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Top 15 Healthcare Career Training

Top 15 Healthcare Jobs that Require Limited Training

Healthcare is a field that encompasses several aspects of illness, diseases, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental and physical impairment in people. Healthcare is provided to people of all age groups in the form of nursing, dentistry, general medicine, allied health, pharmacy and chiropractic.

Recent statistics reveal that healthcare can account for over one third new jobs that are being created from now through 2022. Increase in people having health insurance and the aging population has led to a rapid expansion of health care system.



Irrespective of your location, healthcare is highly in demand, as it helps to ensure the general health and well-being of people. Here are some of the top health care jobs that need only limited training, but provide a good salary. What's more, you only need an online medical degree or certification to get started with most of these jobs.


1. LPN Nursing Certificate
A nursing career involves assessing, planning and executing care to people. Irrespective of the path you opt for, to take on a career in nursing, you should adhere to code of ethics and have standards and credentials.


A LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) or RN (Registered Nurse) certification is required to pursue a nursing career. Registered Nurse license is acquired after completing an undergraduate degree from junior, technical or community college. Those who complete this program earn RN AND title. An RNBSN title is earned, when a person completes a nursing program of four years from an accredited institution.


Registered nurses find employment in hospitals mainly,and also in school districts, attorney offices, community health centers, government agencies, insurance companies and ambulatory surgery units.

Average pay per hour: $43,170 per year/ $20.76 per hour
Job growth: 16 %


2. Animal Care Certificate Program
If you are interested in working with animals and making it a full time career, animal care certificate program is an ideal choice. Animal care specialists receive professional training in grooming, training and general care of animals. The career opportunities are vast, and the training and education needed for each opportunity is different. The job prospects range from groomers and trainers to animal shelter, aquariums and veterinary assistants.


animal care career


Most individuals in animal care have a high school diploma. They learn the work on the job. Candidates with prior experience are given first preference. The animal care certificate program from an accredited school will provide you a degree or certification based on the extent of training you wish to acquire. The duration ranges from 6 months for the certification to as long as 4 years to acquire a bachelor. You will be taught about medical records, vaccine administration, bathing and grooming, nutrition and diet, anatomy, biology, animal behavior and training.

Average salary: $21,260 per year/ $10.22 per hour

Job growth: 11% (Faster than average)


3. Dental Assistant Certificate Program
A dental assistant career has high demand and is expected to grow more. The job requires helping patients receive dental care. Hygienists provide preventative dental care, and remove plaque and other deposits adhering to teeth. You may also need to give anesthetics to proceed with tooth filling or carving. The job is flexible, so you can choose from part time, full time and flexible time schedules. The work hours extend from 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Saturday. Mostly, on an average, dental assistants work 35 hours in a week. Job involves sterilizing instruments, taking x-rays, cleaning, sterilizing instruments and preparing patients for the dentist.


A dental assistant certificate course is a one-year course. You can also find accelerated 8 month courses. Junior and community colleges also offer two year learning programs. Requirements differ from state to state.

Average pay: $35,980 per year/ $17.30 per hour

Job growth: 18%


4. Fitness Training Schools
Course also includes business, management, communication and special teaching methods besides fitness training instructions. There are evening and day courses to choose from. First aid, CPR and motivation are some of the courses included in the training apart from nutrition, physiology and anatomy. You can take up jobs in gyms, recreation centers, fitness centers, health clubs, and Pilates studios or start your own business.


fitness training career


Fitness training course involves taking classroom instruction that extends over 300 hours. Additionally you get have over 200 hours of gym training to learn implementation of the training.

Average Pay: $36,160 per year/ $17.39 per hour

Job growth rate: 8%


5. Healthcare Management Certificate Programs
Healthcare management career involves background support present in any healthcare office from large hospitals to small clinics. The job involves providing nurses, doctors and other medical personnel the support and tools needed for providing patient care. Comfortable and safe medical care, insurance and manage care are some of the other functions taken care of by the professionals. They are often the only link of the medical care center with the community.


You need to have a bachelor degree at the least to study the certificate program. Some managers also have a master’s degree too. Experience in clinical or administrative role in a health care facility is required most of the time.

Average pay: $94,500 per year/ $45.43 per hour

Job growth: 17%


6. Healthcare Services Certificate Program
This is one of the several certificate programs available in healthcare administration. This particular health care certificate is built on the health care administration certificate program. It provides specialized skills related to long term care and a higher focus on health care administration. The program focuses on ethical and legal sides of health care, human information resources and finances.


Students taking up this course should have completed basic health care administration. They can take up BAS of Health Care Administration with the focus area being Long term care.

Average Pay: $94,500 per year/ $45.43 per hour

Job Growth: 17%


7. Massage Therapy Certificate Training
Massage therapists are in high demand as people prefer holistic approach to conventional medicine. Once you get a certificate in massage therapy, you can get job placements in cruise ships, fitness spas, vacation resorts, rehabilitation centers, and independent spas or set up your own massage therapy center.



The course curriculum involves learning about human body and its functions, movements inside the body and about different diseases. Business course is also a necessity, as it helps you to run your own business in future.

Average Pay: $38,040 per year/ $18.29 per hour

Job growth: 22%


8. Medical Billing Training Courses
Medical billing training course requires learning basic medical billing procedures. This includes process of claims submission; determine reasons for rejection and making necessary changes based on the rejections. The job requires keeping detailed logs and notes on your work and conversation for every patient file. The job also qualifies you for medical coding and transcriptionist. Although the three are different, the knowledge needed overlaps. In small facilities, you may find handling two or all three jobs simultaneously. Generally the work will be in doctors’ offices, insurance companies and hospital and nursing homes.


medical billing careers


For specializing in medical coding you need to have a certificate degree in medical coding. Advanced courses such as Healthcare Common Procedure Coding Systems and Current Procedural Terminology coding would benefit you more.

Average Pay: $34,160 per year/ $16.42 per hour

Job growth: 15%


9. Online Medical Coding Training
Medical coding involves converting notes of the physician into insurance codes of medical standard. This enables making insurance claims efficient and easier. The course involves learning medical terminology, anatomy and pharmacology. The medical coding training online helps to gain necessary knowledge in basic and advanced coding languages such as CPT-4 and ICD-9. You can be employed in insurance billing and in private billing companies or healthcare facilities too. Local and government agencies, retirement homes, optical and dental offices are other places that need medical coding specialists.


The course duration is less than a year. Taking up an online course that includes inpatient and outpatient records is strongly recommended. To pursue a career in medical coding, you need to pass the CCA (certified coding Associate) exam, which needs minimum of 6 months on job training in a healthcare facility or complete another equivalent formal training program in coding.

Average Pay: $37,110 per year/ $17.84 per hour

Growth rate: Over 15%


10. Medical Transcription Online Courses
A medical transcriptionist job involves transforming the oral dictation of a health care provider into written text to store records in print form or electronically. The job also includes reviewing and editing medical documents made using speech recognition method. Interpreting medical terminology and the abbreviations used in discharge summaries, medical histories and other medical documents are part of the job description. Familiarity with medical law and computer skills are also necessary. Medical transcriptionists work in physicians’ office, hospitals and transcription service agencies, which provide the services to healthcare institutions. Some transcriptionists are self-employed too.


To study medical transcription, you need educational qualificationof post-secondary level. The course teaches both Greek and Latin roots used in medical terms. Most of the programs offered are accredited and take about 6 months or less to complete.

Average Pay: $34,890 per year/ $16.77 per hour

Job growth: -3% (Decline)


11. Nutrition Certification Courses & Schools
A career in nutrition is in high demand in the vertical medical field. You can find several nutrition schools offering training programs. The course involves studying about nutrition, physiology, chemistry and biology. You need to learn about organic foods, human body and its reaction to exercise and nutrition, national and local nutrition regulations, legal issues and marketing influence. Most nutritionists are self-employed.


nutrition careers


Most nutritionists and dieticians have a bachelor’s degree. The certification course can be completed within 6 months.

Average Pay: $57,910 per year/ $27.84 per hour

Job growth: 16%
Nutrition Course Resources:


12. Pet Grooming Certification Training
If you love pets and have a keen sense of health and style, pet grooming certification is ideal for you. It opens up exciting career opportunities. You can open up your own salon or work in pet stores, veterinarian office, and animal shelter or at luxury hotels too. The job involves bathing, brushing, styling and overall care of pets from identifying any infection to unusual behavior of the pet. You will learn about different types and breeds of animals including dogs and cats, and handling grooming equipment.


There are certificate and degree level programs in pet grooming.

Average Pay:$21,260 per year/ $10.22 per hour

Job Growth: 11%

13. Pharmacy Technician Schools
Pharmacy technician job involves helping pharmacists to dispense prescription medication to health professionals and customers. You can find jobs in pharmacies present in health care facilities, grocery stores and drug stores. Most technicians work on a full time job, but there are part time workers too. The job involves working with customers, preparing medications, counting tablets and labeling bottles that need meticulous care, failing which confusion and harm is caused.


For a career as pharmacy technician, you need to have high school diploma. Most of the states have regulations that require pharmacy technicians to complete on the job training or formal education.

Average Pay: $30,410 per year/ $14.62 per hour

Job Growth: 9%


14. Sports Fitness Training
Sports fitness training involves learning techniques that help clients to increase their fitness efforts. You will be teaching strength training, stretches, cardiovascular exercises and other fitness movements. The job involves listening to clients and communicating with them properly to provide the right fitness solution.


Although high school diploma is sufficient to work in some level of fitness training, a certified sports fitness program would help more. A CPR certification along with completing certified exams by National Commission for Certifying Agencies is necessary for a full-fledged career in sports fitness training. You have to attend 2000 hours of fitness practical course and also focus on specialties such as Pilates, cycling, kettle bell or yoga.

Average Pay: $36,160 per year/ $17.39 per hour

Job growth rate:8%

15. Veterinary Assistant
Veterinary assistant training involves training in animal handling, medical procedures, treatment methods, business transactions and pharmacology. You will need to study billing and collection to increase your pay. Job placements are available in veterinary clinics, animal shelters, laboratories and in pharmacological and distribution facilities. You will be in charge of invoicing and record keeping, and keeping the examination rooms clean in between pet visits, administering medications and preparing necessary equipment.



The program duration is two years and is offered at vocational schools and community colleges.

Average pay:$24,360 per year/ $11.71 per hour

Job growth: 9%