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Start your research into interior design schools. The ancient Chinese practice called feng shui, the art of structural design and orientation demonstrates the fact that interior design is an artful that has existed for thousands of years. There's much more to the locations, relationships, objects, colors, and styles in our buildings than many people will typically realize. But when we think about it, we recognize that where we work and where we live are buildings that we spend a great deal of our lives in; and the quality of our lives is surprisingly improved when the interiors of where we are working and living exude a certain sophisticated, coordinated atmosphere

interior decorating schools While many individuals think about these habitats merely from a utilitarian perspective we need a chair here, a desk there, a lamp over there, etc. there are others who truly recognize the full potential of interior design. If you are someone who sees the ultimate value of collaboration between the materials, objects, styles, and positions of what's under our roofs, then you are the right candidate for obtaining your Associate's Degree in Interior Decorating and beginning your career in this lucrative industry.


True interior design is more than just decorating, it's establishing a particular mood, space, and efficiency in a place that individuals are likely to spend a great deal of time. An enormous array of opportunities lies ready for those who obtain the education and experience necessary for recommending them as a premier interior decorator who understands the fundamental principles of design that others will ultimately benefit from. Job opportunities are continuing to grow as the demands in interior decorating change. In the past, individuals simply wanted an interior to look nice; now, in addition to this visual quality, interiors also need to be environmentally friendly and have an ease of accessibility.

With these modern requirements in mind, it is important to note that it takes an individual of talent and vision to be able to construct the ideal environment for their clients. Standards of safety, functionality, and beauty are all at the forefront of what clients are after. Knowing not only what materials to use but also the people who will be interacting in this environment is essential to finding success as an interior decorator.

Many interior decorators work independently, acquiring private contracts for homeowners, business offices, and contractors. Here, the decorator fulfills the obligations of their particular contract and is then free to pursue other decorating opportunities. In some of these contracts, the room or rooms have been inhabited for quite some time and are in need of internal upgrades. In other contracts, the interior designer gets to work with the contractor from the beginning to help construct the entire space from square one. Many interior decorators have education and experience that extends beyond just paint colors and fabrics and includes knowledge of architecture, materials, and computer design. If not working independently, many stores hire interior decorators to help sell their products. The store may send decorators out to particular venues to provide design options that encompass what that particular store sells.

There is an incredible demand for interior decorators who can turn a so-so space into a true masterpiece of utilitarian functionality with artistic beauty. Especially during these slower economic times when individuals and businesses are less likely to spend a great deal of money on new construction, they are looking for talented interior decorators who know how to quickly, effectively, and affordably transform drab accommodations into truly exhilarating ones. You can be one of these decorators who answers the call. Begin today by signing up to earn your Associate's Degree in interior decorating, and make the ultimate blend between the art of decor and the science of safety and functionality. Start your interior decorating degree.


Salary Expectations for Interior Design Graduates

The average salary for an interior designer was a little over $47,000 per year. The top 10% of all interior decorators make over $86,000.

Different Types of Interior Designers

As a designer you’ll have the ability to specialize in many different fields. The field is extremely large so many of the training programs will be general in nature but allow you to take additional courses later once you learn which area you would like to specialize in.

Residential Interior Design – One of the most popular types of design work is for residents. Homeowners hire designers to overhaul the look of their home. This can include just a part of the home, a complete overhaul or working with existing designs to just improve them.

Kitchen and Bathroom – Many homeowners start with a kitchen or bathroom overhaul and an interior designer is called in to offer plans. Often as a designer you’ll be given the initial layout of the house and perhaps meet with the home owner just a few times.

Lighting Design – One of the more important aspects of design is lighting. Often older homes have poor lighting and it will be up to the designer to layout the perfect plan. You’ll be trained in energy efficient ways of lighting a home including LED but also natural lighting. Plans could include adding skylights, windows or even knocking down entire walls to let more natural light in.

Commercial Properties – Large corporations hire interior designers to come up with concepts regarding office space and using an efficient design to maximize employee workspaces.

Hotel and Resorts – High end designers are often called to renovate old hotels or come up with plans for new resorts. You might only handle a certain area of the resort like the rooms or restaurant. Often you’ll work in a design team since these projects are large and can take years to complete.

New Home Development – Designers are always hired to furnish and decorate model homes. It is those homes that homeowners will make their decision on if they are interested in buying or not.


Different Styles of Interior Design

Before you become an interior designer degree it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different styles of interior design. The schools listed will cover these and other styles.

Modern Style – In this style the designs are simple and spacious in design. You’ll often see a very smooth or sleek design with large art pieces and or focal point furniture pieces. The colors are typically blacks and white including chrome pieces. Some consider this a very cold style as you won’t see small decorations but pieces properly positioned in the home to make a point.

Classic – Classic style also contains a focus or focal point and is very symmetric. Colors you’ll use including natural earth tone colors including tans, olives, browns and light whites.

Minimalist – One of the more unique styles is minimalist. To be put simple this style is 100% clutter free and uses big open spaces with minimal furniture. Storage is always hidden perhaps with hidden hinges and handles. The colors can be big and bold but not a lot of different colors will occupy the same space. Walls are often smooth with little to no texture and flooring is often made up of big tile or a neutral carpet.

Retro – In a retro style is all depends on what type of retro you want. Those looking for a 60’s retro will have lots of small colorful furniture where 80’s retro might be more plastic looking. This is not a very popular style that interior designers recommend to their clients.

Contemporary –This is a modern style. You’ll keep the client current with trends and classic furniture. Most of the paint used will be flat without texture. Focal points will be made in certain rooms but this is a more natural feel similar to modern.


Take the first step and reserach any of the Associate Degree and Interior Design schools we have listed and start you rnew career today!

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