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Top 9 Computer Science Fields for a Better Career Computer Science Stream

Computer Science Stream
Computer Science stream deals with the study, management, and development of both hardware and software. It is undeniably vast spread. Whether it is biological science or business world, computer science is required everywhere. Those students who are interested in pursuing their career in computer science after their college education are certainly taking the right decision. As the year passes by new and better technologies are being developed and introduced. There are many successful technologies used currently like software development, artificial intelligence, animation, graphics, database management, etc. But in order to select a field, students must thoroughly explore computer science career options and then make a selection.

Highest Paying Career Options in Computer Science
In order to get a good job and get placed in a good company, students must work hard from the beginning. It includes completing their presentations, essays, assignments in time and studying hard for their exams. Students can use the best essay help and complete their work on time. Often students have a certain amount of ambiguity in their mind considering the widespread of computer science stream. For such confused students here are some of the career options that they can pursue in the computer science field:

  • Data Architect – Data refers to the raw facts or figures that need to be organized, processed in such a manner that they can be converted into useful and meaningful information. This processed data is used for various analytical purposes. A data architect is a person who ensures that the data is organized, structured so that the data patterns and different correlations can be found out. Data architect defines the structure which will be used to store, integrate, manage and handle the data. Companies are willing to pay huge bucks to data architect.

Average Salary – $ 1,14,629

  • Bachelor or preferably a Master’s Degree in IT

  • Certification is not compulsory but receiving Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) certificate can help in earning advance employment

  • Internship in the fields related to the database or its management

  • 4 to 10 years of experience is required in the IT field


  • Application Architect – Application architect is responsible for developing and designing software applications. They have to make plans, analyze existing systems, perform software testing and look after less coupling and more cohesion, etc. Also, they have to prepare documentation and user manuals for the software application.

Average Salary – $1,10,841

  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

  • Strong Coding/ Programming Skills

  • Problem-solving and logic building skills

  • Certification or internship


  • Data Scientist – Data Scientist is a person who extracts the data from different sources and interprets it. It requires a thorough study of statistics and machine learning concepts. As data is never useful at the initial stage, it is the responsibility of the data scientist to interpret and generate the patterns from the large data sets, which can be used for analytical decision making. Applying different model or algorithms, detect patterns, produce meaningful statistics from the data, etc. are some of the jobs that are to be performed by a data scientist.

Average Salary – $95,988

  • Master’s Degree in IT

  • Strong analytical understanding

  • Well versed with statistics and machine learning

  • Strong skills to detect patterns in large data sets

  • Critical thinking

  • 5-8 years of experience

  • Information Systems Security Manager – Information security manager has to ensure that the data of the organization is safe. The managers have to detect and prevent any kind of security breach and attacks like – viruses, Trojan horses, Denial of Service (DOS), Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS), Ransomware attacks, etc. They are responsible for developing the security mechanisms for the organization and provide security policies, guideline, rules, and regulations.


Average Salary - $95,399

  • Bachelor or Master’s Degree in computer science

  • Proficient in programming, computer architecture, and network

  • Certifications

  • Developing and understanding security strategies

  • Experience is required

  • Big Data Engineer – Big Data Engineer is responsible for developing infrastructure and selecting an appropriate big data analysis tool. These engineers have to process and examine large data sets to derive useful information from them. Role of big data engineer mixes with that of a data scientist but big data engineer is not required to have a thorough knowledge of machine learning or quantitative statistics.


Average Salary - $90,743

  • Bachelor or Master’s Degree in IT

  • Strong knowledge of Database and SQL

  • Well versed with Big Data software

  • Managing ETL process

  • Produce data model and algorithms

  • Ethical Hacker – Ethical hacker is also called white hat hackers and are security professionals. The hackers try to invade the network without authorization and network access. This invasion is performed to detect the weakness of network security and invent ways of enhancing and strengthen the network security of an organization. They have to prepare detailed reports of their hacking and the measured that can be taken to prevent any type of security breach.


Average Salary - $86897

  • Bachelor degree in IT related field

  • Certification

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities

  • Strong understanding of programming languages

  • Software Engineer – Software Engineer is required to develop and design software. The role of the engineer is to develop and add functionality in the software according to the requirements of the company. They select various software development models and algorithms to create the software. Performing a feasibility study, drawing logical and physical software design, testing, coding, maintenance are functions that a Software Engineer performs.


Average Salary - $84,009

  • Bachelor or Master’s Degree

  • The strong logic building, problem-solving and analytical skills

  • Strong debugging skills and knowledge about Object-Oriented programming

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills

  • Certification or internship in software development

  • 3 to 5 years of experience

  • Data Security Analyst – Security Analyst is responsible to save the organization from any kind of security or cyber data breaches. The analysts have to study the weakness of the network and determine ways to strengthen it. Analyst develops the security infrastructure for the organizations.


Average Salary - $75,850

  • Bachelor or Master’s Degree

  • Interpersonal skills, analytical, critical thinking skills

  • Thorough knowledge of different malware attacks and how to prevent them

  • Strong coding and security tools knowledge

  • Experience is required

  • Data Manager – Data manager has to manage and structure the data. The managers have to sort and perform different operations on data. Strong skills to develop and design databases, database schemas, ensure the security of data, let only authorize person access the data, etc. are some of the skills required to be Data Manager.


Average Salary - $ 61,144

  • Master’s Degree or Bachelor

  • Thorough knowledge of data warehousing and mining concepts

  • Develop policies for the security and management of the data

  • Set data standards

  • Communication, programming, database management skills

  • Experience is required

These are some of the highest paying fields in computer science that one can go for after the completion of their college education. If students are interested to achieve the heights, then they should plan according. Students must know how to create a study guide and follow it sincerely.

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