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What You Should Know About Studying in Singapore




If you’re planning to study in Southeast Asia, Singapore is one of the best attractive destinations you can choose. Singapore is among the top economic and financial centers globally. It boasts of quality and affordable living and is a crucial educational player in the region. According to statistics, Singapore receives more than 500,000 international scholars per year who choose to study here. This is also because the country has high rated universities that offer quality education in various niches. In recent years, it’s become increasingly common to see many people studying abroad. Studying abroad allows a student to become independent and gain vital life skills. If you’ve chosen Singapore as your preferred education destination, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will cover critical information that you need to know about studying in Singapore.


Why Study in Singapore?

Let’s look at some reasons why Singapore is the right choice for an international student. Singapore is a small country, but it has attained a significant feat for being a modern cosmopolitan region. If you wish to study in SG, you will find that it is diverse, with different communities speaking various languages. This multi-racial culture will help an international student to fit in easily. Additionally, you also get to learn about other cultures, and you have the opportunity to learn a new language.


Best Education System Globally

Singapore is recognized worldwide for its education system, which ranks best globally. Singapore’s government and the education administration have emphasized ensuring the country is recognized as a global provider of a world-class education. Many universities in Singapore are public and private and include in-campus provisions. Universities in Singapore associate with many other universities globally, which gives them an upper hand compared to other institutes. Additionally, many universities in the region provide quality education at an affordable rate. They also have a solid connection with different industries, which means you can secure a job placement at the end of your course.



Before traveling to Singapore, it would be best to work on your accommodation first. Singapore offers plenty of accommodation space for international students. Accommodation varies with preference and your budget. We would highly recommend that you book your accommodation early before traveling. With time, you can choose other options if the immediate one doesn’t suit you.


Is Education in Singapore Expensive?

Finance experts suggest that Singapore is one of the most expensive student destinations in Asia. However, compared to countries like the USA and UK, Singapore performs better regarding affordability and quality education. The Singapore government offers subsidized fees for students in tertiary education institutions. If you’re an undergraduate, you can serve the Singapore government after your term completion and have your fee subsidized. Additionally, postgraduate students are not left out. You can also have your fee sponsored, provided you serve the government for three years after your course completion.



A recent survey ranked Singapore as the world’s safest city. Singapore has a robust policy on non-tolerance towards physical and mental abuse both on and off-campus. This helps to provide a safe and conducive learning environment for international students. Additionally, many Singapore nationals are kind and caring to people from other countries. This will help to improve your studying experience and your overall stay in the country.


Enrolment and Visa Processing

If you’re aspiring to study in Singapore, you can easily apply for a visa. You don’t necessarily need a different student visa. If you get accepted into a Singapore university, the visa application process is linked to the admission process, and your visa comes together with the approval letter. The approval letter (In-Principal Approval) acts as a student visa. You can present the approval letter at any checkpoint when you’re entering the country. Lastly, you’re also required to apply for a student’s pass. This document allows you to study in Singapore, which you’re supposed to apply for after two weeks of being approved and one month before course commencement.


Food and Culture

Singapore’s food culture is vast, thanks to its multi-cultural background. You can enjoy different cuisines such as Indian, Caribbean, Mexican, Italian, or French, among others, all in one place. As an international student, you should take time to study the broad food culture that Singapore has to offer. There are plenty of hawker markets where you can get delicious food with as little as $10. Additionally, it would help if you understood Singapore’s culture not to come off as impolite when addressing the locals.


Finally, it would be best to understand the different laws in Singapore. If your study duration is not long, learning about the various laws will help keep you out of trouble. There’s high competition for students seeking to get enrolled in Singapore universities. However, you can secure a place with the right determination and kickstart your journey towards a great career.