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Associate's Degree in Public Relations

Courses in the public relations programs at most schools will teach the basics of mass communication, news writing, press release writing, information management, presentations, speech writing, visual design, and publishing. Your primary focus will be communications, which is the essence of Public Relations. As you progress in your education, you will encounter subjects like business administration, finance, political science, psychology, sociology. Start your Associate's degree in public relations

You should also consider mastering a second language. This skill is more and more in demand in our multicultural world. Most institutions also offer internships in their own Public Relations departments and provide vital connections to local communities and other internship opportunities. Maybe you will coin the next term or create a new cultural icon. It all begins with an associate's degree in Public Relations.

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Careers in Public Relations

Public Relations is a very strong career track. Job growth in the field is expected to exceed 24%! That is more than double the national average. One of the keys to a successful career is accreditation. There are several boards offering accreditation in the field of Public Relations. This is considered highly desirable, as the competition is intense for career positions in this profession. With more media and more opportunities to communicate their message, companies are hiring faster than ever before.

The recent emergence of social media in the public relations is driving job growth as well. Many public relations firms are expanding their use of these tools, and they need specialists with skills in using these tools. With the horizon expanding and demand ever-increasing, you will find yourself choosing from a host of possible career paths. Some of them are very new and developing, an ideal opportunity to be a leader in the field.

PR Industry

The Public Relations industry has traditionally taken a back seat to advertising firms in terms of revenue and size. That is changing. In 2013, the Public Relations industry generated over 3.1 billion dollars in revenue. With new fields opening up as our modern society moves further into the 21st century Public Relations is fast becoming an indispensable profession. More and more firms are choosing to hire outside professional to handle their image in the public. Even the government increasingly relies on Public Relations! With employment expected to increase by 25% total industry revenue will follow suit and growth will continue to increase. Not only is the image of Public Relations changing but also its importance to an increasingly communications and media dependent world is gaining. Moreover, that means good news for you and your career.