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Do you find yourself more excited about the red carpet event than the Academy Awards themselves? Do you tend to think to yourself, "She would look so cute with this accessory" or "I love that belt choice that guy has on right now"? Do you feel like you have an eye for fashion and the ability to turn an idea into apparel? True fashion critics know that clothing doesn't simply have to just match, it has to "go." Maybe you've begun developing that sixth sense of fashion that can tell when shirts, pants, blouses, slacks, belts, jewelry, purses, shoes, and even hair reaches that point where they go with each other. Maybe you've begun turning clothing into more than just apparel, but into statements and expressions. And maybe you're ready for that next step of development where you earn your Associate's Degree in fashion design and technology and turn your dream of fashion design into reality.

fashion design schools Fashion design involves an interesting blend of taste, talent, and technical skill. There's much more than having an "eye for fashion" or than thinking of you as a "fashionista." A fashion design associates degree will provide you with the essential skills for entering the fashion marketplace. These skills include knowledge of design trends and materials, design techniques and methods, technical training to physical work ideas into apparel, and presentation skills that let your words contribute to your work. By mastering these skills, you will have more than an eye you will have hands, a mind, and words that will amplify your natural talent and tastes. Instead of just seeing an idea in your head, you will begin to possess the expertise that will bring that design to life and promote that idea to others. You will know which materials and fabrics are best for certain features, and you will have reasons for your decisions beyond just having taste. All of these skills add up to empower you in the fashion design industry, where a host of career opportunities are waiting. Look below to find the perfect school to start your fashion design associate's degree.

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One particularly appealing aspect of the fashion industry is that people are always going to wear clothing. Thank goodness. Additionally, people are always going to want to look good in what they wear. With the right training, you can land that top spot that will allow you to meet these needs people have. You will be able to share your creativity with the world. Many fashion designers go on to work in a fashion design firm where they contribute to a team's design approach. When successful, these companies market their apparel at a variety of stores wouldn't it be amazing to see someone purchasing and wearing something you designed? You can even further develop your skills in one particular area of design, whether that be wedding gowns, formal wear, outdoor apparel, labor clothing, and so on. You might even apply your creative eye to accessories for hair, jewelry, belts, or shoes.

When designs start to really get noticed, many designers open up their own design companies, and from their either open their own store, market their brand to retail stores, or design for other companies or events. Here, you'll not only be in the position of design, but also have the opportunity to train and manage other designers. And of course, since we're thinking about training other designers, there is always the opportunity to share your expertise and experience as a teacher who introduces other young, creative minds to the wealth of opportunity that exists in fashion.

So don't delay, but begin your fashion design Associate's Degree program today so you can begin "tailoring" your education to your dreams. Once your take your natural creativity and combine it with the power of a fashion design education, you will open up the amazing opportunities for a career in fashion.


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