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The Christian studies program is an excellent choice for a wide variety of people. A degree in Christian studies is a great opportunity to grow a deeper appreciation of faith, but it is also an opportunity for non-Christians to develop a better understanding of Christianity and its impact on society. A Christian studies degree also provides possible post-graduation career options, including helping others with their questions about religion, reaching out to those in need, and guiding others through their spiritual development.

A religious studies degree suits those who have a strong interest in religion and are interested in working within their church and community. The courses challenge students intellectually and promote analytical thinking. The degree requires delving into abstract concepts and theological texts. There is a strong emphasis on the Christian bible, but theological texts of other religions are examined as well. By pursuing a degree in Christian studies, students greatly strengthen their research, writing, and communication skills, skills that are valuable professionally and personally.

While Christian studies programs are open to people who are not seeking a career with the church, there are may career opportunities open to those with the degree. Many program graduates move on to become a member of the clergy: a priest, pastor, or minister, depending upon denomination. This career path is best for those who are drawn to helping, guiding, and being very active within the church and community. These careers are best for people interested in holding leadership roles. These spiritual professionals provide guidance for individuals in the community, spiritual or otherwise.

If you are more interested in the business side of the church dynamic, the role of minister director may be ideal. This is a supervisory role within the church, supervising all of the church employees aside from the clergy members. Ministry directors monitor the finances, payroll, taxes, and special programs and activities for the church. These roles are also highly active in the community by running special programs and promoting church attendance. This is an ideal career path for those who enjoy promoting their church and spreading awareness of the faith throughout the community.

While there are missionaries who operate within the United States, many travel to developing countries to convert and educate the communities about Christianity. During this work, the missionaries also complete community work, improving the quality of life in the area through building infrastructure, and health and education projects. While a missionary is not a largely lucrative career choice, and rely primarily on donations, it is extremely fulfilling and rewarding as you are potentially saving and changing many lives forever.

Religion permeates almost all aspects of our lives, through our history and our current society. By studying Christian studies, students can develop a better understanding of the impact the faith has on themselves and the world. While a Christian studies degree is a good educational option for anyone, no matter their religious beliefs, it is an exceptional tool for Christians who wish to strengthen their faith and put it to work for the benefit of others. Graduates of the Christian studies degree typically become very fulfilled community leaders and role models for many.