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Are you looking for a good school to earn your Associate Degree in Music Education? "If music be the food of love, play on!" quotes one of Shakespeare's characters from his play Twelfth Night. More familiarly, many of us have likely heard Bill Withers rock to us, "Give me the beat boys and free my soul." No matter what century we live in or how we phrase it, we all know that music is much more than just organized sound. There's something about music that transcends just sound and permeates our spirit in a way nothing else can. Whether the thrill of an electric guitar, the power of a symphony orchestra, or the vibe of a digital groove, music manipulates our hearts and souls, and without even using words it transfixes our emotions. Whether you know the basics of a piano, have played guitar in a band, bowed your strings in an orchestra, or have done anything else that has helped you be the master at the controls of someone else's emotions, then you might be ready to take the next official step and begin your official career in music.

music education colleges It's no secret that music represents a multi-billion dollar industry. No matter what country, culture, or position of life someone is, they are exposed to some kind of music. This demand more music makes it an incredibly enormous industry, hungry for talented individuals who can play a role in the symphony of music composition, production, and much more. In fact, the wider the scope of the music industry, then the broader the range of possibilities for individuals to find success here. Research the schools above that offer Associates degree in music.


It is difficult to recount the entire range of career opportunities music encompasses. One of the first areas, though, that enter people's minds is that of the composer or songwriter. Like a modern day Beethoven, many people might envision themselves at a piano, painstakingly composing a song note by note. Although this image is rather anachronistic, there is still a wide market for talented composers. Movies, television, and commercials continually need new soundtracks and jingles to stimulate their audience's ears. Other composers might take simple tunes or public domain melodies and add their own artistic groove to them. Songwriters are regularly employed to create those memorable, catchy tunes we hear in our radios and MP3 players; and sometimes the songwriters if they have a voice can become the star performers themselves.

In terms of performance, musicians are continually needed for bands and orchestras alike. Or you might prefer to take your talents to the podium and become the lead conductor for a symphony. You can sing an opera, or for popular music the demand is even higher for talented singers who can sing lead, back up, or even an ear-tickling jingle for that next hit advertisement. All of this music also requires producers and sound engineers who, with a background in music, can help create some of the most incredibly appealing sounds. Start your career training by first finding a top music education school to attend.

Also, one of the most appealing roles an individual with a music degree can have is that of teacher. Schools across the country are deciding not to cut their music programs, but rather to expand them, which means that teachers for all grade levels are required to pass on their love of music to the next generation. Private teachers are also in high demand, working one-on-one with students to teach them the technical skills of their particular instrument.

The list could go on and on because music goes on and on. Acquiring your Associate's Degree for music means acquiring the education and skills necessary to make your mark in listeners' ears and listeners' souls across the world. Whether you're mastering an instrument, mastering music theory, or mastering the process that lets you fill in a larger role in the music world, your contributions will reverberate in the ears and hearts of music lovers in ways that, as Shakespeare says, will demand that you "play on" and enrich the lives of others.


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