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Switching to Nursing: Here is What You Should Know



Nursing is about caring, one of the most significant human attributes that most people have naturally. As you go about your job, you could feel that maybe it is time to change careers or have one purely in nursing. The problem is that you may not know where to begin, or worse, may not know whether it is possible to switch careers, especially to a profession such as nursing. The current data available about nursing shows that the average age of the practice stands at 51 years, meaning that you can easily switch your career to nursing if you are anything below that.


Additionally, switching careers can be overwhelming. For one, you are used to your current job and secondly, the steps to become a registered nurse may make the course seem like an insurmountable venture. Fortunately, becoming a nurse is simple, with many resources currently available to help make the switch. Secondly, age is of little significance to nursing, as you can never grow old to take care of other people.


Why should you switch to nursing as a career?

Many reasons can make you want to make the switch, with your job making the most significant reason. You could feel that your current job does not offer the satisfaction it once gave you, and nursing is the green grass on the other side that you want to explore. Whatever your reason for wanting a change is, nursing is a welcoming career that fulfils you and the people you serve in the health centers or hospitals. Some reasons to switch to nursing include:


·         Better pay

Nurses are among one the best-paid professionals in the world. In 2019, an ordinary nurse licensed and practicing in a health center or hospital made about $47000, with an average yearly income of $73300. These figures compare better to many other jobs.

·         Job Stability

Many people lose their professions in other jobs due to instability. Due to the unpredictability of the industries out there, other sectors often get hits that leave many people redundant. However, being a nurse means that your profession can never go out of style since people will seek more nurses to fill up the ever-growing demand every day.

·         Desire to bring change

Nursing is among the most purposeful jobs you can ever find, as it involves saving lives every day. The profession helps bring fulfilment to other people, making nursing something to be proud of every day while working. Your joy can often get a boost when you save a life and release a patient back to the society with whom you have bonded while at the hospital.

·         Flexibility

Nurses have shifts, which make their job more flexible. If you are a person who appreciates working during the day, you can pick the day shifts and save lives. Likewise, at night, as a nurse, you can benefit from the night hours if that works for you. Other modifications available include working for longer hours and taking many days off, which adapts to other personal initiatives you have set up. Another advantage of the nursing profession is that you get an opportunity to travel around the country, saving lives.


What qualifications are needed to switch to nursing?

You might wonder why you require a certificate if your work involves caring for other people. The simple answer to this thought is that nursing is more than just helping a patient accomplish something in a hospital. As a nurse wannabe, you must pass various exams, including the clinical courses and the licensing exams, to practice as one.


Every state has different requirements for obtaining a nursing license; most require you to have the NCLEX-PN to work as a nurse. You will have to look up the licensing requirements for your state before you can start your journey to having one. Remember that nursing officials will make background checks, ask questions, and check whether you have the prerequisite college education before awarding you with a certificate.


Nursing is one of the most rewarding jobs, and no doubt, many people would wish to become nurses. However, you will need to fulfil many state requirements and another educational requirement before working as a nurse.