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How to Find a Quality Map as a Geography Student



The more you study a subject, the more your fascination with it will grow. With infinite educational tools right at your fingertips, there’s no reason to not delve deeper into the things that pique your interests. If you’re interested in where you can find more resources for studying maps, such as maps themselves or apps and websites that can give you a more well-rounded background on maps, then look no further than right here. 


Good Old-Fashioned Print Maps

If you’ve stumbled upon a love for geography, then why not surround yourself with it? Why should your studies end when you start settling down for bed at night? Why not plaster your walls with a print of the Earth’s surface to increase the chances of dreaming about it? The experts behind say that you should select the format that suits the walls of your room. Once you do, you also need to find a safe adhesive that won’t damage the map when you hang it.  


Online Mapping Apps

The best way to study Earth is to get outside and explore the world around you. These online mapping apps will help you map out your hikes or nature runs, and share them with friends. Type in your route and these apps have the power to tell you all about the distance, elevation, and how long the journey will take you. Listed below are just a few options:


OS Maps

Map out your hike over rolling hills on this app or on its website version so you can get a look at the map on a bigger screen. There’s a free version, but thirty pounds will get you features like 3D walking flythroughs and augmented realities that will clue you in on landmarks and hill names. 



This app will navigate your rambling through the old country by curating walks around any of your special points of interest. Type in where you want to explore, and it will provide you with a map, information about dog-friendly places, useful attributes. There is also information about difficulty levels, weather, and more, about the places you’re planning to explore.



Save yourself the hassle with this mapping app and let it plan out your trip for you. It will automatically plot out on the best routes along trails and paths and detailed information about the level of difficulty of each terrain. 


Educational Geography Games

If you really want to learn all you can about maps, then make a game out of it. There are so many tools out there for the geography buff that can get you up close and personal with maps. Here are a few examples: 


Google Lit Trips

This is where the path of the geography buff and the literature geek cross. Cross-curricular activities are the best way to give interested pupils a more well-rounded perspective of a subject. This website can do just that by giving students assistance with traveling to places found in literary works. 



Geocaching is a new game that will get you investigating how to find locations through clues and riddles. With geocaching, you’ll learn how to use longitude and latitude, and also how to plug in coordinates on a GPS. If you’re interested in practicing your critical thinking skills, along with math, reading, and following instructions, this game is for you. 


More Maps

These sites will give you an up-close and personal look at places you may have never dreamed of seeing. Bring your fantasies to virtual life using these tools. 



Designed for the history buff and the geography enthusiast, this website allows you to plot out key historical events on a map. Plot out the long march on Washington during the civil rights movement. Make a biographical map of Dr. Martin Luther King by highlighting special places and events associated with him on a map. 


Google Earth

Well-known around the world, Google Earth offers eye-level photos of any place you can find with an address or points of latitude and longitude. Find all sorts of educational information about the places you research with this website. 


Top Ranking Websites

If you’re interested in all things map-related, then take a gander and search the net for more information. This step will give you details of all the top-ranking map sites in the world. The best thing about technology is having infinite resources at your fingertips. This is especially true for geography students who want to study the earth. 

The options for map-enthusiasts are plenty and vast, with print, virtual, and 3D selections that will bring all your interests either to life or put them at the tips of your fingers. Remember to always take safety precautions when traveling in areas that aren’t familiar, and try to always travel with a friend.