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Video games have an advantage that normal television shows and movies don't, they are interactive. And interaction leads to immersion. Regardless of how effectively directed a show or movie is, the audience must passively sit and watch events unfold in other people's lives. Video games are much more alive and therefore an immensely thriving industry because players get to actually participate in the world they see. The more compelling the plot of the video game, the more thrilling the artistry and design, then the more engrossed the players become. Billions of individuals worldwide are searching for their next great gaming experience, and many console and game developers are eager to provide them with it. Have you considered combining your artistic and design skills with your love of gaming? With a degree in graphic design or Associate's Degree in Game Design, you will be able to make a career out of this combination.

video game development schools The multi-billion dollar industry of online and video gaming is intensely competitive, with each new developer fighting for the most talented artists and designers join their team and help produce the next amazing gaming experience. Just like players of these games compete ferociously to "pwn" one another and master their skills, so too do these industry's business fight for the most talented minds to come aboard their team and serve in any one of the numerous roles requiring a game art and design professional. Start by researching any of the game art schols listed above.

A game is essentially a complete, and very modern, work of art. In fact, games developed today are more than just a few pixels bobbing on a screen: they are complete narratives that, like a sophisticated novel, develop characterization, setting, mood, theme, and conflict. A good game artist and designer is first a good storyteller who can weave elements of art and story into a compellingly interactive scenario. Whether you're designing a level for a game or constructing an entire environment, it's your responsibility to ensure that you are making the game visually appealing, appropriately complex, consistently in tune with the other levels and overall narrative, and part of the theme the game is presenting. Find other art and design schools here to find options that can be added to your video game associate degree.


Video Game Career Advice


Every year, consumers' standards are raised higher and higher, presenting game artists and designers to push their craft to the next level of development to provide fresh, exciting new ways to appease their audience. They create 2D and 3D models of animation that generate the appropriate backdrop and feel for their team's goal. Being able to work on a team towards a united vision is essential for this type of career. Not only will acquiring an Associate's Degree develop your teamwork capabilities, but it will also focus on progressively improving your skills in the areas of design and of computer software. Having a keen eye and having the right tools to turn your artistic vision into an actual product are essential skills for any game art and design professional.

So, the key to making yourself more appealing for this kind of career, the key to "winning" this particular game comes from mastering these necessary skills through your Associate's Degree. The more training and experience you earn, the more desirable you are as a game art and design profession who can tackle the next generation of videogame consumers. Videogames have only increased in popularity over the years. Especially now when those who were children during the NES era are now game-playing parents with children of their own, the number of individuals dependent on game art and design professionals is continually increasing. Now not only will you be able to enjoy games by playing them: instead, you can be part of the critical design team that constructs a project from beginning to end. What an exciting way to partake in this wildly popular industry! Start your video game design program today.


Learn About Video Game App Development

One of the great things about game development is that it is an ever changing market. The days of designing for just game consoles are over. These days’ mobile aps are dominating the market and video game designers need the ability to design for more than one platform. With your Associate’s degree in video game development you’ll have the knowledge to work on multiple platforms including mobile.

According to more than 50% of all of their traffic is now mobile. This number is staggering considering just a few years ago the market just started developing mobile games. As a developer you’ll need to be able to program for Android, iPhone and others. Game apps are big business and many traditional gaming companies are now designing apps before making larger games for computer or consoles.


The Future of Video Gaming

One thing for sure is the future for gaming is ever changing. In the 1970’s Atari came out with just a single joy stick and button, then in the 1990’s Nintendo was first to introduce new controllers with amazing graphics and now Xbox is ruling the business. These companies spend millions to design very complex games that can take a year or more to create.

Motion sensor gaming is slowing becoming the norm and you’ll need to make sure you are well trained with this technology. Virtual reality is already here for gamers and it will continue to get more advanced as technology and gaming speeds advance. Take the first step in your gaming career and start looking for a certificate or degree granting school near you.


How to Evaluate a Video Game Design School

When looking into a video game design school you need to look at all of your options but first need to to able to answer the below questions first.

Online vs. Campus – You first need to decide if you want an online video game program or a traditional campus based one. The great thing about most computer based degree programs like game design or programming is they can be now done 100% online. Many of the schools also offer a blended model where you’ll take some of the program online and some at a campus. Take a look to see if we list a school near where you work or live. If no schools are available then look into the online schools which will allow you to take the program from any of the schools regardless of where they teach their campus based programs. This option is good especially if you want to take the program from one of our featured schools.


Tuition Costs – For a certificate based video game program you can expect to spend between $1500-$5500 for your tuition. For an Associate degree they typically require 60 credit hours which are close to 20 total courses. Teach credit can range from $175 to $750 per credit hour. The programs are also typically 2 years in length.

Programming Focus – Becoming a video game designer is a commitment both in your initial education but also in the ongoing education. You’ll need to stay on top of industry changes and technology. It is important that you enroll in a program that focuses on computer programming and not just theory. These days game production companies want actual programmers so talk to your Admissions Representative today to learn more.


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