games for fans to play on computers, but will have a largely applicable skillset that's advantageous in crime scene reconstruction, real-life simulations, and even corporate training software. Having a fundamental understanding of game programming languages, techniques, teams, and systems allows you to apply your skills in an impressive array of career roles.

So while we perhaps most fondly think of those adventures we've had on thrilling computer games from our childhood, we also remember that an Associate's Degree in computer game programming offers us a deep, insightful, and broad look at how those games are produced and where those skills are applied. Computer games represent an enormous market for people of all ages, and as technology continues to advance so too do opportunities to become a part of this lasting field. Take advantage of your time now and enroll in an Associate's Degree program that will lead you into an adventure far beyond what any single computer game has ever provided you. We also see a lot of people that want to break into the game design industry also possess an Associate's degree in website design. Having a dual degree like that will really make you stand out in the industry.


Game Development AA Degree Courses

What better of a career for a true gamer than computer game programming. During your Associate’s degree in video game programming you’ll learn about coding and everything that makes up creating some of the hottest games in the industry. Below are just some of the courses you might take.

Intro to Game Design – Learn about the history of gaming from its inception. Study the different era’s on gaming to present date.

C++ Programming – Game design all starts with programmers that have the ability to code. Learn basic C++ which is used to make video games.

Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft DirectX – Graphically games wouldn’t exist without qualified people that learn graphic design. Take a Photoshop class as it will help you as you start designing characters, backgrounds and items for the game.

Multi-Media – Not everything these days is about the game. Often games have very intricate graphics and videos before the game begins. These multi-media designs take time a patients.

3D Technology – Learn all about 3D technology and how it is used today in games.
Charactering Modeling – Drawing digital charters and avatars are a must for any game. Come up with the actual modeling for each character and bring it to life.

Mobile Game Technology – Mobiles games have taken everyone by storm and some of the biggest titles started out on mobile. The cost of the game is cheaper for the end users but the design aspects are just as advanced.


Gaming Careers Include

Once you graduate with you Associate’s degree in computer game programming it is start to look for your new career. Before you send out your resume however we encourage you to build a really nice digital resume and portfolio first. Some colleges have courses designed to help you prepare for your new career. They will help you build a top notch resume and even supply job leads after graduation.

Video Game Tester – Some might think you’ll just sit around all day and test games but testing is a vital component to video game making. Most of the time you’ll find bugs within the code and be responsible for working with a team to correct the problem.

Computer Programmer – As a programmer you’ll be actually working on the game itself or aspects of the game. Top gaming companies have 100’s of programmers that handle different titles for the company.

Animation & Script Writer – Are you a good artist and love to draw? If so every video game starts with a storyboard and sketch animation.

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