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Top Careers for Military Spouses

Best Careers For Military Spouses

As a whole, military families make great sacrifices in order to protect our country and ensure the freedoms that we enjoy. A great number of military spouses have difficulty in finding meaningful employment in spite of the having a great desire to work outside of the home. What are the best jobs for Military spouses? How can you utilize your resources so that you can have the career of your dreams? There are over 700,000 spouses of active duty military personnel, and finding employment can present itself as a challenge. However there are many opportunities out there for the military spouse. Try to make sure and find an Army friendly online college, as they will be more understanding of your unique situations and many offer regionally accredited online doctoral programs. They can pursue a career in education, technology, medicine and as an entrepreneur. In order for the job to be a good prospect for military spouses it should be challenging. The job should be flexible in terms of days per week and the amount of hours worked per day. The job opportunity should be available in both cities and small towns due to the fact that military personnel on average move every 2 to 3 years.


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There are numerous approaches to discovering work that is accommodating to the challenges of living a military life. Over the long haul, the best employment is the one that fits your circumstance, exploits your abilities, and gives you what you need out of a vocation. You'll need to discover what works for you, however here are a couple of thoughts to head you in the right direction.


Registered Nurse
Registered nurses are responsible for a vast array of job duties during any given day.They help to educate their patients on any healthcare concern, while also fostering and establishing a trusting relationship with patients and their families. In this process, they care for an assortment of patients ranging in age, from infancy to elderly patients. Some of their responsibilities include, observing and recording patients behavior, overall health concerns as they collaborate with health professionals such as physicians and social workers. They treat patients in emergency situations and help patients administer medications or other types of treatments. They also are responsible for supervising licensed practical nurses (LPN) or certified nurse assistants (CNA).

Nurses who graduated from any of the three types of licensing programs will qualify for a position as a staff nurse. Whether it be certification in the form of an associate's degree, a high school diploma or a bachelor's degree in nursing. In order to have hospital privileges, you may need to have a bachelor’s degree. The outlook for registered nurses is anticipated to grow 16 percent from 2014 to 2024, much speedier than the normal for all occupations.

- Median Pay 2015 Nurses $67,490 per year $32.45 per hour
- Typical Entry Level Nurses Bachelor degree


Nurse Assistant and Orderlies

Educational requirements for nursing assistants consists of state- approved programs in which the participants have to complete supervised clinical work and take and pass a test for certification within that state. The training that is necessary to get certification can be obtained in secondary schools, junior colleges, professional and specialized schools, hospitals and nursing homes.


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Subsequent to finishing a state-endorsed instruction program, nursing aides take a competency exam. Passing this exam permits them to utilize state-particular titles. In a few facilities, nurse’s aid or assistant is known as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), however the title can change from state to state. Nursing aides who have passed the competency exam are put on a state registry. Nursing partners must be on the state registry to work in a nursing home. Employment opportunities for nurse assistants and orderlies is anticipated to grow 17 percent from 2014 to 2024, much quicker than the normal for all occupations. In light of the developing elderly population, many nursing assistants and orderlies will be expected to help and tend to these patients.

- Median Pay 2015 Nurses Assistant $25,710 per year $12.36 per hour
- Typical Entry Level Nurses Licenses or Certification


Secondary Teacher

Secondary teachers prepare students for life after high school graduation. You are required to design and create effective lessons plans that not only engage students but help them master the district and state curriculum. One of the positive aspects about teaching is that you can follow your desire to help students become successful. You will have the ability to specialize in vocational educational if you choose, you can even teach elementary school, secondary school and even preschool. Going into education can be an extremely rewarding experience. Having the ability to teach the next generation and being able to have an impact on the lives of young people cannot only benefit the lives of your students, but it can have positive ramifications for everyone involved.

Some of the positive benefits of teaching includes being able to pursue your intellectual interests. An added benefit would be, teachers have time off for holidays, and you have sufficient time off in the summer to spend with your family or pursue other personal interests. Currently many schools are reporting having difficulty filling numerous teaching positions. The areas that are of particular interest would include math, science, and special education. Employment of educators is anticipated to grow 6 percent from 2014 to 2024. As the population increases, and classroom size increases so too will the demand for instructors at the primary, secondary and pre-K levels of instructions.

- Median Pay 2015 High School Teacher 57,200 per year
- Median Pay 2015 Middle School Teacher 55,860 per year
- Median Pay 2015 Elementary Teacher 54,500 per year

Teacher Assistant
The responsibilities of a teacher assistant is to support instruction in the classroom and the teacher’s aide would be accountable to the lead teacher. Teacher aides work under the teacher’s supervision to give students extra instruction and guidance. Teacher assistants can help students with special needs in the classroom. They can help with specialized instruction, differentiated instruction and address issues with students who are hearing or visually impaired.

The demand for Teacher Aides is expected to grow 6 percent from 2014 to 2024. The responsibilities of teacher aides would include helping the instructor in implementing lesson plans and helping educators to get material and supplies ready for various class activities that students will do on a daily basis.

- Median Pay 2015 Teacher Assistant 24,900 per year
- Typical Entry Level Education Teacher Assistant high school diploma

Technical Writers
Technical writers interpret and break down complex information into an easy to read format. The content would be used for print and electronic productions, such as, technical journals, and podcasts. You would be responsible for assembling data through research, writing reports and attending meetings with specialized staff. Technical writers, are also responsible for creating instruction manuals, reference guides, appendices, or operating and maintenance instructions for the organization.


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Tech writers may be required to complete web designs and write reports explaining the technical specification of products. The writer may meet with other staff professionals, and work collaboratively with teams to understand a product and write product guides describing the products to potential customers. Other responsibilities may include creating charts, graphs and writing technical directions in which scientific ideas are explained and product specifications are made clear in simple language.

- Median Pay 2015 Technical Writer $70,240 per year $33.77 per hour
- Typical Entry Level Education Bachelor degree may be required

Creative Writer
Writers use the elements of observation and analysis as they depict human emotion and the human condition, in the form of essays, poetry, articles, short stories and novels. Writers work in a variety of areas including media, print and digital formats. The creative writer uses their creativity, and their imagination in order to implement their unique talents and work independently when meeting prescribed deadlines.

Creative writers and authors of fiction creates elements of story, for example, related to theme, plot, setting, conflict and dialogue, to create their material. The job responsibilities of the creative writer or journalist includes,creating unique literary works for fiction, nonfiction, and short stories. The writer utilizes the written word to express story lines and thoughts and compose writing treatments for books, magazines, on-line diaries, bulletins, and web journals. Also some writers may be asked to create content for radio and television broadcast, films, and different sorts of productions.

The prospect for writers is projected to grow by 2 percent from 2014 to 2020, which is slightly slower than other occupations. When looking at becoming a creative writer, the most important aspect is being able to express your thoughts and ideas on paper. In order to pursue writing as a career choice, it may be necessary for you to have a Bachelor’s Degree in English or a similar field because many employers may require one.
- Median Pay 2015 $60,250 per year $28.97 per hour
- Typical Entry Level Bachelor’s degree


Customer Service Representatives

Customer service representatives are responsible for working with the public to deal with customer complaints they inform customers and give information about various products and services available. Additional responsibilities of customer representatives includes, keeping accurate clients' records, keeping client databases and being able to react quickly to client request. A customer service rep, will be a contact person for the customer. They will give information on items or services in order to resolve any developing issues that the customers may encounter or help to solve any problems with efficiency of services and products.

The best representative are really eager and excited to help clients. They are extremely patient and understanding, compassionate, and energetically informative. They love to talk to the customers to find out their problems so they can try to resolve them. Customer reps have the ability to empathize with the customers so they can better solve their problems.

The educational requirements for customer service normally requires a high school diploma, and having a good rapport with customers. They ought to be great at speaking with individuals and have some experience utilizing personal computers.
The outlook for the work of customer service rep is anticipated to grow 10 percent from 2014 to 2024, faster than the normal for all occupations. In general opportunities in this field should be good.
- Median Pay 2015 $31,710 per year $15.24 per hour
- Typical Entry Level High school diploma or equivalent


Photographers utilize their creative abilities technical skills, and their expertise with composition to create and snap photos that capture a particular event or occasion. Stock photographers take collections of photos in which they possess the copyright and they can possibly sell. The ambitious photographer can sell their images to stock photography companies, book publishers, graphic artist, web page designers and advertising agencies. Expert photographers will capture the images of the simplest objects such as a flower or a blade of grass, exotic locations, animals, and people or special occasions. The equipment required for a career as a stock photographer would include a camera, tripod and an illumination device in order to capture the essence of the images.

Digital photographers will spend most of their time working with computer software to enhance and alter their pictures. There are two types of agencies where stock photographers can try and provide photo images for. The first, would be Macro stock agencies which tend to be very selective about the photographers they are willing to work with. They prefer to work with professional photographers. For the amateur photographer a better bet would be to try and submit your stock photographs to Micro stock agencies. They pay approximately 20 to 50 cents per image.

The outlook for photographers, is anticipated to grow 3 percent from 2014 to 2024, slower than the normal for all occupations. Becoming a salaried employee might be more difficult because companies are employing more freelancers and independent contractors as photographers.

- Median Pay 2015 $31,710 per year $15.24 per hour
- Typical Entry Level High school diploma or equivalent


Medical Insurance Billing
The fundamental part of medical billings and being a coding specialist is to guarantee information from patient’s files and patient care between doctors, patients and health care facilities are properly organized and stored. Those professors who choose to pursue a career in medical biller can work in hospitals, physician offices, nursing care facilities, and home health care services.

A medical insurance biller and coder will have, for the most part, similar obligations and responsibilities regardless of what sort of office they're employed from. Whether the medical professional utilizes facilities in the hospital to clinics in the community or doctors' offices, medical billers and coders utilize medical codes to report medical diagnosis and the conclusions and of what treatment are necessary for that patients. Medical billing professionals will have to have knowledge of:
- Perusing and breaking down patient records
- Deciding the right codes for patient records
- Utilizing codes to bill protection suppliers
- Connecting with doctors and partners to guarantee precision
- Keeping up patient privacy and data security

While numerous medicinal billers and coders do chip away at site in healing facilities and centers, they're regularly far-expelled from where tolerant care is occurring. While you will be required to interface and speak with doctors and associates to a specific degree, a lot of your work will be free from everything else that goes ahead in a human services office.

The work of medical billing data professionals is anticipated to grow 15 percent from 2014 to 2024, much quicker than the normal for all occupations. The interest for wellbeing administrations is required to increment as the populace ages.

- Median Pay 2015 $37,110 per year $17.84 per hour
- Typical Entry Level Postsecondary non-degree award


Head Chef and Cook

Gourmet chefs and head cooks are responsible for the ever day preparation of meals at restaurants and diners where food is served. They supervise the duties of the kitchen staff and handle any food related concerns that customers may have. You as a gourmet specialist, will be additionally will be required to manage, numerous parts of the restaurant or diner. The chef would oversee and work intimately with different cooks, would make menu and decide what inventory needs are necessary for the establishment. They are utilized at various places such as offices, colleges, healing facilities, private care locations and cooking organizations. They may likewise fill in as individual gourmet specialists.

The employment outlook for culinary chefs and head cooks is anticipated to grow 9 percent from 2014 to 2024, speedier than the normal for all occupations. Most openings for work for gourmet specialists and head cooks are required to be in nourishment administrations, including eateries. Openings for work likewise will come about because of the need to supplant laborers who leave the occupation. Hopefuls can expect solid rivalry for employments at upscale eateries, lodgings, and clubhouse, where the compensation is normally most noteworthy.

- Median Pay 2015 $41,500 per year $19.95 per hour
- Typical Entry Level High school diploma or equivalent


Hair Stylist

Salon stylist fundamentally perform haircutting and styling, however they may perform other duties for customers. All states require licensure for beauticians, and most require graduation from a licensed program at a state or private cosmetology school. Another choice for the beautician would be to pursue an associate degree programs in cosmetology. A good hair stylist has the ability to be able to evaluate the necessities of their customers. Hair stylist may create new styles for hairpieces and wigs for their customers and use extensions.

The responsibilities of the stylist would include giving advice on hair care needs styling for special occasions, waxing, and eyebrows and removing facial hair. They apply chemical perms and relaxers, hair color and tints and cut and trim hair using clippers, scissors and razors. Beauticians give a scope of hair care duties as a component of a standard session, including shampooing, trimming, shading, styling, and blow-drying. Their everyday obligations are broad, and regularly incorporate the following responsibilities:

Employment prospects for the hairstylist, and or cosmetologists is anticipated to grow 10 percent from 2014 to 2024, speedier than the normal for all occupations. Most employment opportunities will come about because of the need some will leave the profession and there will be a need to replace those workers.

- Median Pay 2015 Hair Stylist $23,710 per year $11.40 per hour
- Typical Entry Level Postsecondary non-degree award


Accountant/ Bookkeeper

In general bookkeepers and accountants produce financial records for various organizations. Accountants and bookkeepers receive and keep an account of money transitions, create financial reports in the form of income statements and balance sheets. Bookkeepers give financial advice to customers that range from multinational companies and corporations to small business owners.


accountant career training

Most accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing professionals require some additional college courses. You should have essential math and computer skills, an understanding of spreadsheets and accounting programming. Bookkeepers need to be highly organized, possess good communication and critical thinking skills. Bookkeepers also need to be able to pay attention to details, and maintain a high level of confidentiality and integrity. The bookkeeper will need to make financial transactions and completes fiscal reports from various data. Accountants will need to have a four- year degree in accounting or a degree in a comparative field. Moreover, you will require additional certification to increase your ability to further your career, or pursue becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).
The outlook for the accountant is a good one for the future. It is anticipated to grow 11 percent from 2014 to 2024, quicker than the normal for all occupations.

- Median Pay 2015 $37,250 per year $17.91 per hour
- Typical Entry Level Bachelor's degree

Childcare Workers
Childcare workers provide care to kids when parents and other relatives are inaccessible and unable to care for them. They provide care for essential children s needs, including the feeding of the child and bathing the child. Childcare workers must meet educational requirements and various prerequisites, which differ by state directions. A few states require these specialists to have a secondary school education, yet many states don't have any specific qualifications for this level. Be that as it may, specialists with postsecondary training or an early youth instruction accreditation might be fit the bill for larger amount positions.

Businesses frequently want to contract specialists with no less than a secondary school diploma and, now and again, some postsecondary training in early childhood instruction.
- Regulate and screen the security of kids in their care
- Prepare meals and arrange mealtimes and snacks for kids
- Ensure that the kids remain clean
- Change the diapers of newborn children and little children
- Create exercises and educational activities that permit kids to find out about the world around them
- Create calendars and schedules to guarantee that kids have enough physical movement, rest, and relaxation
- Look for indications of enthusiastic or formative issues in youngsters and convey the issues to the consideration of guardians
The outlook in the job market for the childcare worker is anticipated to grow 5 percent from 2014 to 2024, about as quick as the normal for all occupations. Openings for work for childcare workers are relied upon to be good.
- Median Pay 2015 $20,320 per year $9.77 per hour
- Typical Entry Level High school diploma or equivalent


Retail Salesperson
As a retail salesperson you will be expected to maintain sales records and answer any questions that customers may have related to the store merchandise. You also will be required to help arrange for delivery of merchandise, explain to customers about finance and insurance options and provide service contracts. Also in some instances you will be responsible for estimating and quoting trade-in-allowances, inventory stock, and demonstrate the use and operation of merchandise.

Most retail sales position do not require you to have a college degree, however you will probably need to have a high school diploma. However if you want to advance in retail sales and become a manager a college degree may be necessary. The outlook for retail salesperson is anticipated to grow 7 percent from 2014 to 2024, about as quick as the normal for all occupations. Numerous specialists leave this occupation, which implies there will be a substantial number of employment opportunities.

- Median Pay 2015 Hair Stylist $22,040 per year $10.60 per hour
- Typical Entry Level No formal educational credential

These fields are all solid decisions in today's market and with the demands of the military life, they are flexible employment positions in which military spouses can find in both town and cities.


Military spouses confront one of a kind difficulties in pursuit of their career goals. Conventional office employments are frequently inconsistent with childcare obligations and, when the family has to constantly move, as a result many times the spouse would need to start from the very beginning once again. Looking over this rundown of versatile professions will help you discover the steadiness, pay, and satisfaction that evade numerous military life spouses. With the correct arrangement, you can construct an employment opportunities that are just as rewarding as other conventional professions.