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Earn your Associates degree in marketing management. Find top online marketing management schools below. What makes us buy things? What even makes us want them? It would be interesting to analyze our purchases between what we want and what we need, because we might find that even though we are convinced we're buying what we need, we are also making a lot of choices about what we want based on packaging, pricing, location, familiarity, and a host of other controllable factors. That's exactly what marketing is for. When companies expend dollars to promote their products, they are spending money to manipulate certain factors that increase sales. When someone goes to the store, it's not just their raw decision making that convinces them to buy a product they bring with them a long list of marketing influences that go into their final decision. If you're the type of person who likes to sell, who likes to promote, and who likes to creatively strategize, then you're the perfect person to step into the next generation of marketing. With an Associate's Degree in marketing management, you'll find that you're equipped with the latest techniques and tactics to boost any business's bottom line.

marketing management schools Businesses rely on marketers to promote their products and draw in customers. The companies who do this successfully will thrive. Nearly every business relies on marketers to perform this essential function, and you'll have large opportunity to either work directly for a specific company marketing its resources, or you will work for a marketing company hired contractually by other businesses to research and promote. People also interested in a marketing career can check out earning your Associate's degree in advertising.

An advertising sales agent is responsible for selling ad space wherever it is being offered, such as on radio, television, magazines, or billboards. This type of marketing involves meeting directly with others and establishing a sales relationship. In sense, you would have a product to sell, which is space for others to sell their products. Another popular career for those with an Associate's Degree in marketing is copywriting, which involves writing original print or web-based text in a variety of styles to promote particular products or services. Anywhere words appear for an advertisement or professional presentation like scripts for commercials, website content, or email campaigns someone had to deliberately write and edit that. Learn what you can do with an associates degree in marketing once you graduate.

Sometimes marketing involves not just creating words or visuals, but it involves creating an entire image for a company. This would be a public relations specialist who is responsible for how a company looks to the rest of the world through the media, fundraising, and the like. Others marketers conduct research after all, a company really shouldn't launch a product before finding out if people actually want it or not. Research gives companies the green light or the red light, and often discloses the best ways to promote products.

There are many more different kinds of roles an individual with a marketing degree can fill. At its basic level, marketing means getting the message out to people and this can be done in a limitless number of ways. An Associate's Degree in marketing means that an individual will be trained in applying the latest marketing techniques from sales writing to image development combined with the latest technologies from old fashioned face-to-face to mobile apps and internet marketing.

So what makes us buy things? Marketers do. With your Associate's Degree in marketing, you'll become one of the forces behind the decisions millions of consumers make. Businesses will be eager to hire you on either a fulltime or contractual basis to get your ideas on how to promote their products and services the best. Take advantage of this exciting career opportunity today by enrolling, learning, and becoming equipped with the arsenal of knowledge that will help you transform the way we think and the way we buy.


Marketing Management

Over the years we have had an opportunity to work with and interview lots of marketing professionals including managers, directors and even CMO’s. Things are constantly changing in marketing and it is up to marketers to guide the company towards profitability by properly positioning them for sales or lead generation. Below are some of the questions we have asked over the years that still apply today.

Question: What is the most important role of a marketer these days?
The role of a marketer these days have changed from being someone that writes press releases to someone that controls the life of the company they work for. I would say the most important role for any marketer is tracking. Since everything is digital you have the ability to track everything down to the penny.

Question: What kind of marketing knowledge do you recommend new marketers possess?
Without a doubt all marketers have to have digital experience these days. Almost every company you’ll apply to will want to see will want someone with the skills to take on all of their digital needs. These areas can include email marketing, PPC lead generation, affiliate marketing, email marketing, mobile and text messaging, etc.

Question: Do you still think companies can use traditional marketing methods to survive in a digital age?
It is interesting as companies that we have worked with 10-15 years ago that were 90% traditional marketers that used channels like print, TV and even radio are now almost all digital. The only type of company that continues to use traditional marketing methods are those who are branding or in smaller local marketers where they have a hard time competing online.

Question: Is having a degree in marketing necessary?
Yes, in fact I would say without a degree it would be very hard to get a good marketing job. For entry level positions you’ll need at least an Associate’s Degree in Marketing but recommend an MBA or higher for your best chance of competing. Another thing that we recommend is specialized training certificates. These certificates are almost as important to employers than degrees. We recommend digital certifications such as Adwords Certification or Bing Certification. Also getting trained in basic graphic design is a great trait to have.

Question: Where is the future of marketing heading?
The great thing about being a marketer is it is every changing. What works today doesn’t mean it will work tomorrow. Since digital marketing has been the norm over the past 10 years I would expect that to continue as the world moves to more mobile and app marketing.

If you have ever wanted to start a new career then we recommend an online associates degree in marketing.


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