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What is the Point of Masterclass



If you are a regular user of sites like YouTube or frequent the web often, it is very unlikely that you have not heard of Masterclass. Glossy, straight to camera adverts have appeared featuring some of the biggest names in the world of business, music, and media, such as Ron Howard, Steve Martin, Gordon Ramsey, and many more. Perhaps you have always clicked the “Skip Ad” button, but have you ever wondered what it was actually all about?


In the following post, we want to enlighten you a little to what Masterclass is and what the point of it is so that if you have been on the fence about it in the past you can determine if it will help you or not. 


What is Masterclass?

Basically, Masterclass provides you with access to specific classes on various subjects. The difference between this and other online education courses is the way it is presented and who it is presented by. One of the key things with the advertising campaign was showcasing the fact that a lot, and we mean a lot of big names covering different subjects. 


So, you get Samuel L. Jackson and Jodie Foster covering acting, and then people like Spike Lee and David Lynch covering directing, just within the filmmaking section. You can find out more about many of the key courses by following the link to see how they have been ranked.


There are two options for enrolling in Masterclass. You can either pay $90 and get access to one course or $180 and get exclusive access to all the classes. It really depends on what you aim to get out of it.


What are the Benefits?

In working out the point of such a platform for learning, you need to think about the benefits and downsides of what it offers.

First, let’s look at some of the benefits. 


High-Quality Production Value

Although it would be silly to rate Masterclass just on its production value, when you have video classes presented in crisp high definition, it really makes them much easier to follow. They are edited well, and it always feels like the teacher in front of the camera has put a lot of effort into their video segments.


The Actual Video Player

The video player is another huge advantage this has over other educational courses available online. It is a very intuitive feel and also includes the ability to slow down or speed up playback if required and you can even put subtitles on to help take it all in.


The Teachers

The experts that the team behind Masterclass managed to secure for this online education platform have always been at the forefront of advertising and marketing and they are probably the biggest reason why you should bother considering enrolling in it. There is nothing like getting advice, tips, and guidance in an area of expertise or field you want to have a career in than from people who have actually worked hard and made a success of working in those fields. 


Whether you are looking to learn cooking from Michelin star chefs or directing from people like Martin Scorsese, Masterclass delivers the goods.


Downsides of Masterclass 

There are some notable downsides with Masterclass that you need to be aware of, though. 


Experts Don’t Always Make Great Teachers

This will be very much a preference thing, but it is worth noting to give you a full picture of what you might be getting yourself in for. Some experts are not very good teachers. Fortunately, it seems as if most on Masterclass are adept at teaching. So, it’s not really a huge negative. It might be a good idea to check how well the particular Masterclass you are interested in taking has been received and how good the expert is at providing education.