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Earn your Associate Degree in Theatre Arts. There's something to be said about live performance. For some reason, as much as we enjoy television, radio, movies, and recordings of any kind, it's just not the same as being right there in person. We laugh harder at comedian's jokes, we scream louder at a singer's climactic moment, and we cry harder at a funeral when we are physically there to experience it. The same is especially true when it comes to theater. Our culture is a culture of stories, where nightly Americans watch hours and hours of stories on their television sets or read them on the pages of their newspaper. Theater has a way of bringing these stories to life, physically interacting with audience's sensibilities that are normally inaccessible through other mediums.

performing arts degree This means that those who work in theater whether actors, directors, managers, or anyone possesses the means to provide truly impressionable experiences on viewers, making life itself feel more alive. If you're the type of person who thrives off of providing entertainment and experiences to others, then earning your Associate's Degree in theater arts will set the stage for you to enter this unique career setting.


When most people think of a career in theater, they think of actors. It's no accident that this is the case obviously actors are the most visual aspect of the theatrical experience. However, it takes much more than a few thespians to inspire a production. There exist, in fact, a surprising number of occupations surrounding theater that go into creating what you actually see on the stage. But let's start with acting: this is one of the most appealing elements of theater because actors receive the most direct attention and potential fame from the public. Many individuals who start in theater begin because of their passion for acting. Whether they are coming from a high school experience in their drama club, or whether they enjoy private performances in front of the mirror as they get ready for work in the morning, many people find acting an attractive career choice. And a theater arts degree might just offer the type of training necessary to truly become successful on a stage.

But actors can't do put it all together alone. And a true Associate's Degree does more than merely train an individual how to act on stage. Theater, after all, is a business. Once you truly learn the meaning of the theater, you might find yourself sitting in the director's chair and carrying within you an overall vision for what everything in the production including the actors, the costumes, the lighting, the set will convey. Or you might find yourself manage one of these listed aspects. Different types of managers are in control of these various theatrical aspects.

And stemming off of these hands-on careers in theater, plays' true genesis originates with playwrights. Or you might even consider branching into musicals with their compositions, lyrics, and dances, if you're feeling musical. Producers play their own essential role in getting the performance off the ground, and then there's marketing, stagehands, theater owners, and all kinds of other individuals who make their essential contributions to the industry.

So there's no need to "act" like you want to be in theater. With the amazing range of career opportunities available in this exciting industry, there is nearly no limit to the possible roles you may play. By earning your Associate's Degree in theater arts, you will become much more intimately familiar with the various aspects that contribute to what audiences eventually see on stage. And the more you learn, the more experience you gain, then the more likely you will find a successful and enjoyable role inside of this timeless industry.


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