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Earn your Associate degree in real estate from an online real estate school. Interest rates are at record lows. Home prices have dropped significantly. What seemed like a tidal wave of real estate prosperity in the first decade of this century turned into an American tragedy very quickly. Homeowners suddenly recognized that they owed more on their homes than the house was actually worth, and the baby boomer generation that was hoping to retire realized that their net worth wasn't quite as valuable as they initially estimated. But according to you, you know that what seems like apparent tragedy for millions is really just opportunity in disguise. Find an accredited real estate school today to get started!

real estate schools Most people may not recognize it for what it's worth, but in this economic environment where money is cheap and homes are cheaper, all it takes is someone with the right education to take advantage of the opportunity that's out there. Times like these are rare, and people who properly recognize the education they need to flourish in these moments is even rarer. When you pursue earning your Associate's Degree in real estate, you're taking the first step in your journey to earning a career in an environment that is tailor-made for your prosperity. Earn your online real estate degree.

Because real estate and the laws that go with it are often complex, it takes a certain array of education to make sure that an individual is prepared to work within this market. An Associate's Degree in real estate will commonly provide individuals with information related to real estate laws, financing techniques and rules, marketing for sellers, property management, business management, and so on. Real estate is dealing with people's homes, their businesses, finances, contracts, and people themselves. In a way, someone working in real estate needs to wear many hats at the same time.

One of the most common careers stemming from a real estate degree is becoming a real estate agent. This individual is essentially a middleman, bringing property sellers and buyers together. A realtor frequently works for a brokerage firm, and is responsible for many different parts of the real estate process: from putting those familiar signs in yards to developing contracts, from bringing potential buyers to properties to helping finalize sales. On top of real estate brokers are real estate managers, who generally operate a team of brokers. This is a step up from simply playing the middleman between buyers and sellers. Here, there is a much higher emphasis on management, assessing your team and allocating their strengths to maximize their effectiveness.

If you're not working directly for a brokerage firm, then another strong possibility especially in today's market is to become an independent real estate investor. This type of person is able to secure their financing through their own pocket, a bank, or an investor, and use that money to purchase one or more properties. Those properties can then be resold at a profit, or retained with renters inside. Since all of these steps can quickly become rather complex, having the right education makes it easier to make money rather than lose it.

Finally, becoming a real estate agent is also an important role in the real estate realm. It is necessary that individuals understand the price of properties in comparison to the neighborhood and current market. An appraiser will tell banks, buyers, sellers, and the government what is any given property's value.

Today is a day of opportunity, not only because of the climate of the current real estate market, but also because of the availability of an Associate's Degree in real estate. This degree will confer on you the prerequisite knowledge for engaging in any one of these careers. Whether you're working with a company or making your own real estate transactions, a world of wealth and of opportunity awaits you.


Being a Top Real Estate Agent Requires these Shared Traits

When you gradate with your Associates Degree in Real Estate and earn your state license you’ll be ready to start out in the world of real estate. Some of the best real estate agents hold these traits:

Entrepreneur Mindset – Real estate agents and profit driven and have a willingness to succeed. Most have chosen real estate because they want to be in complete control of their career and get paid for the amount of time and hard work they put into it.

Self-Motivated – Because real estate agents don’t get paid a salary and only paid on a commission they are highly motivated individuals. If you are the type of person that likes to get a steady paycheck then this might not be the best industry for you. However, if you are motived by money and are a hard worker then you can make big commissions in real estate.

Housing Expert – As a real estate agent you’ll need to understand the local and national markets and how it affects home buyers. People hire agents that understand the market in which they are seling a home in.

Outgoing – some call the real estate market a social game. They say this because successful individuals get a large chunk of their business by referrals. If you are an outgoing individual and love to network then this is a great trait you possess that be used to gain business.

Professional – Real estate agents sell a lifestyle and a way of life. Professionals wear nice clothing, drive nice cars and treat their clients to a lifestyle they want to be associated with.

Competitive – In real estate everyone is after the same market. You go head-to-head with other agents to get listings and clients. You need to have a competitive nature and winning attitude to be successful in this industry.

Work Ethic – One of the top traits a real estate agent can possess is a strong work ethic. The key to being successful is the ability to work smarter and harder than other agents. Most agents start working early at 7am and don’t end work until 8-9pm or even later. Even after showing houses they spend every waking moment looking for homes and researching the market. Get your real estate associate degree and license from an accredited real estate school.


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