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The Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs for Millennials

Highest Paying Jobs for Millennials

In recent years Millennials are one of the most talked about groups of people in the U.S. and in the Western world as a whole. As with any other generation that’s come before them, that’s not only normal, but also – very important. Millennials are both our present and our future, and are in many ways quite different from previous generations. Being born in the most dynamic time of our history, they’ve witnessed more paradigm shifts than any of their parents. Additionally, the ever-changing society they are thrown into continues to affect them later in their lives as well. Even just for those reasons alone, it’s clear that the dialogue about Millennials should continue, in order to help them as much as possible.

With all that being said, it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone how different the career choices of Millennials are, both compared to their parents, and from one another. With today’s society offering more career options than ever before, most Millennials grow up completely clueless as to what they want to do with their lives. And while that’s often said as a critique towards them, it really shouldn’t be viewed as such. It is long been established that a too vast of an assortment of choices can be a huge problem for any man or woman, regardless of their age and generation. There’s just so much that the human mind can consider. And with the added peer pressure from parents and grandparents, the choice becomes near-impossible for many, and has lead millions of Millennials into depression and mental crises. The Millennials that haven’t been brought up with phrases such as “How can you not know what you want to do? At your age I had already chosen my career!”, “You can’t keep waiting, you have to choose now!”, etc., are rare and lucky few. Find additonal millennials careers and how you qualify.

That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to talk about the most suitable jobs for Millennials today. Yes, we’re not the first to open the subject, but as we said, this is a conversation that needs to continue. Additionally, Millennials are a generation with much more different interests and priorities in terms of desired jobs and careers, compared to their predecessors. An unprecedented percentage of them says that the salary is not their main consideration when looking for a job. That alone, in a situation where student loans and debt in the U.S. are viewed as one of the biggest societal problems, is surprising to say the least. Many Millennials value job satisfaction, work-life balance, social environment, creativity, and other factors over pay. That in itself is a reason why we need more talk regarding jobs for Millennials – with so many factors that can be prioritized over one another, one simple article can never perfectly describe the entire situation to everyone’s liking.

This is also why in this article we’ve decided to focus on the highest paying jobs in particular. Regardless of whether the salary is your main or secondary priority when choosing a job, it’s still a key priority nonetheless. It’s also a very empirical and objective one, compared to factors such as “job satisfaction”, which are so subjective that often become pointless to discuss. Additionally, we’re not going to discuss things such as entrepreneurship or freelancing. Both are on the rise, with more and more people choosing to try their luck in those areas instead of in more “standard” job positions. And a lot of them do that to a great success. However, entrepreneurship and freelancing are subjects to entire different conversations in and of themselves and can’t simply be summarized with a few words, the way a particular job position can.

Also keep in mind that while we trust the sources we used for this articles – websites such as those of Time, Forbes, CareerCast, as well as a list by the nonprofit Young Invincibles, the figures below are a subject to change. In fact – literally daily change. So while the top positions in the list are pretty much guaranteed (as guaranteed as they can practically be), the lower positions can quite soon swap places with some of the runner-ups that are currently not in the Top 20.

And last but not least, while we will pay attention to the expected growth of the jobs we’re going to list, that’s not the main criterion by which we’ll list them. The expected growth of a position is a very important factor to take in consideration when choosing a future career, but it’s also not a concrete factor. For that reason as well, we will use the present median annual salaries of the jobs as a deciding criterion.

20 of the Top Paying Careers for Millennials

• Petroleum Engineers
Sitting on the top of the mountain with a median annual salary of $130,289, Petroleum Engineer is a career that is a sure-fire bet for any Millennial, as long as they find it interesting. With an expected growth of 26% by 2022, it’s not a surprise that 35% of Petroleum Engineers today are Millennials. This position is part of the STEM fields, like many of the jobs we’ll talk about below. Petroleum Engineers develop and invent methods of oil and gas extraction from below the surface of the Earth, design and operate drilling equipment, and evaluate production. Like most STEM careers, this is one that’s culturally viewed as “a man’s job”, but women are strongly encouraged to study Engineering and Architecture or Math and Science, as well as to apply for the job of Petroleum Engineer and are gladly accepted, should they have interest in such a career.

• Data Scientist
Do you have a fascination with Statistics? Is Software engineering a passion of yours? If the answer to both question is Yes, then Data Scientist might be the job for you. With an expected growth of 15% by 2022 and a median annual salary of $124,100, Data Science may not be an easy field to enter, but is certainly a rewarding one. The crust of a Data Scientist’s work is to take a ridiculously large amount of data and apply his or her impressive skills in programming, statistics and math to structure and organize it. After that, a Data Scientist uses his or her knowledge and analytic prowess to develop business solutions based on that data. If this sounds like something that might interest you, Data Scientist might be the job position for you and Math and Science is the education you should take a look at.

• Pharmacist

The job of a Pharmacist is not as new as some of the others on this list. It is however a prestigious, difficult and rewarding career. With an expected growth of 15% by 2022 and a median annual salary of $116,670, this is a great position for Millennials. And that’s pretty much reflected in the statistics that show that the share of Millennials in the position of a Pharmacist is 35%. It’s also a well-known job position, but let’s mention a quick description nonetheless – a Pharmacist’s job is to sell medications to patients, as well as to consult them on their health needs, offer wellness screenings and immunizations, and oversee the proper intake of medications. All in all, it’s both a financially rewarding and fulfilling positions, seeing how the job of a Pharmacist is to literally help safe and improve lives. Check out education options in the field of Health, Healthcare and Nursing if this job peaks your interest.


pharmacist career

• Advertising Accounting

For the more business-oriented, the next position on the list is the Advertising Account Executive. With an expected growth of 12% by 2022, and an impressive median annual salary of $115,800, the job of an Advertising Account Executive is also very lucrative. People who choose this job position work within advertising or multi-purpose agencies. Their goal is to act as a link between their clients and the agency itself. A successful Advertising Account Executive needs to have a strong understanding of marketing and financial processes, as well as excellent people skills. It’s a dynamic position that involves a lot of business meetings, presentations and negotiations. For those of you that might find this interesting, the job of an Advertising Account Executive is a great choice. Take a look at education in the field of Business and Communications and Media.

• Nuclear Engineers

Now that’s a position that sounds impressive even if you have no idea what it’s about! With an expected growth of 9% by 2022 and a median annual salary of $104, 270, a lot of Millennials clearly think so too. That’s evident by the whooping Millennial share of 60% in this field. But what does a Nuclear Engineer do anyway? The main goal of a Nuclear Engineer is to develop and invent the equipment, systems and processes that drive the progress of nuclear energy and radiation. Such equipment usually involves things such as reactor cores, radiation protectors, and other related instruments. Other tasks of a Nuclear Engineer include monitoring processes, executing experiments, gathering data and developing new theories. Overall, a great STEM career for anyone with interest nuclear science.

• Computer Information Research

Next on the list is the job of a Computer and Information Research Scientists. Another STEM position, with an expected growth of 15% by 2022 and a median annual salary of $102,190. Like the previous entry, the hob of a Computer and Information Research Scientist is also greatly represented among Millennials – their share among fellow Computer and Information Research Scientists is the impressive 45%. And that’s not surprising, considering the job itself. The main tasks a Computer and Information Research Scientists does are to explore and develop theories and models regarding various computation issues; to invent new computing tools, programs, languages and mechanics; to design experiments and analyze their results; as well as to publish his or her findings in various academic journals. A new and exciting career that works on the edge of new technologies, this is a great position for anyone with interest in computer science.

• Public Relations

Going just below the $100,000 per year mark, we find the position of Public Relations and Fundraising Managers. With a median annual salary of $95,450 and an expected growth of 13% by 2022, it’s a great and stable financially choice for any Millennial, looking for a career. And Millennials apparently agree, since they constitute 35% of Public Relations and Fundraising Managers out there. The job of a Public Relations and Fundraising Manager is to plan, organize and execute events and materials that drive the public view and standing of their clients. It’s a dynamic position that requires top economic and marketing knowledge, experience and degrees in a Communications and Media, Marketing, or Economics field, as well as great social skills.


public relations career

• Actuary

The Actuary career is another great option for those Millennials with affinity for mathematics, statistics and finance. With a median annual salary of $93,680 and expected growth of 26% by 2022, it’s also great if you have an interest not just in finance, but in being financially stable as well. For those reasons and many others, Millennial account for 57% of Actuaries today. What is an Actuary however? The job of an Actuary is to analyze and compile financial and statistical information, and to use it to measure risks and probabilities. This is then used to help clients organize and prepare their financial policies. It’s a career that’s inherently suitable for anyone with interest in numbers and statistics, and an immediate bad choice for those that find them boring and uninteresting. Among Millennials the former are becoming more and more, compared to the latter.

• Software Developer

The profession of Software Developers and Programmers is one of the most iconic new professions in the world. In many countries it’s the top profession financially, and in the U.S. it’s pretty close to the top as well. With a median annual salary of $93,400 and an expected growth of 22% by 2022, this is a great option for young people with interest in computing and programing. This is clearly expressed in the statistics that show that Millennials comprise 36% of the Software Developers and Programmers in the country. The profession of a Software Developer or Programmer requires not just a degree in computers and technology, but also a keen and creative mind, a lot of feel for innovation, as well as proactivity.

• Physician Assistant

For a quick respite from the STEM jobs, next on the list is the profession of the Physician Assistant. With a median annual salary of $90,930 and expected growth of the impressive 38% by 2022, it’s a very sought after profession among Millennials. The current statistics show that the Millennials’ share among Physician Assistants is 45%! Physician Assistants, or PAs, as they are also commonly known, work by assisting physicians, surgeons, and all other major types of healthcare professionals. They help in all phases of physical treatment – examination, diagnostics, and the treatment itself. Similarly to the Pharmacists above, the job of a Physician Assistant is both very fulfilling, and very challenging. It requires long years of extensive studies in the field of Medicine and Healthcare.


physician assistant career

• Biomedical Engineer

Now, to marry the STEM fields with Medicine, the next positions on the list is that of the Biomedical Engineer. With a projected growth of 27% by 2022 and median annual salary of $86,960, this is another career that interests and should interest Millennials. Millennial in the field of Biomedical Engineering comprise 43% of all professionals at the moment. But what does a Biomedical Engineer do exactly? It’s the job of a Biomedical Engineer to invent, design and develop equipment – whether in the form of devices, hardware or software – that’s used in healthcare. It’s a great position for the tinkerers out there that enjoy playing with hardware, but also look for fulfillment by helping others and contributing to the most important aspect of society – the health of its people. It’s a field that’s as challenging as it is rewarding.

• Physical Therapist

To stay in the realm of healthcare for a bit more, our next position is that of a Physical Therapist. With a median annual salary of $79,900 and expected growth of 36% by 2022, the job of a Physical Therapist is a great choice for a lot of young people. Physical Therapists, or PTs, specialize in helping people to regain their mobility and manage their pain after injuries, operations or illnesses. PTs are a very important link in the healthcare system, as the rehabilitation they provide is often invaluable for both treatment and prevention of many conditions, illnesses and traumas. All this makes the career of a Physical Therapist another great option for people that look not only for financial stability, but also for fulfillment from their future career. As with all other jobs in the field of healthcare, PTs undergo a lot of education before they can practice.

• Computer Systems Analyst

Now let’s delve back in the STEM fields with another interesting entry – the Computer Systems Analyst. With a median annual salary of $79,700 and expected growth of25% by 2022, Computer Systems Analyst is a great career choice for a lot of people that are interested in computing and software. The job of a Computer System Analyst is different from that of a Developer or a Programmer. The Analyst doesn’t create new software products, systems and languages, but instead helps companies and organizations to effectively and efficiently choose, install, apply and use the available software. Computer System Analysts are an important part of the process of implementation of software, as well as of the overall workflow of any company. If that sounds interesting to you, then an education in the field of Computers and Technology is what you should take a look at.

• Civil Engineer

Here we have a not-so-recent profession. In fact, the job of a Civil Engineer is both a quite old and respected career. And with a median annual salary of $79,300 and expected growth of 20% by 2022, it’s also quite a lucrative one. Civil Engineers’ job is to design, build, maintain and repair all manners of construction projects. Quite simply look outside of your window – everything that’s not the product of the ground, is the product of Civil Engineers’ labor. Roads, buildings, bridges, tunnels, stations, ports and airports, sewage, etc. – if you want the fulfillment that comes from creating something new and physical, something that’s going to make peoples’ lives better and easier, consider grabbing a degree in Engineering and Architecture and becoming a Civil Engineer.

• Elevator Installer

Some people might raise an eyebrow when they see this next entry, but it’s here for a reason - Elevator Installer and Repairer is a profession with an expected growth of 25% by 2022 and a median annual salary of $76,650. And while some are surprised, others are perfectly aware of the great career that this is - Millennial represent 41% of Elevator Installers and Repairers today. What does their job include? Well, it’s pretty straight forward – they install, repair and maintain elevators, as well as escalators, lifts, moving walkways, and other such devices. It might not sound like the most exciting job in the world to some people, but it is essential – a faulty elevator is much more than just an inconvenience. And for people with an affinity for Engineering and Technology, it can also be an interesting and joyful career.

• Medical Scientist

For another union between the STEM fields and healthcare, the next career on this list is that of a Medical Scientist. With a median annual salary of $76,080 and an expected growth of 13% by 2022, Medical Scientist is a solid choice for anyone with interest in Science and Biology in particular. As with most other healthcare-related profession, this too requires extensive education, usually to the point of a Ph.D. in Biology. However it’s also a very rewarding profession, both financially, and emotionally. A Medical Scientist researches and investigates methods for improving people’s health – few things can be more fulfilling than this. Additionally, it’s also quite a flexible field, since with a Ph.D. in Biology, there’s a vast array of other professions one can pursue if he or she decides that Medical Science is not for them. Simply put – a great choice.

• Statistician

There are several professions above that are related to Statistics in various different ways. However, if those are not what you’re looking for and yet you have a real interest in Statistics, the career of a Statistician might be for you. With a median annual salary of $75,560 and an expected growth of 27% by 2022, Statistician is a pretty great choice for anyone. And a lot of Millennials seem to agree, since they represent around 44% of Statisticians today. The job of a Statistician is to collect and analyze all manners of data. The applications for this are countless and range from Business, through Engineering and Healthcare, to all kinds of real-world issues. So while Statistics may seem uninteresting to some people, to others the profession of a Statistician is a perfect fit. It’s also a flexible career in terms of education, since for a lot of positions a bachelor’s degree in Statistics is enough, and yet Masters or a Ph.D. still open a lot of additional doors.

• Logistician

For something a bit different, the next job on the list is the job of a Logistician. With a median annual salary of $72,780 and expected growth of 22% by 2022, this is very good choice for anyone with an interest in Economics, Business and Marketing. Millennials’ share in this career is currently 37%. The job of a Logistician involves managing and coordinating every link of the supply chain of a product – everything from the creation of the product to its arrival in the consumer’s home. Materials, resources, production, storage, transportation, as well as researching supply and demand, developing business relations, and caring for consumer satisfaction – the field of Logistics is quite large and as a result offers a lot of positions that a Logistician can take.

• Financial Analyst

Financial Analyst and Advisor is the next position on our list. With an expected growth of 16% by 2022 and a median annual salary of $71,770, it’s an excellent choice for any Millennial with an interest in Finance and Business. The job of a Financial Analyst and Advisor is to assist and guide his or her clients through the tough financial and investment decisions that are in front of them. Different types of Financial Analysts and Advisors include Portfolio Managers, Fund Managers, Rating Analysts and Risk Analysts.


financial analyst careers

• Dental Hygienist

And on the twentieth spot on our list is the career of a Dental Hygienist. Another healthcare option, the Dental Hygienist has a great expected growth of 33% by 2022 and a median annual salary of $70,210. As with most other healthcare-related careers in this list and in general, the job of a Dental Hygienist can be a very fulfilling choice, since it involves improving people’s health and life. It also doesn’t require as extensive education as some other Healthcare professions do – to become a Dental Hygienist one needs an associate’s degree in Dental Hygiene, which typically takes around three years to complete. A license for practicing is of course also required. So if you’re looking for a high-paying and satisfying job in the field of Healthcare, don’t want to study 8-10 years and are not grossed-out by people’s teeth and mouths – the job of a Dental Hygienist might be exactly what you’re looking for.


So that covers quite a few of the high-paying job positions for Millennials. There are still a lot of other options however, so don’t be content with this one article. As we said above, the choices and alternatives that today’s world presents are daunting. However, they are also a great thing that none of our ancestors had, so use it to your advantage. Take a deeper look at the many amazing education options on – your future favorite career might be a couple of mouse clicks away and it’d be a pity if you choose something that you’re just going to be “OK” with.

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