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Guide to the perfect gap year



To prepare for college, many students decide to take a gap year after graduating from high school. It gives adjournment from custom essay writings, endless assignments and gaves the time to think. Some try to find work, while others opt to travel the world. For those who opt to travel, one reason is to challenge themselves as they travel alone or with good friends. Another is to learn what the world is like, which may help them decide on their college course.


A year traveling, however, is not something to sneeze at as it will require much time and preparation. Here are some things to consider preparing for the gap year.

#1 Research and decide where to go
As you cannot go to all the places in the world in just a year, you need to decide where you want to visit. Choose your top 5 places, and start researching the pros and cons of going there: safety, the cost of living, places to stay, and the length of stay. Another thing to deliberate is whether you’d also like to work or volunteer there, which may help lengthen your visit and give you purpose. For the latter, there are many NGOs that offer free board and lodging for those willing to share their talents and time.


#2 Start saving
Traveling is costly, especially if you plan to be away for more than a week. 
Saving up should start as soon as you decide you will go on a gap year. A part-time job or business can help contribute to this goal of yours. Another method is to ask family and friends to give you cash on your birthday and the Christmas holidays - just inform them ahead of time of your gap year goal.


#3 Begin learning the language and customs
If your goal is sure, it will help to begin learning the language and customs. Thankfully, there are many apps available to teach you the language, or you can find a tutor in your community or online. It is already good to know the basics so you can adapt more quickly once you get there.


Understanding the customs will also make it easier to adapt. It’s difficult to be an uncouth foreigner in a distant land, so learn their customs so you won’t make as many mistakes.


#4 Learn extra skills
Since your family will probably not be with you, consider learning skills that may help you. These may include first aid, cooking, basic carpentry, driving, household chores, self-defense, and map reading. Aside from allowing you to live alone or with a small group, they may even help get you a job.


#5 Form contingency plans
It always pays to be wise when you are far from family. In the case of a gap year, it means preparing for the worst. You never know if something will happen on your way there or while there. So prepare multiple backup plans for if you run out of money, meet the wrong people, or get sick or even homesick.

A gap year is a way for a student to discover themself so that they are more focused in college. If this is your plan, consider the steps above to prepare for your adventure after high school.