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Start your Associates degree in design from an accredited college. Rumors tell us that when the famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso entered the caverns at Altamira, he cried and declared: "After Altamira, all is decadence." It's phenomenal to consider this idea. Similarly, there's a peculiar allure our art museums possess. It's not only the amazing works of art produced by our world's greatest talents. There's something in the back of our minds we recognize about art: even though the styles and materials and content changes, the medium has always been the same. Mankind has sought to express itself and its experiences through images. No matter what culture in what area of the world, we have been relied on this technique to tell others about our perspectives. Those who earn an Associate's Degree in art and design not only recognize the amazing heritage our species shares, but equally sees that the more that we learn about the history of our art the more we are really learning about who we are as a people. If you're someone who perceives the true significance of the way people communicate and using this knowledge for meaningful careers, then you are the perfect candidate for receiving your Associate's Degree in art and design.

Acquiring an art and design degree means that you are likely becoming equipped to serve humanity in some type of educational capacity. But this does not mean that you will be limited to the classroom setting. In fact, there is a diversity of settings where individuals will require your cultured talents and perspective. There are many locations that, like your art history degree, attempt to inform society about the history of man's expression and heritage; these locations are where your degree is best applied. Museums, galleries, and classrooms are the three best and most common areas of employment for those with an art design degee.

art and design degrees At museums, there are many different areas where an art history degree is necessary. Curators, for one, often need a diverse art background that allows them to understand the overall nature of their collection and to conduct public activities at the institution. Behind the scenes at museums is just as busy as the showrooms, and museum technicians and conservators are required to work diligently to preserve the collection. Many of these tasks involve logistics of acquiring and storing exhibits, conduct research projects, design displays, and appropriate clean or restore artwork as necessary. Archivist and art director are also two other popular titles in these settings.

Galleries often require individuals similar to museums, although the necessities at a gallery differ in that they might change collectors and displays more frequently, and they approach the way they promote themselves to the community differently. In many cases, an art history background turns an individual into an educator who uses museums and galleries as their ways or preserving and promoting culture. Many other individuals with an art history major actually become educators who teach students about art, art's history, and art's applications.

Since mankin's means for communicating through art have been diverse, so too must an art history degree be diverse. Individuals pursuing their Associate's Degree in art will generally focus on studying the different techniques and different areas of artistic expression, including gothic painting, postmodernism, Mesoamerican art, art criticism, historiography, and photography, among other things. This equips art history students with a diverse understanding of what art is and how it's produced in order to effectively apply this knowledge to today's relationship with art.

When you earn your Associate's Degree in art and design, you are earning a unique place in our culture as one who embraces the understanding of how mankind expresses itself. You can read the history of our world in the thoughts and feelings transcribed into the images others have left behind them. Many exciting and essential careers are waiting for you to acquire this unique knowledge, so enroll in your Associate's Degree program today!


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