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Top 15 Business Associate's Degrees

Top 15 Business Associate Degrees

Business is an integral part of our lives. Business principles help form the backbone of a country’s economy, culture and government. Hence the possibilities in business are endless. While businesses thrive on selling their products and services for a profit, they need strong vision, adaptability, quality and effective management for true success. Hence people with the right skills in the various business fields can find good career opportunities. An associate degree in business can help you set up a successful business or help a business earn more and profit as a result. The right associate degree in business will help you take up a career in a huge range of businesses and also attain an extensive range of positions. Here are some of the top associate degrees in business that will help you decide on the right career path.



1. Accounting Technology Degree
Accounting holds the distinction of being one among the best five positions in the country. A degree in accounting technology is a right choice, if you have great problem solving capability and want to ear n more. Accounting technology is much sought after as graduates in this discipline are in great demand in accounting companies. When you finish the degree, you can work in small or large private or public companies. Carriers in accounting are abundant and include financial accountant, managerial accounting, government accounting, tax accounting, consulting and forensic accounting.


College education is necessary for studying accounting. After finishing the course, you can continue with college education or work as a junior accountant. You will need 60 hours of credit for a majority of the associate degrees.


Median Pay:$37,250 per year
$17.91 per hour

Job Growth: -8%


2. Associate's Degree in Advertising
Advertising is a field with great career opportunities, if you have creative skills and understand people. Companies thrive on successful advertising. With an associate degree in advertising, you can find work fulltime advertising the products of a single company or be hired on contractual basis by working of an advertising company. Advertising involves good communication skills. You can be a copywriter, image artist, advertising manager or any of the other related jobs in advertising.



You will need to complete programs of two year duration, which cover over 60 credit hours on advertising and marketing subjects.


Median Pay: $124,850 per year
$60.03 per hour
Job growth: 9%


3. Accredited Real Estate Appraisal Degree
A degree in real estate appraisal will open up lucrative real estate careers for you. And job growth is increasing at a fast rate in this sector. You can work for a financial institution or be self-employed after receiving training. The work involves evaluating property, homes, and how railroad tracks and highways influence land costs, assessing the property taxes, documenting property, working with clients and conducting research on and off the site.



You will require a minimum of 75 hours course work from an accredited online or campus school. Job training is also needed based on the location you want to work in. You will get the trainee license after completing the 75 hours course. Initially you will be working under a licensed appraiser. The training program will include legal aspects and ethical guidelines you need to adhere to. On field experience is required for landing a good job.


Median Pay: $51,860 per year
$24.93 per hour

Job growth:8%

4. Bookkeeping Associate's Degrees
A degree in bookkeeping can give you several good career opportunities. You can attend online or traditional schools. Online courses help you gain a degree, while you work in your 9 to 5 job. The course involves learning about auditing, general ledger, business economics, financial analysis, database and ERP systems. You can work as bookkeeper, payroll clerk, billing clerk, accounting assistant or as management trainee.


accounting careers


You will require high school diploma to take on the course. Two years of on job experience is needed for certification. Basic math and computer skills are necessary.


Median Pay: $37,250 per year
$17.91 per hour

Job growth: -8%


5. Bridal Consulting Schools
This degree is offered by schools that offer courses in business administration. You can also get the degree through online course. You will become a wedding planner upon completion of this diploma course. The programs teaches all basics related to wedding including video and photography wedding chronicling, flowers, reception planning, coordination ceremony, invitations, clothing, clergy, tailors, caterers and other aspects.


bridal consulting career


Diploma can be acquired via online or campus college course that extend from three to six months. The skills taught include wedding etiquette, traditions, customs, ceremony options, party planning, decorations and catering.


Median Pay: $46,840 per year
$22.52 per hour

Job Growth: 10%

6. Associate's Degree in Marketing
A degree in marketing gives you an executive level standing in the sales, promotion and advertising field. You will be learning about finance, economics, marketing, sociology, business law, accounting, public relations, taxation and other related topics. You can work in an internet media firm, medical services or industrial services company, where you will be taking care of the marketing services.


Education/training: This is a 6 year degree, where you specialize in advanced levels such as brand management, business development, product management and sales. Online programs are provided by management schools and mainstream universities. You will need to submit your ACTs and SATs and have a good HS transcript to the target school.


Median Pay $124,850 per year
$60.03 per hour

Job Growth 9%

7. Associate's Degree in Conflict Management
A degree in conflict management will enable you find jobs in areas like the courts, governmental agencies, schools, counseling centers, human resources department of large and small firms, community organizations and other related fields. You will function as neutral observer who is unbiased in relation to the conflict involved and the possible resolution. You will have to communicate effectively with the parties to meet the resolution appropriately within a stipulated time. The job involves working with financial services, commercial disputes, family law issues, custody disputes and foreclosures.


Education/training: You will need to have a bachelor’s degree to be trained in conflict management. Many professional organizations provide training and certification programs. Colleges and universities too offer certificate and course work programs. Training involves mediation methods, reflective listening and communication skills. Internship is required. American Arbitration Association offers free resources to help interested individuals.

Median Pay:$58,020 per year
$27.89 per hour

Job Growth: 9%

8. Certified Public Accountant Degree Programs
To become a CPA you need to start with an accounting bachelor degree. You can complete the accounting degree online, if you are a working professional looking to add an accountant degree to your accomplishments. Online courses offer the flexibility of finishing the course as and when time permits. You can take a short break and then resume without affecting the studies. A CPA job needs high technical competence and good analytical and communication skills. Employers look for interpersonal skills, mature decision making skills in customer service and ability to assess complex business issues capably.


Education/training:To become a CPA, students need to have completed 150 semester hours. Universities and colleges decide on the curriculum required for the course, which typically includes business, general education and accounting subjects.


Median Pay:$67,190 per year
$32.30 per hour

Job Growth: 11%

9. E-Commerce Associate's Degrees
The world of ecommerce is rapidly growing, opening up a plethora of opportunities for people interested in it. An associate degree in ecommerce involves learning to use the advanced technologies and function profitable in the online marketplace. The degree gives you direct information on the best way to do business online. The degree involves management, marketing and accounting. You will know about using the internet tools, techniques, innovations and applications.


Associate degree in ecommerce is a two year course that also includes learning about computer basics. When you supplement this with a four year ecommerce bachelor degree, it will boost your career options. Undergraduate certificate programs are also present in ecommerce.


Median Pay: $64,970 per year
$31.23 per hour

Job Growth: 27%

10. Associate's Degree in Economics
Economics is study that concentrates on application of human decisions in relation to commodities and money. An associate degree in economics is a popular one as business are in need of experts in money and human behavior related to it. You can get placements in consulting firms, finance and investment fields. With this degree, you can get placed as financial analyst too.


Associate degree in economics teach research and analysis skills in economic trends. The degree helps lay a foundation for four year economics degree. There are online and on campus courses, as well as advanced degrees.


Median pay: $47.68 per hour
$99,180 per year

Job Growth: 6 %

11.Associate degree in Entrepreneurship
This associate degree helps to hone your business skills and make it a big success. The degree prepares you for an extensive variety of opportunities. The degree focuses on business administration, strategy, accounting, management, marketing and other practical skills needed for business. The program provides you with the tools and knowledge needed for excelling in your business. It will help in problem solving and dealing successfully in the market.



You require high school diploma, and previous science and math courses. The program is for two years. You may require internship and research project completion.


Median Pay: $81,320 per year
$39.10 per hour

Job Growth: 14%

12. Event Planning Schools
The associate degrees in event planning are for individuals who are looking for event oriented careers and those pursuing an industry certification. The course is very helpful for hotel employees, travel agents, fundraisers, festival organizers, professional association managers, administrative assistants and sporting event coordinators. You learn to prepare budgets, collaborate with business professionals and set meeting goals. You can get placement as meeting planners, public relations assistant or event manager.



Most of the available certificate programs are of one or two semester duration. They can also be done on weekend blocks, providing students six credits in continuing education and Event Planning certificate.


Median Pay: $46,840 per year
$22.52 per hour

Job Growth: 10%


13. Executive Business Administrative Degree
An associate degree in business administration opens up endless possibilities in business world. The online programs have made studying for the course a lot easier than the traditional schools. You can earn this degree, while you are working on your 9 to 5 job. You can work in public and private sectors and in non-profit organizations too.


business careers



The time taken for the program is one third of the total time taken to finish a business administrative associate degree in a traditional business school. The program includes business management basics, project planning and communication skills. This will serve as a good supplement for a bachelor’s degree in business administration, which will earn you a higher salary.


Median Pay: $102,690 per year
$49.37 per hour

Job growth: 6%

14. Associate's Degree in Finance
With an associate degree in finance, you will be able to have a deep knowledge on the financial world. The degree helps you work at various different segments of a company such as financial officer, investment broker, risk manager or financial analyst. You can also work as loan officer in a financial institution or as financial planner. You will gain skills necessary for looking after the financial aspect of a business.



The training provides specialized knowledge needed for interpreting data, applying updated information in relation to ethics, statistical analysis, problem solving, collaboration and laws.

Median Pay: $80,310 per year
$38.61 per hour

Job Growth: 12%


15. Insurance Degree Programs
The extensive field of insurance is a lucrative one with several career options such as commercial property, personal property and automobile insurance. You can consider taking up any of the licenses available for qualifying as insurance agents. The associate degree in insurance gives you a better opportunity for being hired although some companies prefer graduates with majors in finance, economics or business. The associate degree includes insurance ethics, legal insurance, casualty risk assessment, personal risk evaluation, accounting, insurance and financial planning and personal property liability.



The programs require high school diploma, or SATs and GED. Students with associate degree in business are given preference before starting on the bachelor degree course. Risk management and underwriting are the primary study subjects in this program.

Median Pay: $48,200 per year
$23.17 per hour

Job Growth: 9%



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