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A History as Distinguished as the Education We Deliver

A History as Distinguished as the Education We Deliver

Excellence and expertise: These values are built into our DNA, ever since our founder, Christine Valmy, pioneered the skin care industry more than half a century ago.

In 1944, Christine Valmy’s passion for skin care flourished in the most fitting of places – in her garden. It was there, in her native Romania, that she grew the natural ingredients that she would transform into innovative formulas for organic skin care treatments. As such, it was in her garden that a groundbreaking and celebrated career as a skin care expert first began.

Upon immigrating to the US in 1961, Christine recognized a considerable need in her new home for a more educated approach to beauty. Having experienced the renaissance of Europe’s beauty industry, she was driven to apply her expert knowledge of skin care to the realm of education, establishing the very first esthetics school in the country in 1965.

Christine would go on to be designated the “first lady of esthetics,” and it’s no wonder why. During her prestigious career, she led the esthetics trade organization, CIDESCO, opened renowned beauty schools around the globe, wrote numerous acclaimed skin care and makeup books, and established the largest salon in the US in the heart of New York City. She was recognized by the United States Congress for “her contributions to education in America […and for] creating a new, exciting avenue of careers for the young people of America.” And her proprietary “Christine Valmy Facial Method” is, to this day, a coveted technique that has elevated the standard for spa treatments industry-wide.

Skin care expertise was woven into every aspect of Christine’s life, including her family life. In 1972, she joined forces with her daughter, Marina, who launched a laboratory to develop and produce a suite of top-quality skin care products. Staying true to their original mission of natural and effective skin care, Christine and Marina finely-tuned treatment techniques and product formulas based on a deep understanding of how skin functions. Their inventions have always been rooted in a belief that all ingredients and applications should serve a purpose to improve the health and appearance of the skin.

For decades, Christine and Marina Valmy worked together to advance the esthetics industry through education and innovation. Today, Marina leads the beauty schools that were started by her mother. And in the summer of 2018, she brought the education arm of the Christine Valmy company into an exciting new chapter, with the opening of a new location in Time Square, New York. Constructed from the ground up to realize Marina’s design vision, this state-of-the-art facility institutes the largest esthetics school in the world.

Christine Valmy – the organization that is the namesake of its founder – has consistently remained steadfast in the traditions of excellence and expertise. It continues to be, as it has always been, the company’s mission to deliver the highest quality experience across the spectrum of skin care education, treatment, and product.

As a result, Christine Valmy alumni are highly sought after in the booming beauty industry. Employers know that graduates who hold a Christine Valmy diploma will be fully prepared to transition into a professional environment.

Employers know this because Christine Valmy students receive meticulous training from expert instructors throughout their tenure. They learn the science, theory, and practical knowledge behind treatment methods and product formulas. They develop an understanding of the ingredients that combine to make a powerful impact on the skin. And they foster their passion for the field of skin care, and for the idea that they can contribute to a more beautiful world. Just as Christine did, in 1944, in her garden.