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Top Tips to Write a Stellar Engineering Graduate Resume



An engineer's resume comes in different designs and formats specific to the engineer you are. Since this job requires you to work by yourself to connect with the perfect client, having an outstanding resume can be your best shield. Find the best plagiarism checker 2019.

Here are a few tips to help you make your engineering resume a perfect one. 

1. Follow the Traditional Resume Rules

A straightforward tip to make the perfect engineering graduate resume is to follow all the traditional rules. Some basic ideas to get started with are: writing in the first person, focusing on clarity, and sharing your expertise as briefly as possible. Although a engineering resume might need creativity, an essential tip to remember is not to overwhelm the employer.

2. Tailor-fit Your Resume

Using a tailored engineering job description resume will make your resume stand out in your employer's mind. Since all job specifications are different, a professional resume for engineer should list the qualifications in terms of priority and address the most critical criteria of the requirements. Another option is to list your experience chronologically.

3. Adding Contacts

No matter what resume you are writing, make sure you add your contact and portfolio information in your resume. Having contact information is key to help build professional networking connections. This way, your employers and recruiters can stay in touch with you without additional requests.

4. Quantifying your work

Numbers are one of the most conspicuous additions to your resume for engineering graduate. It attracts the recruiter's attention and shows effectiveness and efficiency. Although employers do want creativity, they also want to see impressive and practical work, which can be done by quantifying your experience wherever possible. 

5. Highlight your most impressive project

Since most recruiters spend less than a minute on a single resume, highlighting your elevator pitch project can give a good impression on them. These prominent projects need to focus on quality over quantity and need to impress the hiring manager. 

6. Testimonials

Engineering is a job that is much more personal, making you work with clients closely. Hence, you can get a testimonial from a former client to express their thoughts and opinions about you if you don't want to do it yourself. This can instill a sign of reassurance to your recruiter to get a testimonial as well.

7. Cold-pitching

Cold pitching is a process of contacting and building a network with other entrepreneurs, companies, businesses, or startups to let them know that you are open to working as a engineer. Although it sounds stressful, it is generally a great place to start. You could start by searching for businesses and bloggers who might need help. Once you gather a list of these businesses, you can draft up an email or a text and attach your resume with it. This way, you will be on their radar. 

8. Social Media

Social Media has turned into a goldmine for engineers. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook generally have Online Job Boards who give out frequent ads for engineers. You can follow specific engineering job boards and personally text them with your resume so that you land a job based on their announcement.

9. Using Website

A sound investment for a engineer is to build your website, which may attract high-paying clients. You can use your resume very effectively as well. Making a personal blog or a website can help you show off your talents. You can access many engineering job sites to get clients based on your expertise. Additionally, with a website, you will no longer have to depend only on a resume.


There is a myriad of websites online that can help you land the job of your dream. Many online platforms can get you access to many open opportunities based on your interest and requirements.