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Practical nursing is an increasingly popular profession, but why do so many people want to join the nursing field? Nursing is a popular career choice because it gives people a chance to help each other, it is challenging and exciting, and it is a well-paid career. All of these are good reasons to start getting your degree today, so you can become a nurse. Before you decide on any school or diploma program though, you need to think about exactly what you want to do. You need to figure out how much time you have to devote to studying when you are going to school. You should take an honest assessment because you do not want to find yourself short of time and constantly stressed out because you do not have time for all of your obligations. We recommend checking out InterCoast College. They have both a practical nursing program as well as a vocational nursing program. They have locations in Kittery, ME and South Portland, ME.

Nursing schools are a good choice because they help you save time. You do not have to waste hours a week commuting to school, which is a particular hassle on those who live in rural areas. Additionally, you can schedule school around your life, not your life around school. This is very helpful for people who have many responsibilities, such as parents who do not want to miss out on their kids' lives just because they are going to school.

There are a number of different programs from which you can choose. These programs differ in length and training. A LPN degree, which makes you a licensed practical nurse, is one of the quickest degrees to earn. It only takes you about a year to earn the degree when you attend full-time. The next step is becoming a registered nurse (RN). You can become a RN by earning a diploma through a nursing school or by earning an associate's degree or a bachelor's degree. More and more people are choosing to earn associate's degrees or bachelor's degrees. Although it takes longer to earn a bachelor's degree, nurses who have them make quite a bit more.

If you do not think that you can earn a bachelor's degree whether it is too expensive or you just cannot wait to start working you can get your associate's degree first and start working. With online classes, you can work towards your bachelor's degree even while you are working as a nurse. Additionally, many hospitals offer tuition reimbursement, which means they give you money to continue your education. You should also keep in mind that you need to have a bachelor's degree if you are going to move into hospital management, which is a popular option for many people.

Some nurses choose to further their careers even more. Most states require that nurses take continue education classes throughout their career and they can earn various certifications to count. Other nurses choose to get a master's degree through online nursing schools. As you further you career, you can choose a number of areas to specialize in such as cardiology, trauma care, oncology, and pediatrics. Start your nursing career and see why it is such a popular choice.