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Earn your Associate degree in hospitality management from a top hospitality school. There's much more to being a host than opening a door and saying, "Make yourself comfortable!" While this gesture expresses the essential attitude a hospitable person should possess, it seems to take for granted the notion that hospitality takes work. When any business is working with people, it knows that its success hinges primarily on how comfortable a connection it establishes with those individuals. Whether food, lodging, tourism, or other accommodations are being utilized in an industry, it takes a talented hospitality management team to successfully predict and orchestrate the components necessary for a commodious experience. An Associate's Degree in hospitality management allows an individual to take their natural regard for others' comforts and transform it into a lucrative career, conferring on them the skills and knowledge necessary for truly meeting the needs of clients in a vast array of industries.

hospitality schools There is a wide array of industries that are designed to host guests on a rotating basis these industries rely on talented hospitality managers to ensure that all guests experience a comfortable, luxurious stay and that they are likely to return again. The food industry is one large area where hospitality managers are required. Restaurants' bread and butter is in providing patrons with not just food, but with an enriching dining experience. But the only time we eat out isn't only at restaurants, is it? We eat at the cafeterias inside of our workplace, hospitals, schools, public facilities, and hotels. All of these require that special leadership of a hospitality manager to manage the staff and equipment to ensure customers' returns. Find the best hospitality managment schools above.

Speaking of hotels, these businesses specialize in providing guests with pleasurable experiences for sleeping, dining, inhabiting, working, meeting, and all kinds of other visitation needs. Hotel managers need to possess that rich blend of leadership and caring to make sure guests have a pleasant stay. Between managing a large staff of employees, including other managers, training with a hospitality management degree is essential.

Most people visit hotels because they plan on a short stay, often for tourism purposes. The entire tourism industry is in fact part of hospitality, and whether you're offering water rides, lodging, walking tours, or some other touristic enterprise, your ability to make individuals from different places around the world feel welcome goes a long way in ensuring the success and maintenance of your business. Want to earn your associate degree in hotel management? Start by requsting information from any of the schools listed above.

Many people with a hospitality degree find themselves hired by larger organizations like hotels, tourism companies, and hospitals to particularly focus on providing for as many human comforts and preferences as possible. Many others, armed with the knowledge conferred upon them with an Associate's Degree in hospitality management, feel empowered to start their own business and see to it that they are the ones directly meeting the needs of those around them. It's not only hospitality skills that such a degree provides. The key term to focus on with this is "management," which means that you'll become adept at problem solving, assessing situations, allocating personnel and resources, casting visions, and creating strategies.

There's definitely more to hosting than just letting someone in the door. And there's more to being a manager than just calling yourself one and being in charge of others. An Associate's Degree in hospitality management means that you will possess a diverse array of skills that will help you truly serve individuals in a wide range of setting. Where you end up taking yourself and your education is up to you, but you know that wherever you go, hospitality is required. This means that there is a world of opportunity and a world of hungry companies ready to employ a caring, knowledgeable, experienced hospitality manager.


Topics Covered in your Associate Degree in Hospitality Management

If you already took a certificate level program in hospitality management it probably only covered just of few of the below topics. Your Associate’s Degree in Hospitality Management will go into greater depth into topics to prepare you for a management job upon completion.

Leadership – During these leadership courses you’ll learn how to manage a team and be a good leader. In the hospitality business leadership is essential in order to properly manage a hotel or resort. You need to be a great listener and understand everything regarding your staff.

Hospitality Marketing – No Associate’s degree would be complete without talking about hospitality marketing. If you can’t properly market your hotel or property then sales will be impacted. Learn how some of the top brands make sure their properties are full year around. Learn about off-peak advertising.

Food and Beverage – Most hotels these days have an attached restaurant or shop that has food and beverages. Learn the importance of this to help drive revenue for the hotel.

Front Office – You’ll need to understand the front office to be successful in this industry. Your front office staff is the lifeline for the property and the first faces your customers interact with when they come to the property. Learn how to properly train as well as handle all of the duties associated with the front office.

Resort and Tourism – Not every property is the same and you’ll learn all about the resort and tourism industry. Resorts often offer classes and even tours so the running of a resort is so much harder than a hotel.

Property Management Software – The software that checks-in and out customers is called a PM system or property management system. These systems allow you to optimize your property and obtain a higher cost for every room. These systems are very detailed and some hospitality schools will teach you on specific software packages.


Career Opportunities in Hospitality after Graduation

The hospitality industry in the US is massage with some resorts having 4000+ rooms. Because of this the amount of job required to run these properties are becoming overwhelming. Below are the top areas most properties are hiring for.Start by going to school and earning your Associate degree in hotal management.

Food and Beverage – This can include servers, bartenders, poolside attendants, waiters and cooks.

Management – Not only front or back office managers are needed but managers are needed at almost every level at a hotel. This could include in restaurants, reservations, special events, grounds keepers and more.

Front Desk - As mentioned with so many rooms and traffic at all-time highs for resorts the need for front desk employees is on the rise. Your first job more than likely in hospitality will be at the front desk so you can learn about the property.

Restaurant or Hotel Ownership – The larger hotel and restaurant chains are always looking for individuals to invest in their franchise. Many are smaller hotel chains where others might require you to invest with a group in order to own a property.

Human Resource Manager – With so many employees filtering in and out of the hospitality industry the need for management companies and resorts to hire HR managers are also in great need. Your Associate’s degree training will cover aspects of HR but if this is a career that you would like to go into it is also recommend you get specific training in human resources.


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