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Why a Good Vocabulary Will Help You Get Far In Life



Everyone needs to communicate, whether through writing, school reports, official reports, or when speaking to colleagues. Clear communication will help you convey your thoughts and ideas, and depending on your type of audience, it would be in your best interest to adjust your vocabulary every once in a while. Here are the top reasons you need a good vocabulary and how it can help you get a life. 


1. You Get Better Scores in Exams

You will be required to sit for entrance exams in every level of studies, and word power is frequently tested in such examinations. The level of your vocabulary dictates your communication skills, and as such, you should take the initiative and improve your vocabulary. A good vocabulary is also essential when writing essays, and it will come in handy when reading comprehension. Most institutions require international students to write down a detailed statement of purpose that outlines their reasons for studying in the institution. 

With the right word power, you can write about yourself, but you will be left confused and end up failing the exams if you are unfortunate. There are several ways to improve your vocabulary and ensure you score well in your exams. Professional wordsmiths at often advise students to try unscrambling words using software tools that are created to help you find the highest scoring words. Also, you can install word games and exercise your vocabulary proficiency with them. When you encounter hiccups, you should consider unscrambling the letters using such tools and find meanings to challenging words.


2. Helps one Communicate Ideas


When you have a good vocabulary, you can successfully communicate without the need for interpreters. It's important to note that in a working setup, using the right words when speaking to colleagues helps you pass the message, and you won't end up abusing a colleague when you use vocabulary that you don't understand. 


3. Increases your Scope of Thinking


With a huge vocabulary, you can easily break away from your traditional thinking and think critically. Your thoughts shape your words, and your words can also shape your thoughts. When you use a new word, it opens new thoughts, and with greater vocabulary, you can consider other people's ideas and focus on important ideas.   


4. Increases Your Persuasion Capacity


If you work in the marketing sector, you will need a strong persuasion power to convince others to buy goods or services. With the right vocabulary, you can present your arguments logically and persuade others to agree with you. When you improve your vocabulary, you can present ideas eloquently and express yourself better.


5. Helps Create a Better First Impression


Your articulation power constitutes a big part of the first impression you make on colleagues. People will judge your education level, occupation, and socioeconomic background, based on your vocabulary. For instance, a professor will drop heavy academic terms while a home employee will hurl baby vocabulary when speaking. This is a fair judgment considering that your reading habits, employment, education level, and circle of friends affect your vocabulary. Building vocabulary is an egalitarian pursuit that anyone can achieve, provided that you put some effort.


6. One Improves their Citizenship


If you are a foreigner, the chances are high that you won't understand all the natives' vocabulary. With a better understanding of the foreign language, you can participate in helpful dialogue, you can understand current news and events, and you and you are up to date just like the rest of the natives. After all, if you want to obtain citizenship, you will need to pass a test to confirm your language knowledge.


7. Helps Improve Writing Skills


With a huge vocabulary at your disposal, you can write in different contexts. If you are a student, you are better equipped to write SOPs, exams, and assignments. Also, you can write better emails since you can communicate effectively. If you are in the writing profession and say you are a blogger, good vocabulary will help you write better magazines, blog posts, and articles. 

Better Processing Speed


You can quickly process information with a better vocabulary since you understand the words when you hear them. With minimal vocabulary, you will take time to load certain words in your memory then try and interpret what they mean. With a useful vocabulary, you will understand what colleagues say faster. 

A good vocabulary will get you far in life, and as such, ensure that you build your vocabulary using online tools and by reading more. Also, ensure that you learn new words each day, learn how to apply them, and make connections between the words. It would also be in your best interest to understand nuances and word connotations to help build your vocabulary.