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But you, as the burgeoning photographer, know this already. Photographs have a way of recording reality that memories and words cannot. And especially in today's digital era, photographs have in many ways replaced our dependence on our own memories. Photographs are prolific in society, since we can take in information much more rapidly through a provoking photo than a well-developed essay. Everywhere we look in culture we see pictures of advertisements, wedding albums, calendars, births, birthdays, family portraits, and sports, and we see these pictures hanging in our homes, posted on facebook, adorning catalogues and magazines, plastered on billboards, on our phones, saved in computers, on book covers, and thousands of other places.

photography schools The good news with this observation is that pictures are in high demand, and talented photographers are needed to produce more high quality memories and images for us. This means that there is a broad range of opportunities for anyone with a talent for finding the right shot and the necessary education that trains them on all of photography's possibility. In fact careers in photography are almost as plentiful as the types of pictures photographer can take.


People often say, "a picture is worth a thousand words." Sure, the phrase is overused, but if we were to pause and consider the significance of this, we would quickly realize how different words and images are. Words need to be carefully combined and arranged; pictures speak for themselves. Words need to come in groups, and the more complex the idea the more words needed; pictures come just one at a time and say the same amount. Words can be blurry, misleading, or incomplete; a picture's mere existence is all that's needed to tell stories, invoke emotions, and reveal speechless beauty. If you are serious about going after a photography degree then start your search below.

Photographers have the opportunity to make themselves particularly marketable if they specialize in a certain kind of photography. The main areas of photography include photojournalism, commercial photography, artistic photography, and special event photography. Photojournalism goes hand in hand with news, recording through pictures what journalists record through articles. As world events occur, your camera is there with it. This can be an especially career opportunity since you will likely travel around the country or around the world. Commercial photography has far too many applications to discuss, but imagine all of the visual needs for businesses. Whether photographing houses for real estate or models for calendars, photography will fit businesses' product and marketing needs. Those with a more artistic eye will enjoy getting hired to find the perfect shots of nature and civil life. Pictures can provide deep levels of communication that powerfully impact viewers. And life needs those photographers who can capture all of the once-in-a-lifetime moments at weddings and other celebrations.

Since the technology related to photography has also changed a great deal over the past decade, a true expert photographer will be able to provide not only good pictures, but quality editing as well. A range of career opportunities abound both with the actual capturing of a photo and also with the perfecting of them through superior technology. There's much more to being a photographer than carrying a camera around with you, but with the right training and the right experience, you will be among the elite photographers in many of the amazing careers available to people like you. You can also research photography certificate schools if you are just starting out and don't want to enroll in a degree program.