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Associate Degree in Business Administration

Earn your Associate degree in business from a top college below. Even strong endeavors fail from lack of firm leadership. Just ask the ancient Athenians around 400 B.C. who, despite having overwhelming numbers, technology, and advantage, failed to conquer the island of Sicily due to hesitant and underprepared leaders. As a result, Athens epically lost their military and economic domination of the region. Or, more recently, just as the top executives at Enron, formerly recognized as one of the world's most innovative companies who illegally manipulated accounting statements and failed to ethically administer their business.

A business is only as strong as its leadership; and if that leadership has effective administration skills that can make decisions, coordinate employees, meet goals, and produce profit, then it is destined for enduring success. By getting your Associate Degree in Business Administration, you can begin to join this elite club of leadership.

business schools Every business needs administration to ultimately find success and the better the business administrator, the more likely success will occur. One of the distinguishing elements of a business administrator is that they understanding and can make accurate decisions about a wide range of business aspects. Normally, individual employees develop a specialized expertise; however, a business administrator comprehends how to use these employees and their individual skills to make the overall business operation a fluid machine.

Business administration programs often focus on developing this wide skillset, including areas of training like accounting, marketing, leadership, information systems, economics, business law, and business strategy. When a company has an experienced and educated business administrator who can competently manage all of these diverse aspects of business, then that company will be a powerfully united whole that will easily distinguish itself in the marketplace. See the business administration degree overviews below from each school to get started.

In addition to administrating a business at the upper levels where you'll incorporate all of the above listed areas into your everyday decision making, many business administrators are also hired to lead one particular section of an organization. For example, larger organizations might require a talented business administrator to lead their accounting department, or their Human Resources department. In this scenario, you might find that your broad knowledge of a business's functions will serve you well when leading your particular area of a company toward a unified vision. Many business administrators also take on a career as an independent consultant, contracted by a particular company for a time to improve their efficiency, market presence, or other specified aspect.

Businesses are the commonly expected career area for a business administrator. After all, it's in the title of the degree. But business is not the only place where talented administrative leadership is needed. Education is also a vast area requiring leadership from superintendents to principals, from school board members to department chairs, education requires individuals with business administration backgrounds to successfully manage the vast array of operations a school performs. Plus, you can take your talents directly to the classroom yourself and become an instructor who teaches others what you know about business administration. Another non-business area that relies on strong leaders to manage resources is in all level of government. Every city has a mayor that staffs the city with managers, chiefs, officers, and all kinds of other posts all posts that, just like business, require individuals who can make informed decisions based on their broad education to ensure success towards a unified vision. Find top online associate of business administration degrees above to get started.

The Athenians had a poor general who misunderstood their position and led them to their defeat. But that's ancient history. Today, you have the advantage of obtaining an Associate's Degree in business administration, which will teach you the essential skills and strategies of business, and give you the perspective you need to be able to lead any business, any institution, any organization to their ultimate triumphant success.


Topics Covered in your Associate of Business Administration Degree

When attending any of the business schools listed you’ll cover a wide variety of business courses. These courses are designed to give you an overview of a real-world business environment. Some of the courses you’ll cover include:
- Accounting (both business accounting and financial accounting
- Finance
- Human Resources
- Marketing/Advertising
- Management
- Small Business Management
- Corporate Supply Chains
- International Business
- Statistics

Business Administration Careers

Business Management – As a business manager you’ll work directly in operations for all sizes of businesses. You’ll supervise workers and be in-charge of daily activities. As a manager you’ll need to have a business focused skill set which includes the ability to work with people and solve decisions quickly.

Account Management – Account managers hand specific accounts or parts of a business. They can be responsible for business accounts working with clients or even oversee budgets. It is your responsibility in this role to grow the account either financially for your business or the client you work for.

Customer Service Managers – Most business administrators when they first graduate college will work in a customer service role. These calls centers can be for large corporations where you’ll handle daily calls from customers.

Marketing Consultants – As a business major your Associate’s degree in business administration can open up other avenues you might not have thought about including marketing. Most admin degrees will also train you in marketing. As a marketing consultant you can specialize in a particular side of business or marketing in order to help your clients. This could be areas in HR, advertising, hiring, auditing and more.

Auditor – As a business auditor you’ll deal directly with corporate fraud or even waste. Companies are always looking for ways in how to reduce both and often this can be done on a consulting basis.

Sales Management – Learn to work with teams during your college training and work for a company.


Areas to Research Before Enrolling

Tuition – The top thing to research at any school is their tuition costs for the program. Your Associate’s Degree in Business Administration should run as low as $150 per credit hour to $300. We have seen program in excess of $30,000 but on average they are $15,000. Your degree will be broken down into classes that are usually 3 credit hours long and you’ll need 60 credit hours to graduate.

Online Vs. Campus – Depending on where you live you might not be able to find a school in your city that offers this degree. The great thing is we list plenty that are available 100% online. By taking your AA degree online you can actually save time and even complete it quicker than a traditional college. You won’t have to drive to class and most books these days are fully online. Also by not attending a campus you can choose from any college in the county.

Feedback – We always recommend looking online and doing a quick search for the school to see if they have too much negative feedback. No school will be without some form of negative feedback but we want you to feel comfortable with who you are enrolling with. Try to avoid schools where when you search the entire first page is nothing but student complaints. If you would like some assistance feel free to send us an email.


Business Administration School Accreditation

AACSB- is the association to advanced collegiate schools of business. It is a national accreditation. Only 25% of all business schools are this accredited. - Updated January 2, 2019

ACBSP– The accreditation counsel for collegiate business schools and programs. Visited January 20, 2019

Chea– The council for higher education accreditation who accredites over 3000 colleges natwionwide. Added November 3, 2018