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What is the Best Way to Study for ACT



Acing your ACT increases your chances of getting accepted into the college of your dreams. There’s a lot of prep work that’s needed to make this happen. You have to find efficient and convenient ways to study for the exam, especially since you still need to do well in school to graduate. 

Below is a list of the different ways to study for the ACT:

  1. Online ACT Courses

You’ll find platforms providing online courses to help you study. Depending on the course you purchase, you get access to ACT materials and resources in the form of text, videos, live coaching, essays, practice tests and printables. You might need help to figure out which ACT prep is best, given the innumerable options out there. Remember, the best kind of ACT prep course depends on your availability, your preferred learning method, and the course’s affordability. 

Online ACT courses offer the flexibility and convenience of online learning. You can easily make this study method fit into your schedule and routine.  

  1. Online Study Guide

Study guides can help you in different ways. You might feel overwhelmed by the amount of information you’re required to learn, or confused about where to begin. Study guides such as the Test Prep Toolkit can make the process of studying easier since this material familiarizes you with essential details about the ACT including dates, requirements, study topics, and other useful information. 

  1. Online Tutoring

You can find an online tutor by checking out different platforms. The difference between online tutoring programs and online courses is the level of attention you get. For instance, if you’re struggling with a particular Math topic, you can create an account with the chosen platform, post your question, and then assign a tutor who has expertise in that specific study area. 

Hiring a tutor can work if you’ve already identified the areas that you need focused guidance and training in. You might, however, run the risk of leaving out crucial topics that need attention. 

  1. Online Listening Programs

Some students prefer learning by listening to the material, compared to reading or writing. These students are referred to as auditory learners. If you’re an auditory learner, you can find ACT materials to listen to on platforms such as YouTube. Just remember that you already have to know the different topics and themes that you need to learn to find materials that address these. 

  1. Mock ACT Exams 

Kinesthetic learners are the students who grasp concepts by physically familiarizing themselves with the test environment. This can be in the form of taking a mock exam. The explanatory scores you’ll receive will indicate where you need to improve before the exam day. Your school might offer Mock ACT exams. If not, you can look for independent centers that do. 

Mock ACT exams need preparation—meaning this method of learning has to be coupled with a prior knowledge of the material. 

  1. Past Exam Papers 

You can access past ACT exam papers and practice with these at your convenience. These can be accessed online, at a local library, at school, or from peers who have taken the exam before. Most past exam papers are accompanied by the answers at the back for you to understand the questions you may have answered incorrectly. 

One drawback of only relying on past exams is that students run the risk of just memorizing the questions and answers to get by. Remember, questions are rarely replicated, so you have to grasp concepts instead of just doing rote memorization. 

  1. After-School Learning

For those who enjoy the classroom set up of learning, you can try enrolling in after-school ACT classes. If your school doesn’t provide these, you can search for independent centers that do. The advantage of after-school learning is the one-on-one guidance that the students receive. You can also interact with your peers and learn from group discussions. A drawback might be the time limitations of such programs or your unavailability during their scheduled discussions. 

  1. Flash Cards 

Visual learners are those who fare better when they encounter images, graphs and pictures. If you decide to use this particular study method, you can purchase ACT printable flash cards, or make your own.  Flash cards are convenient, particularly for those who are usually pressed for time. You can take a look at these when commuting from school, to work, or during your school lunchtime 

Using flash cards as your study method is typically more efficient after you’ve already studied most of the material. You can then condense what you’ve learned into the flash cards, and use them as refreshers. 

  1. Study Groups

For those who enjoy studying in groups, you can form study sessions with your peers. In these sessions, you can combine the different study materials you each gather. Discussing concepts together might help you remember certain topics and approaches better. 

Study groups work better as a revision session rather than as the initial learning method. Trying to learn material from a study group might mean overlooking certain topics, lagging with the group pace, or being pressed for time as a result of distractions. 

The Best Study Method

Generally, online ACT prep courses are the best study method when you’re just getting started with your studying process. The courses are a combination of auditory, kinesthetic, and visual learning. These courses offer flexibility and convenience, because you can take them at your own pace. You also have constant access to the topics that may need re-hashing. Other methods such as online tutoring, online listening programs, and access to previous exams can work well as a complementary method these prep courses. However, depending on the course you enroll in, these might even be already included so you don’t have to independently look for them. 

Study groups, mock exams and flash cards are study methods that can work well for you after you already have a good grasp of the material. You might not score high marks if you solely rely on these methods as these are meant to complement prep courses. Take a look at the different online prep courses and see which one suits you best. If the course lacks some of the study methods mentioned here, you can always find ways to include these into your revision.