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Digital Communications Associate Degrees

Associate's Degree in Digital Communications

With the growing popularity of the internet and the continuing growth of print advertising and marketing, a digital communications degree could provide a promising future in a growing industry. An associate's degree in digital communications is actually a wonderful degree to start with if you're not exactly sure where in the field you want to specialize. The visual communications industry encompasses a wide variety of career options.

digital communications degrees For example, you could specialize in graphic design or web design, working with interactive media and software like Flash and Java, or you could go more for media and print industry jobs, designing advertisements, graphics and other desktop publishing options. Visual communications encompasses both online and offline design and graphical work, and has a promising future and shows signs of evident growth and prosperity, so it is one career that will not fail you over time. A visual communications degree will set you up for a long life of promising careers.

A digital communications associates degree program will vary depending on the areas of the program that you want to specialize in. Some aspects will include computer knowledge and use, while others will not, so make sure the classes you take while pursuing a visual communications degree are relevant to the skills that you will need outside in the real world job market.

You can take classes online and in most universities in order to obtain a degree in visual communications, so there are many opportunities and ways to graduate with this sought-after degree in your future. A degree in digital communications can lead you to jobs in the marketing and advertising industry, the computer software and programming industry, and even entertainment and media fields. If you're looking to do freelance work or own your own company, a degree in visual communications will definitely set you on the path for success. Your skills will speak for themselves in your designs and visual art talents, and amazing talent will market itself in this booming industry.

Classes that you might take while pursuing a degree may include design theory, imaging, print and multimedia design, web design, and photography. These classes will give you a better idea of the skill you want to branch off with within your communication degree, perhaps you want to go more towards the role of production art manager or web editor, taking these classes will give you a glimpse into the daily life of visual communications field.

Taking your ideas and bringing them to life is the core goal in visual communications. Creativity and innovation are fostered in the visual arts field. A degree in visual communications will only solidify your experience and expertise in the design industry. Getting your idea on paper and making it come alive through graphics and layout design is what those in the field strive for on a daily basis. Graduation is just one step towards a promising, rewarding career in the visual arts and the satisfaction of offering your skills to a growing company is above all the best feeling in the world.


Associate’s Degree in Digital Communications Core Courses

Most schools you attend will be 60 credit hours (20 courses). Within these 60 hours you’ll take a variety of digital related courses including the below. It is best to talk to an admissions representative at the school you want to attend to get a breakdown of each program. Make sure courses you would like to take are offered as each school will be different. Sometimes you can swap out some courses in the event you have already taken those courses (at another school or even in high school).

Graphic Design – Learn about graphic design from the ground up. Learn about design software including layout design.

Animation – As software gets more advanced so does animation. Video game designers take courses in animation both digitally but also drawing.

Corporate Communications – Communications courses are necessary and typically part of your general education core of courses. Learn how to communicate not only within your business but also with clients. With a career in digital communications you’ll need the ability to work with clients, take directions as well as communicate your creative vision.

Intro to Programming – Programming is essential to anyone entering the field. You won’t get in great deal but the basics of HTML and PHP code.

Internet Marketing & Social Media – Learn to market like the pros. Internet marketing is a hot career and if you possess both the skills to create digital marketing pieces as well as how to market them then you’ll be a great asset to any company.

Corporate Writing – Learn how to write for advertisements as well as internal communications and presentations.


Careers as a Digital Communications

Before you graduate with your AA degree in digital communications you’ll begin getting your resume ready and start applying to positions. Below are just a handful of careers you should always look into as they are common careers you’ll find graduates getting their first jobs in.

Multi-Media Designer – As expected one of the first careers to look into are companies that are needing to hire a mult-media designer. This is a pretty common position as companies might be looking for someone to run their marketing department but also actually do the creative work needed including: brochures, websites, product creation, presentations and more.

Internet Marketer – As an internet marketer you’ll help a company get the product or service to market. You’ll use your digital creativity in advertising.

Digital Account Manager – As a manager you’ll manage a marketing or creative team. You might work for an advertising agency or a larger company that has its own internal marketing or digital communications department.

Social Media Specialist – Although like an internet marketer you’ll focus solely on social media and ways it can help a company grow or expand their customer base. You’ll use it to not only advertise but to communicate with your audience cheaply and more effectively than traditional advertising.

Project Manager – Most companies will have project managers and in the digital world that means working with a group of individuals all to solve a common goal. Learn to lead a team toward those goals and use your digital expertise to help guide the way.

Website Writer – As a website designer you’ll either create from scratch or be responsible for updating the corporate website. You can also do this on a freelance basis although with your Associate’s degree you have the education to get a good entry level job in this field.

Video Specialist – As everyone used more video to not only advertise their products but to communicate the need for video specialists that have a digital education is a great assess for any company. These positions also will do video conferencing and presentations.