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How to Get a Scholarship for Students in UK


Studying abroad, especially in countries such as the United Kingdom that boast of quality education is the dream of every student. It could be a desire to pursue an undergraduate course, postgraduate studies or a Ph.D. program. However, even after securing a chance at say, University of Leeds, Oxford, Manchester, Nottingham, Cambridge, Imperial College London or any other, you may still end up not reporting for the commencement of studies. Financial constraints are often a stumbling block denying many students an opportunity to be part of an excellent academic fraternity.

Studying abroad is often costly. Talk about skyrocketing cost of living and astronomical tuition fees, especially for international students, then it would strike you that scholarships for international students in UK are vital stepping stones to fulfilling an academic dream. But again, here comes another challenge, in the form of “How to get a scholarship UK?” Well, it’s not always going to be easy.

There is still hope though. Millions of students from different parts of the world have had a chance to study in the United Kingdom. If English is not your second language, it shouldn’t be a cause for worry because websites that provide coursework help will see you through. That is to say you can always get the best coursework writers to do your paper online. Therefore, the good news is that with the best help with coursework, students are assured of meeting deadlines and submitting quality papers.

Factors to consider when looking for financial support

Now, before deciding on the best funding for your education in England, it is imperative that international students have the following checklist:

  • Fees for your course. Tuition fees for international students vary depending on a course one wishes to pursue. If you take a look at admission programs, for example, you will note that some faculties charge more than others. Therefore, have this information at your fingertips when looking for UK scholarships.
  • Level of study is another important consideration. Undergraduate students do not pay the same amount of fees as postgraduate students.
  • If your country is not part of the EU or EEA, it is always necessary to find the right funding program.
  • Location of college/University is equally significant in the determination of fees paid by international students who would wish to study in the UK. For example, different rules apply to areas such as Wales, England, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Also, living costs may vary, which is sometimes the best funding program is that which covers wide-ranging issues such as accommodation.
  • If you are heading to Britain for a fellowship program, funding differs from someone who is setting out for a 4-year college/university degree course.
  • Moreover, get to know beforehand whether your admission comes with a partial, full, course-specific or country-specific. Without considering this information properly, you might end up wasting a lot of time and resources applying for a wrong scholarship. Full funding will help you cater for other expenses such as coursework help UK.
  • Also, take note that while there are wide-ranging UK scholarships for international students, most of them are often premised one’s academic ability. You can always check out other funding programs that cover students seeking financial help to further their education.
  • You can apply for scholarship together with the course or afterward. It usually depends on the requirements of a funding organization/institution.
  • Submit your application before the deadline. Most funding and financial aid programs get availed many months before commencement of studies.


Finding the right scholarship

In this section, discover among other things, how to get funding for a degree program, especially for international students. Take a look.

Global funding/scholarship

From time to time, the UK government avails funding opportunities for international students. Some of them include:

  • Commonwealth scholarships for international students from countries that have a history with Britain (former colonies). The program emphasizes that upon completion of a program, graduates should straightway start contributing to developing their home countries. Most of the times, commonwealth education funding is specific to students looking for master’s scholarship UK.
  • Chevening Scholarship Award is for students who have shown leadership qualities, and have a huge potential in becoming future influences in societies from which they come.

Country-specific funding programs


Another scholarship search criterion is country-specific funding programs by the UK government. Here are a few examples:

  • Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships are specific to countries such as China, Canada, USA, Hong Kong, India and Pakistan. Moreover, applicants should be students who want to pursue postgraduate studies in areas such as medical sciences, healthcare, technology, science and renewable/clean energy.
  • Young Cell Scheme for students from Kosovo covers postgraduate Master’s degree programs in the European Union.
  • Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust scholarships for visiting fellows and doctoral studies.
  • GREAT Turkey scholarships amounting to £350,000 for 17 undergraduate and postgraduate students to study law, engineering, biosciences, IT, art and design.
  • Marshal Scholarship and Marshal Sherfield funding for USA studies.
  • A.S Hornby Trust Scholarship Program for English teachers from selected countries who would wish to ace their language skills.

Funding for research and sciences


If your interest to study in the United Kingdom is premised on science and research, then you can check out specific grants such as the following:

  • Royal society grants targeting students who want to pursue postdoctoral research in science.
  • Euraxess U.K for research study programs.
  • The Newton Fund for science research from selected countries around the world.

Find scholarships offered by various Universities


In an attempt to build a global education system of inclusion, English universities equally offer various scholarship opportunities to international students. You can always find out from an institution’s website or ask a coursework writing service in the UK to craft a list for you. For starters, take a look at the following options:

  • Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships is for international students applying for admission into the University of Edinburgh. There are 30 competitive places for postgraduate programs.
  • Deny Holland Scholarship offered by University College London. It funds studies with an upward of £9,000 or $12, 870.
  • Yearly international student funding by the University of Bristol, upwards of £100,000/$143,000.
  • University of Westminster grant for international students (Master degree programs, except for MBA). It is all-expense scholarship covering fees, accommodation and other expenses.
  • Rhodes Scholarships, for a study program at the University of Oxford. Dating back to 1902, it is arguably the world’s oldest education funding for postgraduate international students from selected countries.

The Bottom Line

An opportunity to study in England is always worth grabbing. And, with several education funding options from which to choose a suitable one, students from other countries can rest assured of stress-free learning experiences. Some grants cover all expenses, in which case, having extra bucks to pay for coursework help online wouldn’t be a problem.