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It has been said that true art is that which makes of feel, makes us think, makes us believe. True art teachers and learns simultaneously. True art is the communication of an ineffable message from one human being to another. It is the mingling of souls at a level of transcendence inaccessible through other mediums. It is truth and beauty inextricably intertwined. Who, then, is the artist? The power and depth of the artist comes from their ability to perceive the human condition in all its facets, and to possess the means through which they can communicate their understanding to others. In fact, the artists possess two powers unique to the rest of mankind: they can perceive truth at levels deeper than others, and they can express that true in forms others cannot.

art schools These powers are especially manifested in artists skilled in two-dimensional and three-dimensional art. Are you ready to delve into truth itself, and to share your discoveries with your talent for expression? Then you might be ready to become an artist, and earning your Associate's Arts Degree is your first practical step toward achieving this end. Get started today on your associates of arts degree.


Art breaks down into several different mediums, and what's particularly nice about art programs is that they provide a diverse enough education that allows students to focus on the particular medium of art they prefer. For example, two-dimensional art studies different forms of painting and sketching, and three-dimensional art focuses on sculpting, molding, modeling, and more. Art goes on, though, to develop skills related to a wide variety of fields, including web design, fashion, history, cultural studies, education, graphic design, architecture, photography, and interior design. In fact, since art combines the mind and soul, the eye and hand, there are nearly limitless opportunities to take the skills developed in an Associate's Art program for art and find application for them in the world.

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Many who earn associates of art degrees think of themselves as a future artist whose work will be displayed at art galleries and museums, and who believe that collectors will pay large sums for their products. This vision, in fact, has become a reality for many independent artists who like to produce and sell their own work. Many other artists find relief in the security of a steady income and employment at a company who needs their unique eye. As the world becomes more and more digital, many companies are recognizing the importance of artists who can create web designs, graphics, and logos that bring the best of beauty to the digital world. Marketing companies, in particular, lavishly brag about the high quality, visually appealing designs that lure in more customers. Other artists apply their skills in graphic design, and still others find themselves producing electronic illustrations for books, magazines, internet content, and advertisements. And yet others add motion to their illustrations by producing computerized or hand-drawn cartoons.

While there are plenty of opportunities for artists in commercialized or traditional art, one further career avenue artists can explore is in education. The world seems to focus on math, science, reading, and writing, but what the world really needs is more individuals who can interpret life and turn the imagined into the real. Art education and art history are popular paths artists take as well, where they can take their knowledge and experience, and use it to inspire other aspiring artists.

So when you think about where art "takes you," the answer doesn't only have to be some esoteric, transcendent response. The answer could be to a career. The answer could be to happiness. Earning your Associates of art degree in art is the first piece of the puzzle that will emblazon a path and enrich your skills toward turning you into a true artist.


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