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In-Demand Roles In The Mental Health Sector




The healthcare market is a vast space, so anyone who wants to enter it has a myriad of different options to choose from.


As such, if you’re considering becoming a healthcare worker, you need to narrow down your search for your dream role.


One challenging, yet also deeply rewarding, healthcare sector is the mental health market. Mental health services are vital for keeping communities safe and healthy, but they’re often woefully overlooked. 


If you decide that you would like to help the mental health sector, then you need to find the career that’s right for you. 


Here is a selection of in-demand roles in the mental health space, so that you can choose on that appeals to you and will suit your skills. 


Mental Health Nurses

Mental health nurses work in hospitals and clinics, supporting their patients with mental health disorders or who are experiencing severe mental health problems. They often observe behaviours and provide advice and support to help clinicians and family members to support patients with mental health issues. It can take a lot of time and effort to become a mental health nurse, but it will be worth the effort when you can enjoy many years supporting patients and helping to enrich their lives. 


Mental Health Coaches And Consultants 

Throughout the corporate landscape and the local community, many individuals and organisations engage in practices that are harmful to mental health. As such, many of them hire mental health coaches and consultants to help them to adapt and support members of their organisation, or to help themselves. If you love sharing your knowledge and insight, then consider becoming a coach or consultant in the mental health sector. 



Mental health counsellors use a range of psychotherapy practices and tactics to help their patients to overcome emotional distress and manage their mental health, no matter what happens in their lives. This is a highly rewarding role that can be performed either in a private capacity, as part of a clinic or at a company, or in a public way by working with local health services and charities. If you’re considering becoming a mental health counsellor, then you need to earn the right qualifications. TrainSmart Australia offers a CHC53315 Diploma of Mental Health that will give you specialist knowledge and competencies in the mental health sector.  This 12-month course is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to kickstart their career as a counsellor and provide high-quality services to those who need them. 



Mental health advocates help to promote the support of individuals suffering from mental health disorders. As such, this isn’t necessarily a career in itself, but it is a springboard towards helping patients with mental health issues to feel heard and to get the support they need. By becoming a mental health advocate, you can start to make a positive change in your community. Through your work in advocacy, you could become a policymaker or consultant, or you could work in the community, providing counselling or advice to members who need support. Learn more about what it is like to be a mental health advocate and how you could use your platform to benefit people with mental health issues.