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Earn your forensic accounting degree now. As important as accounting is to business, Forensic Accounting is possibility the most exciting aspect of this field. Forensic accounting degree programs are steadily increasing. This is due to a change in finance and business laws and regulations, as well as a growing awareness of financial crimes. There is great demand for this in the fields of government, law-enforcement as well as business.

Associate's degrees in forensic accounts and graduate certificate programs should provide a firm foundation for pursuing career in the Forensic Accounting field. Of course, this will involve a full program in accounting and more. Forensic Accounting degree programs are designed to establish a solid working foundation in all aspects of forensic accounting. Students are exposed to accounting, investigative procedures and business law.Many of these programs exceed the minimum bachelor's degree credit requirements. The additional credit hours and education programs prepare students for eligibility to prepare for the Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE), Certified Forensic Accountant (CrFA) or Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exams. Find schools for forensic accounting above to get started.

One of the biggest consumers of skilled individuals in this career is the FBI and the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) as with any bachelor's degree program, students must hold a high school diploma or GED. Many schools require SAT or ACT scores to be submitted with the student's application. It's recommended that students follow college prep coursework outline to ensure you are obtaining the necessary credits and education prior to admission. Students are introduced to the foundations of accounting as well as investigative procedures. Below is a list of courses undergraduate students might encounter:

- Accounting principles

- Auditing

- Ethics in business

- Computer and database systems

- Investigation techniques and criminal procedures

An Associate of Business Administration in Forensic Accounting provides students with a foundation for beginning a career in Forensic Accounting. Since this is a business administration degree, students are introduced to business principles, structures and practices along with accounting coursework. Students who complete 150-credit hours, usually in a dual-degree program, are eligible for taking the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. Some business and management schools within universities can be highly competitive, requiring prospective students to be accepted into the school's program. In addition to the general education credits required of any bachelor's degree program, students might encounter some of these courses as well:

- Microeconomics

- Macroeconomics

- Analytic processes

- Management in operations

- Statistics

- Business finance

Forensic Accounting

With the quantum growth of E-Commerce and the expansion of business internationally the demand for this field is very strong. The number of firms that specialize in this type of advanced accounting is growing as the need to deal with national and international trade, potential fraud and internet crime expands. Y can imagine what the demand is like now, try to imagine, with the introduction of Mobile Commerce or M-Commerce and the incredible growth of the Mobile market the growth that is to come. This is a very good career choice given these facts. Major in forensic accounting opens up a world of possibilities.


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