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Thoughtful Places To Write Poetry



Poetry is arguably one of the greatest forms of literature. Practically anything in life can be turned into a great poem. Many of the greats have tapped into their literary flow by focusing their emotional responses to loss, love, nature, cities and ideas into beautifully written verses. Some poets are remembered more frequently than others, but that does not mean that everyone's work is not equally important to the literary canon of life from humanity's perspective! If you yourself are a budding poet trying to open up your heart to life's many wonders, or even if you are a seasoned author simply looking for some new inspiration, there is no better avenue down which one can find inspiration than travelling to interesting places. Here are some beautiful and thoughtful places in which you could fire up those neurons and write some world changing poetry.


From the islands on the Mediterranean to the historic cities upon which some of the Western world's grandest mythologies have taken place, Greece provides extreme amounts of poetic inspiration. Try not to feel inspired while sitting at the Parthenon in Athens! The notorious Greek attitude of being laid back and hospitable is sure to impress upon your poetry. One way to experience all of what Greece has to offer is to utilize some cruise deals so you can write your poems on the deck of a beautiful boat after you soak in all that this country has to offer.


If you feel like you can't quite get into the Greek state of mind, then try hopping over to Italy. Italy is similarly known for its beautiful islands and historic cities. However, Italy has a culture that is significantly Italian. You can sense this simply from walking into an Italian gas station where the basic offerings include delicious espressos and paninis as your road trip meals! The inspiration floats from the beautiful rolling vineyard filled hills to the salty ocean with Italy's rocky beaches. From nature to history to culture, Italy is practically poetry in motion.


Royal bards may have coined some of this mountainous country's most famous poems, but that does not mean the modern scene is old and musty! Scotland has thriving cities which have inspired many works of literature and cinema and serves as the inspiration for many beautiful poems. From bonnie lasses in the cities built of stone to the highlands which Robert Burns holds so dear to his heart, you can not ignore the effect which Scotland has had on the literary canon. Some cities and areas of note to check out while you are there include Edinburgh, Glasgow, Loch Ness, Inverness, Skye and Millport. 


Spanish is known by many to be one of the most romantic, graceful and smooth sounding languages in the world. The poets who have written in this language would probably agree! Some Spanish poets exhibit the bravery within this beautiful country, such as Federico Garcia Lorca, who is known for his controversial poems written using Andalusian motifs and cultural concepts. Spain itself has a multitude of beautiful cities in terms of architecture and natural beauty. If you really want to immerse yourself in this place, pack a bag, some pen and paper and hop on the Camino del Norte. This beautiful mountainous walking trail spans 500 miles of Spain's land and typically takes hikers around thirty-five days to complete. It is possible to hop on the trail in between one of the cities and towns which the trail goes through just to get that poetic experience!


Some of the best poems ever written were about specific places in the world. From John Keats roaring descriptions of Scottish islands, to Hope Mirrlees's daring avant garde exploration of Paris, France, cities and countries have inspired many literary greats in their poetic pursuits. Try hopping a ship, plane or train to one of these inspiring places and get ready to write the next great poem!