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Associate's Degree in Marketing

Marketing Education Requirements

Earn your Associates degree in marketing. Marketing is the strategic end of the spectrum of sales, advertising, and promotions. An associate's degree in marketing is the executive level of that field. As with any other AA specialization, you will be expected to complete a full associate's course load. You will start out with Topics such as marketing, economics, finance, accounting, sociology, taxation, business law, marketing, public relations, and other more specialized business topics. This is a six-year degree and you will begin to specialize as you progress into the more advanced levels, with focus on sales, product management, brand management, and business development.

You will also be trained in buyer motivation, international marketing, and others. Your first steps are the submission of SAT's or ACT's and a strong HS transcript to your target school. This is a highly disciplined field and relies heavily on critical thinking, problem analysis, and statistical study. There are now online programs offered at a great many mainstream universities as well as management schools. Which can widen your opportunities as you can complete your core marketing curriculum and begin your career while pursuing your marketing degree requirements from the convenience of your home if you choose?

Marketing Career Outlook

As one might expect, job growth will exceed the national average for the marketing field in general. Growth in that sector is expected to be 12%. This does not take into account the rapidly growing specialty fields of Internet Marketing, International Marketing, Media Marketing and others just now developing. This will influence future growth as well. With a career in marketing, you will be able to pick a path that matches your interest as you can manage the marketing efforts of an industrial products company as well as a medical services firm, or an internet media company.

Business Administration Industry

The industry is changing. Over the last 20 years, the radical expansion of potential channels for marketing and advertising has spawned a host of new opportunities for companies to promote their products and services to an every widening audience. Additionally, with globalization bringing more and more of the world's population into the market this growth is not expected to weaken any time soon. Such high levels of growth will drive demand for experienced, marketing professionals at all levels, but more so at the executive level as the need to manage that growth and capitalize on it increases. In the past the most recognizable firms in the marketing field where "Madison Avenue" Advertising companies. Now, the internet alone has created very large, international firms that provide Internet marketing services to companies in need of new growth. This is only the beginning, for you. Earn your associates degree in marketing and businss from an accredited school.



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