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Accounting technology degree and business is one of many associates' degrees that are very useful to obtain for anyone interested in being control of the company's best interest. An Associates degree in accounting with a concentration in business is usually not someone's choice as a major however; the facts below could change your mind. As it is not often when accounting is the concentration, according to reports accounting is one of the top five open positions in our country today. This should be very exciting to students especially in this economy. Many people are losing their jobs but accounting is a necessity your job will be more secure. What is very promising to graduates is in 2015 there were reports that accounting companies made more employment offers to graduates than any other company. It is also predicted an 18% job growth in the next years. Find schools below that offer associate degree in accounting technology.

The classes taught in the business accounting technology degree will provide students with the critical thinking and communication skills needed to successfully perform in their job position once they graduate. Exposure to different business disciplines such as management, economics, statistics and finance will also be learned. An Associate's degree in accounting technology paves the way for people who want to become accounting professionals. Many of these people go on to work for large and small companies and private and public companies. Those people who have a good head for problem solving and want to find a career in a fast-growing field, this degree is the best choice for you.

An Associate's degree in accounting technology with a concentration in business has a great job outlook. There are varieties of career opportunities that will open up for someone who has received this degree. Depending on where your interests lie, a student may find a job position in public or corporate accounting. Other paths someone with this degree could take are a position working for government or non-profit organizations. There are a number of companies will higher someone with an accounting degree and that person will control the different areas of finances needed. Employers are looking for people who have the knowledge and skills to perform these tasks needed. As a graduate, you will have the skills and knowledge you learn to execute and prove your worth.

New technology accountants can expect to find a position as a junior accountant and they have the option to continue your college education. Those who have more experience can make a six-figure salary. Students interested in obtaining a college education should seriously consider if you have not already, a degree in accounting. A college education overall is important to have and those studying accounting are serious about their future. As the economy recovers, you will be graduating with an accounting degree and you will have all the knowledge and skills fresh in your mind ready to put them to use.


Career Spotlight: The Changing Face of Accounting
Accounting technology is the backbone of any organization. With the economy continuing to grow, there are more and more financial transactions to analyze, track and record. This is increasingly being done through the use of computers. Manual tasks are being replaced by computerized tasks. This is paving the way for Computerized Financial Accounting.

Most organizations computerize their accounting records through the use of specialized accounting software. Businesses rely on people with computerized financial accounting skills to use this software to perform many essential accounting tasks, including:

• Recording daily business transactions
• Preparing financial statements
• Reconciling accounts
• Setting up employee information
• Recording payroll transactions
• Setting up and operating an accounting program for a business
• Setting up and recording inventory-related transactions


Specialized accounting software greatly reduces the amount of tedious manual work previously associated with data management and recordkeeping. As a result, there are additional opportunities for individuals to perform a wider range of duties within an organization, such as payroll and billing functions. The profession requires that individuals have a fundamental understanding of accounting principles and practices, as well as a working knowledge of performing accounting tasks through the use of a computer. Start your education and learn what is accounting technology and how to earn your degree.


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