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Have you been attending college for a while and you are at the point that you are just ready to be done with school and all that it entails? Are you considering taking the classes that you have already completed and using them to graduate with a degree in general studies? Are you more than a little leery because you aren't sure what this will do to your career options once you are out of school? Doing your homework regarding potential options is always a smart move, so you are definitely moving in the best direction possible that will make you better able to make an informed decision in reference to your future.

Perhaps one of the best parts about obtaining a degree in general studies is that it qualifies you to at least begin your career in many different capacities. This will give you the chance to familiarize yourself with a particular occupation and to decide if you want to further your level of education and continue your work within this field. Should this be your course of action it is likely that your entry level experience within this field will greatly benefit you as you work to hopefully advance your position within your career.

For instance, a bachelor's degree in general studies will easily qualify you to become a teacher in several areas. While you may only be able to begin your teaching career in an entry level type capacity without a formal teaching license, it is very common for new teachers to work on an emergency license for the first year of their careers. In addition, it may be possible for you to obtain a position as a school counselor with only an undergraduate degree in general studies. Keep in mind, in both of these positions you will likely be required to continue your education or to pass certain licensure examinations pertinent to your work, or both. A Degree in general studies will also make it possible for you to pursue a career within industries such as accounting, office administration, or public relations. In addition, any management level positions would be well within your means of capabilities and qualifications. For instance, you would be very capable of working in a position as a retail manager of a large chain or franchise. Let's say you're interested in the home improvement sector. There are a lot of directions you could take as an entrepreneur with an eye on home improvement franchises. From drywall, painting and installing doors and windows, to cabinetry, countertops and flooring, there are so many sectors worth looking into, each with its own unique strengths. Of course, a degree in general studies could even work to help you be better prepared to open your own business.

For many individuals, attending and completing graduate school is the ultimate goal in their educational career. In some cases, an undergraduate degree in general studies will be ample for them to enter graduate school and to begin working on the actual career path that they intend to use as a guiding force in their professional life. Therefore, some students choose to complete a general studies degree program as quickly as possible and to then apply to graduate school in their desired area, which will allow them to focus on their actual area of professional specialty. .