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University of Phoenix Reviews Highlight the Impact of Faculty on the Pursuit of Higher Education



University of Phoenix stands at the forefront of helping adult students achieve their education goals. The University, established in 1976 by economist Dr. John Sperling, is committed to helping working adults meet their academic, professional, and personal goals. 


Through his research, Dr. Sperling noticed a shift in the needs of the workplace. Businesses began to place more emphasis on higher education, certifications and credentials. With the average adult working 40 or more hours a week on top of managing the responsibilities of their personal and home life, Sperling identified a way for adults to earn specialty certifications and degrees while maintaining their current work-life balance. University of Phoenix has been committed to this objective every day since.


Many students and alumni express their gratitude toward University of Phoenix for their demonstration of care and concern for each individual they serve. Students are connected with an academic advisor who helps them stay on target for graduation. The academic advisors are deeply understanding of their student population and the time constraints many of them have. 


The instructors at University of Phoenix are well-trained industry professionals. The instructors possess current, hands-on knowledge of specific industry requirements and methodologies. Staying current allows the instructors to develop well-rounded curricula that focus on providing real-world experience inside the classroom.


Here are what some students have had to say regarding their interactions with University of Phoenix faculty and staff:


“University of Phoenix is a great school and offers a great academic program. Aside from the academics, the staff (including academic advisors and instructors) goes above and beyond to assist students in being their best. I am ever grateful for my decision to attend University of Phoenix to earn my advanced degree.”
– L.E., current University of Phoenix student


“I absolutely love University of Phoenix! They have given me a second opportunity to make better of myself, and their school is wonderful! The instructors and staff are absolutely amazing people. All of their information is accurate and up-to-date, and their classes are great!”
– Autumn S., current University of Phoenix student


“I love University of Phoenix! This is my third try with college, and I’m almost done. In the past, I gave up because I didn’t really have anyone from my previous schools pushing me, and they never showed much interest. My advisor is amazing! She calls and motivates me so much, and when my grades are falling a bit she calls me to ask if I need her help with anything. The staff is awesome. The staff makes my experience here so much better and so much easier.”
– Jala K., current University of Phoenix student


While colleges and universities around the country offer support and guidance from student advisors, University of Phoenix takes a step further in ensuring the overall health and capacity of each of its students. Here is what Michael C., University of Phoenix alumni, said of his program:


“I have had a great run of seasoned professionals facilitating my classes. Most of my instructors injected a great deal of knowledge of each subject but, most importantly, a high degree of empathy for working, overwhelmed and stressed adult students. I struggle with the day-to-day responsibilities of maintaining a work, home and school balance. Still, my instructors do an amazing job of encouraging and guiding me during the most difficult times. I could not have obtained the degree of success if my instructors were not 100% committed to my success.”


Because many of the classes are online, there is little face-to-face interaction between students and instructors. The University understands that to succeed outside of the classroom, these interactions must take place. Many of the course curricula include group work and partnering students together to identify solutions to real industry problems. This solution not only increases the accountability factor of its students, but it also creates a sense of belonging and builds a community both inside and outside of the classroom.

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix was founded by economist Dr. John Sperling in 1976. It is one of the largest for-profit online universities, helping students further their educational journey with flexible options to obtaining a degree. The University calls Phoenix home but offers online and on-campus learning in states across the country. 


University of Phoenix maintains an innovative approach to helping working adults enhance their careers by offering flexible schedules, relevant courses and interactive learning options. The University offers associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees as well as a variety of certificate programs so that students can match their education to their interests and professional goals. With more than 80,000 students enrolled, the University serves a diverse student population. For more information, visit


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