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How to Choose the Best eLearning Tools

Choosing the right eLearning software is a daunting task for teachers but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Teaching requires a bit of trial and error so it shouldn’t be surprising that finding the right software is no different. When teachers start looking for eLearning software, they are quickly overwhelmed with checklists and highly technical descriptions. This post is going to break it down into a few easy-to-follow steps so that the process of choosing the best eLearning tools is much less stressful.


Start by Listing your Goals and Budget

You should know your goals and budget before you even open your browser to search for eLearning software. You’ll start with a budget since that will determine how advanced you’re able to get. Those with limited funds might need to start with a free eLearning tool or one with a low budget entry point. If your budget is highly flexible, then you can start to dive into the more advanced online tools. In short, lower budgets will have to sacrifice certain advanced features to save money.

Once you know your budget, list everything that you need your eLearning tool to accomplish. Do you want to give your students highly interactive courses? Will your online classroom be reliant on multimedia presentations or will simple presentations work? Just remember that your goals will be entirely dependent on your budget so you might have to adapt if your budget is limited.


Research and Utilize Free Trials

Before purchasing a new online tool, you should always research no fewer than three products. They should all align with your budget and goals as listed in the previous step.

  • Customer reviews are the first thing you should look at. See what other teachers are saying about the tool.
  • Research the vendor to make sure they are reputable.

Both of those should be favorable before you download a free trial. The best eLearning tools on the market will have a free trial or a live demo. If not, then request one or move on. It’s important to test new software to ensure that it’s the right fit for your style of teaching.


Focus Only on Features Important to You

One of the biggest challenges of choosing the right eLearning software is the overwhelmingly large list of features that are attached to each product. So to make this easier, just look for features that match your goals and ignore the rest.

For example, advanced software generally gives teachers and students access to more interactive materials. While those types of features certainly sound cool, not every classroom would benefit from it. Sometimes simple and straightforward presentations work best. In that example, you should ignore those types of features.

That was just one example. You’ll find a lot more advanced features that do not align with your goals. In order to keep yourself from being overwhelmed, just ignore them and focus on those that are important to you.


Don’t Forget About a Plagiarism Checker!

Investing in a plagiarism checker is essential for teachers. It’s important that teachers ensure their students are not copying their material from another online source. A survey of 70,000 students was done recently and revealed that a shocking 58% of students admit to having plagiarized.


Since teachers are already rushed to grade papers, having the ability to plug students’ papers into a plagiarism tool is a lifesaver.


Final Thoughts

The eLearning tools you choose will become the foundation of your online classroom so don’t take this decision lightly. Make sure that the software you choose matches your goals and provides the necessary features to improve the classroom. You might find yourself taking part in several free trials before you find a match, but it will be worth the effort.