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Student Accommodation: 4 Great Options for You



For most people, going away to pursue a college education is the first taste of living away from home. For this reason, you must find the right kind of accommodation that suits your needs and preferences as you attend a university. This article lists down some of the great options that you have when it comes to student accommodation.

On-campus Housing

One of the primary types of student accommodation that you can consider when you pursue your college education in a university is on-campus housing. For some people, this is also referred to as the university halls, which is by far the best option for students, particularly for freshmen who are just beginning to experience what it feels like studying in a university. These on-campus housing or university halls are usually owned and managed by the school, freeing the students from having to worry about things like bills and landlords.

You can also benefit from an on-campus housing option because you no longer need to go house-hunting and the fees you need to pay for your stay are already all-inclusive. This means that you also don’t need to worry about cleaners. It can also be quite easy to make friends when you live in a university hall since all the students living there go to the same school and you may even get to share a room with a student enrolled in the same course.


Off-campus Residences

Another great type of student accommodation that you can consider is living in off-campus residences. Furthermore, what the off-campus student housing Lehigh students usually go for are those which are located just adjacent to the university, and along some of the most popular dining options. The cost of living in off-campus residences tends to be less expensive compared to on-campus housing or university halls but you still get to enjoy the same perks as you would should you go for the latter. This type of place to stay is becoming common in the surrounding areas of different universities.

Just keep in mind that when you go for an off-campus residence, you should choose one that is not too far from your university but still, you can choose a location that suits your preferences. One great advantage of living in this type of accommodation is that you get the chance to meet other students from nearby universities and make friends with people from different backgrounds, enhancing your social skills.


Private Renting

If you want to really experience what it is like to live independently, then one great option for you is private renting. In this case, what you can do is rent a house or an apartment with your friends so that you can eventually split your bills later on. In this manner, you will learn how to manage a household, taking care that your utility bills are covered and you have some stocks in your pantry. More often than not, this is the accommodation option chosen by most senior students, particularly because not long after, they are bound to find their own place after they graduate.

As soon as you find a suitable private rental to stay in, you need to pay a certain deposit amount that will be used by the landlord to cover any damages that the property incurs during your stay or for any missed payments. Nevertheless, this deposit is usually returned at the end of the contract term in case there are no damages or any missed payments, to begin with. Just keep in mind to always get a written receipt for all the money that you pay to your landlord.


Living with Parents

Finally, you also have the option of living with your parents while pursuing a college degree, particularly if your parents' house is within the vicinity of the university. The great thing about this option is that you won’t have to spend much on rent because you get to live with your parents for free. For most students, this may not be the ideal option, particularly those who are looking to live independently. However, for others who are trying to save up as they go through college, this is a viable option. Rest assured that after getting a degree, you will still experience what it feels like living in your own place.

When it comes to student accommodation, you have various great options such as those listed above. Each proves to have its benefits and drawbacks, depending on what you are looking for. The key is in figuring out your specific needs and preferences for you to opt for the perfect accommodation that will help you get through college.