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Fear? Not if you Write Your College Application Essay the Right Way!

So you have to impress with your essay to get into your dream college? It happens all the time. Students with stellar grades may find themselves losing out on prestigious colleges because their application didn't impress. Being nervous about something that could determine your fate is natural. However, you should not fear if you have the right guide for writing your application essay.

You’ve probably written and re-written your essay over a dozen times. You've had your friend read it, but no matter what you feel it's not ready for sharing. The truth is, you're right.

Good essays will get you a nod from your career coach, but great articles will earn you a place with your top choice college. Below are some tips on how to ace the application essay and curb fear for good.

Tips for Writing a Winning Application Essay

  • Bring out Your personality

Your story must have a clear opening that is easy to follow through to the end. Losing the reader in the middle is the worst that can happen in your application essay. Do not share too many stories about your achievements and awards. Chances are there are other documents that you can list down your accomplishments in life. Repeating them on the application essay will sound like any other essay they’ve read and not to mention, it’ll be boring.
The stories you choose to share should bring out your personality. Show your thoughtfulness, empathy, courage, and any other admirable personal traits. You can share a moment of your life that made you persist when you could have given easily given up.

  • Lighten Up The Essay

You've probably read a dozen sample essays to get an idea of how to write your own. Most winning essays hardly follow the rules. They're a combination of maturity, thoughtfulness, and humor.  While it's important to show some seriousness, bringing a smile on your reader is a bonus. It's however imperative to balance the fun so that your essay doesn't come out as a list of bad jokes. You can add humor by using an aptly placed metaphor, a self-deprecating line or appropriate use of witty phrases.

  • Balance The Tone

Application essays are tricky because you have to write about yourself and why the world is lucky to have you. Boasting about your endeavors in a thousand words may come off as prideful and self-centered. At the same time, you shouldn't come off as the biggest whiner complaining about one thing or another that made you fail calculus in junior high school.

Your essay’s tone should have balanced content of your triumphs, how you learned through humility and how generosity to others keeps you grounded. Take the opportunity to show your hard and soft skills.

  • Show Your Character

Colleges look for good citizens for the campus community. The only way they can tell your caliber is through your character. Other than extra-curricular activities and an interview, the application essay says a lot about your character.
It starts with your choice of words, the type of narration you’ve chosen from the beginning and the personality traits that you highlight throughout the essay. You could have scored the highest in SAT and still fail because your piece does not portray the kind of character they'd want on campus.

  • Mechanics Matter

If you have all the above content in place but without the right words or grammar, your essay application will end up in the rejection corner. Since college is mostly writing work, having a poorly written application essay will only highlight your incompetency and more reasons why you don’t deserve a place in the college.

A simple essay checker will help you polish most of the grammatical errors or cases of plagiarism. You may also check with your teacher to assist in pointing out any mistakes that you need to correct with submission.

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Develops Thinking Abilities to Structure Information
Application essay is the first among many compositions to come in college. Working with a plagiarism checker improves your ability to think critically about your subject and come up with original sentence structures that are simple and clear. As you continue using Robot Don, your writing skills will keep getting better, and they'll pay off eventually with good grades.

There are a few things that determine your fate in life and application essay is one of them. You can easily beat the fear and the myths that surround the application essays by learning how to write them well. It's not difficult, but it requires consistency and a lot of practice. With the right tool for guidance, you'll be the expert essay writer to ever walk on earth.