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Top 15 College Tips for Newcomers


Graduating from high school is a fine accomplishment. But, those who decide to pursue higher education are up for a much more challenging task. At this point, you’re stepping into the big leagues of education. Whilst you’ll finally get that independence you were craving to get before, you’ll also get plenty of obligations and workload.


Make a Plan

One of the best college essay tips anyone can ever give you is to make a plan, a schedule. Make one frequently and add all into it – your deadlines, assignments, study schedule, etc. This way, you’ll know how long it will take to finish things. You’ll be able to find a way to complete your tasks. And, if it’s not possible, you’ll know that too.

In such cases, you should definitely click this custom essay service and delegate some of your assignments – no one could really blame you for it. There are plenty of students nowadays who are so overburdened with essays, it’s impossible for them to finish it all.


Join Study Groups

You are not alone in this. There are plenty of students in the same position. Joining forces with them will help you not only master the material faster and more effectively, but also make new friends.


Use Resources

Nowadays, students have access to more resources than ever. You can get your hands on everything from college interview tips and guides to apps you’ll use to manage your schedule on the go. Get all the help you need, including that of friends and peers, maybe even get some tutoring.


Find the Right Study Technique

All students have their preferred study technique, and you are better off learning yours as soon as possible. As soon as you start your first year in college, try out different techniques to see which one works best for you. Are you more of an auditory or a visual learner? Perhaps you study best by reading and taking notes?


… And the Right Study Place

The location and environment where you study can determine your success in college. Did you know this? Find the perfect study spot and always go there to learn the material for exams or write those essays you have due. This can be a quiet corner at the library, a table at your favorite coffee shop, or a well-lit desk in your room.


Remove the Distractions

One of the biggest culprits for failure in new students is distractions. Things like social media, the use of smartphones, the TV, or people talking in the background will make you lose focus. Remove the distractions when it’s time to study. Turn off your phone’s notifications, get a quiet room to study in – even use some apps to help you with the temptation.

Get to Know Your Roommates

In college, you’ll probably live with at least one roommate. You’ll spend a lot of time with this person, so approach them with a friendly attitude right away. Who knows – this might just be the best friend you’ll ever have!


Put Yourself Out There

You’ll have to get to know your roommate at some point, but your social life should not be limited to one person only – not if you want to have great time in college. In the midst of all those study tips for college, I’ll give you one tip you should definitely use – put yourself out there, meet people, and have some fun!


Set Goals for Yourself

Goals are really important. They motivate you and help you focus on your studies. Make your resolutions and add them to your plan. Once you accomplish something, reward yourself for your success.


Follow Your Budget

You won’t have a fortune to waste in college and the sooner you learn how to manage your finances, the lesser the odds of you ending up penniless. Figure out how much you need to cover the expenses and make a spending plan.


Learn Tricks to Save Money

There are plenty of ways a student can save money nowadays. Get used books, sell your textbooks, do some freelance work on the side, and make use of student coupons and discounts. With a nice plan and saving tricks, you can even start paying off those student loans.


Learn Outside the Classroom

This is only natural since you’ll probably spend weeks studying for exams. But, don’t wait until the last minute to start studying. Revise the material while it’s still fresh – this will make your study sessions much easier alter.


Travel Whenever You Can

When vacation time comes, don’t lock yourself inside your home studying for the year that comes. Yes, you should dedicate some time to this and to completing your homework. However, during your school breaks, really refuel and rest. Visit a nice, affordable location and have a blast!

Keep in Touch with People Back Home

College is the time to meet new people, but don’t forget the people you’ve left behind. No matter how busy you are, try to find some time to maintain the friendships and family relationships you have back home.


Enjoy Yourself

You’ve enrolled in college to create a better future for yourself and obtain skills to help you in your preferred career field. Even so, this doesn’t mean that you should lock yourself and study all the time. Enjoy yourself – this will be one of the best times of your life.

College is an amazing chance to build a great future and meet amazing people. Good luck, newbie college student. I hope these tips help!


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Elizabeth Skinner is a freelance writer and an editor at a college writing service. She holds a Master’s degree in literature and does tutoring on the side. In her spare time, Skinner contributes to blogs and educational websites online, creating useful guides for both teachers and students.