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If you are into fitness and would love to make a career out of it, then certifications for fitness training may have crossed your mind. Fitness trainers can work for themselves or at a specific business, but when you work for yourself the income stream can grow by leaps and bounds. Or is that a "stretch"? Well, apparently not, because the US Department of Labor has stated that fitness trainers will be short by 28% of the number needed to meet the demand, by 2022. The industry states that there's good growth potential up until 2022, for around 27%. Get your fitness trainer certification started today!

If you don't know where to start, then look first for a good online program that can show you the ropes. They'll also, in the curriculum, have data about how to go about marketing, doing the books, and plenty of general knowledge about the fitness training industry in general. If you love the thought of making people much healthier and able to take on the challenges of today's world, then certifications for fitness training is a great start to your new career.

You may still have a part-time job but feel insecure about it, or just want to change career paths and be your own boss. That's a great stress reliever right there and could be the route to a much higher income. Training and certification has to come first, though. Learning and growing at your own pace is the ideal way to meet your goal of certification. Staff for any online or remote learning sites should be knowledgeable about sports fitness training, and be composed of experts and others in the field of science, sports medicine and coaching. Did you know that personal trainers, if they are at a gym or other fitness type of center, make around $25 to $45 an hour?. It's up to the individual how the business grows and prospers. Training for the career from your home gives a person unlimited freedom regarding pace, costs and stress relief. Learn within your own timeframe. And be sure and sign up for a course that gives you free phone help, online testing etc., and available counselors to answer any questions.

While you are getting your certifications at an accredited fitness school, you'll probably be able to attend hands-on retreats and seminars, take course at any hour of the day or night (this helps if you have a family or part-time job), and learn at your own convenient pace. You'll be saving money on gas that was used when you drove to your 9-5 job, as well as becoming happier by the day as you get close to your dream and goals.

Check out the info that's available online about the types of certifications you can get for fitness training, make notes and crunch a few hourly and time numbers, and you'll soon be looking forward to framing your certification, hanging it in your home office, and opening your own business. Making great money at it is even more so. You'll need certification to achieve those goals, so what are you waiting for! Set your feet on the starting blocks and wait for the starter's pistol.